Electric Patio Heater- Thinking Of Buying An Electric Patio Heater?

Electric Patio Heater- Thinking Of Buying An Electric Patio Heater?

The electric patio heater has become increasingly popular in recent years, following the trend of bars and restaurants to have heaters to extend the summer season and enable customers to eat or drink. However… electric patio heaters are no longer just found in restaurants and pubs. With the increase of knowledge dissemination and the highly favorable benefits of owning such machinery, many home owners are now jumping into this arena.

Electric patio heaters are rapidly becoming one of the “must haves” for many.

Indeed electric patio heaters are great for cool nights during fall and winter. Normally, the electric patio heater can warm up the 10 to 15 foot radius by ten to fifteen degrees.

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Differences In Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are powered by either natural gas, electricity, or liquid propane. Although propane is by far the most expensive of the 3 types, it also lets you move the heater around without a cord or gas line attached.

Electric patio heaters aren’t affected by wind, though wind chill can still affect people in its path. There are no tanks to refill and no air pollution. Wall-hung patio heaters are also safest for kids and pets. However, the main drawbacks are the extra light and orange glow they cast, and the possible need to buy more than one heater to provide enough warmth for your space.

Choosing A Electric Patio Heater

When choosing an electric patio heater, it is best to survey the area where your heater will be placed. Will you want to mount it on a wall, keep it at the center of a table, or move it depending on the occasion?

The place or kind of space where your electric patio heater will be located will greatly affect the kind of heater you will decide to get.

Gas (LPG) patio heaters running at a maximum heat of 13KW cost around 8p per KW. This cost is obviously reduced when the heater is turned down a notch. Gas patio heaters have greater transportability than their electricity-fuelled cousins. Electric heaters can warm efficiently smaller areas of 10-25 feet.

Types Of Heaters

electric patio heaters

They are freestanding, the mobile, the table top, the open pit, and the wall mounted heaters. They all have their pros and cons depending on its usage. A freestanding heater will be easy to move and will be a plus if you are decorating.

Open pit heaters will give you that feeling of being up in the mountains. The most elegant patio heater is the wall mounted heater as they have a luxurious appeal.

Patio heaters are typically a little more expensive, and put out more bus of heat. Expect to pay $150-$450 for a patio heater.

Finally the electric Patio heater is available in a variety of styles, check on our patio heater reviews for ,more Be sure to shop around for the best electric patio heater and read all the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper use. Your electric patio heater could prove to be a very good investment, however that does not mean that you should not do your own due diligence when it comes to deciding just what type of patio heater you should choose, in fact just a little due diligence will go a long way in deciding on your electric patio heater.

Electric Patio Heater Or Gas Patio Heater

The electric patio heater as well and the gas heater has pros and cons when compared with one another. The electric patio heater like the gas heater requires a minimal amount of maintenance or oversight. The heating source in an electric patio heater however is noncombustible which is indeed a desirable pro. Alternatively, the gas heater is flammable as it uses liquefied petroleum. Thus the electric patio heater, not operating from a flammable source, is a much more safe option when you are considering the safety element.

Again because the electric patio heater does not use a flammable source it can typically be placed or put in places that you may not be able to place a gas heater in safely. For instance you may be able to place the next patio heater in a garage, or in a room with children without having all of the concerns one may have with a flammable heater.

The electric patio heater typically saves energy because it works or functions on radiant heat. Also consider that because it functions on radiant heat, it heats up almost immediately, thus also reducing on fuel or heating cost by taking less time and energy to heat. Another interesting point to mention with regard to the electric patio heater, is that they come with temperature regulators, and multizone control systems.

Another point with regard to the electric patio heater is a point on saving money. Some studies have been done that indicate that the electric patio heater uses just 10% of the energy required by its gas counterpart, thus resulting in a potential 90% savings on energy costs in comparison.

Now some may wonder about the cost of the electric patio heater. When choosing an electric patio heater first you need to decide how large of a area that you intend to heat.. There is no point in spending more for a electric patio heater then you really need to. There are different kinds, and different models to fit those that have different needs.

An electric patio heater will generally run about $200 or more. It is not uncommon to find some just a little less expensive, but that is a good price point for a good quality electric patio heater to start. Be sure to check out the other articles which mention more than electric patio heaters.