Whites Metal Detector Reviews- The Best Whites Metal Detector

Having a White’s metal detector is the surest way to guarantee success in metal detecting.  In fact, it has led to hundreds of treasure-hunting success stories from all over the United States.  This is quite an impressive statistic knowing that White’s Electronics, the home of the world’s best metal detectors, did not intentionally plan of making metal detectors!

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During the 1950’s, when everyone was crazy about finding uranium, Olive and Ken White Sr. were doing the same.  They searched for uranium using Geiger counters that used headphones.  White quickly realized that using headphones was bad in a rattlesnake country.

He then developed a new Gieger counter and brought his idea to major Geiger counter manufacturers, but was told his design was “impossible.”  Unfazed, he decided to produce the counters himself, and continued to do so for the next seven years.

When the uranium craze was over, he was asked by a former dealer in Tombstone, Arizona to build a metal detector.  On the first search of the dealer, he immediately found several valuable items.  This was in the year 1958 and became the first of many success stories in treasure-hunting.

Nowadays, a White’s metal detector can be considered as the leader in the market, with its impeccable design and function.  And every month, customers send in stories to prove just that.   There are stories of finding lost wedding rings, valuable coins, and relics and artifacts coming from grateful customers who owe it all to having used a Whites metal detector.

If you want to be one of the satisfied customers of White’s Electronic, get acquainted with the many metal detectors they offer and see what suits you best.

You can never go wrong with using a Whites metal detector.  It can come in different categories, each to suit your different needs.  There’s the E Series, Prizm-Series, Beach-Series and Specialty Detectors, all of which serve different purposes and meet various needs.

The E Series metal detectors cost from $700 to $1100.  In this series is the DFX, which is completely unmatched in its ability to find older, deeper and smaller treasures that others cannot detect.  The XLT, which is the best in terms of simplicity and versatility, can actually be used for almost all types of metal detector hunting.  There’s also the MXT which can specialize in three different activities: gold prospecting, gold/jewelry and relic.  The Matrix M6 on the other hand is an easy to use detector for coin and jewelry hunting in parks, beaches and almost in all ground conditions.

The Prizm detectors are lightweight and affordable, with a price range of $200 to $500.  Although it is affordable, it still meets White’s standards of technology and quality.

Beach-Series detectors range from $700 to $800, and is used to handle even the worst types of beach conditions.  With the Beach-Series, you can hunt in and out of the beach while ignoring trash and picking up only the treasure.

The Specialty Detectors, from the name itself are detectors used for specific metal detecting activities.  Its prices range from $100 to $800.

Now that you’re aware of the many metal detectors from White’s Electronics, you can actually start choosing a particular Whites metal detector that captures your fancy.  With it, you can start fulfilling your childhood dreams of finding buried treasures and be one of White’s pleased and satisfied customers who discover valuable items every day.

White’s Electronics has been in business since the 1950s. The company makes high-quality metal detectors and probes for both amateur and professional treasure hunters. Taking advantage of the latest research and development has made White’s Electronics one of the major players in the field of metal detecting.

Here is a quick look on White’s Electronics and some of the best models of White’s metal detectors .

A brief history of White’s Electronics

During the uranium scares of 1950, most American households either had a Geiger counter or had immediate access to one.

However, most Geiger counters at that time used headphones which produced some health hazards. This led the eventual founder of the company, Ken White Sr., to try and design his own Geiger counter.

Initially, he met with some resistance, but soon his Geiger counters became increasingly popular. When the fear of uranium deposits died down, Ken White Sr. did not worry. He just changed his focus from making Geiger counters to metal detectors.

The metal detector he made was a great success and it signaled the birth of one of the major players in the business of metal detectors.

Today, White’s Electronics is run by Ken Jr. who continues his father’s legacy of creating top-of-the-line metal detectors. The company prides itself on its research and development staff. It owns several patents as proof of its dedication to innovation.

Recently, White’s Electronics expanded into a multinational company. It opened White’s Electronics (UK) Ltd. in the United Kingdom where it will manufacture and supply metal detectors. It also opened a support and repair hub at their factory in Inverness , Scotland .

The Best Whites Metal Detectors for the Money

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Listed below are two of the best White’s metal detectors available in the market today.

PRL-1 Metal Detector

This detector aimed at industrial use comes at a price of $399.95 and have many remarkable characteristics:

  • Adjustable to detect all metals or reject out unnecessary junk items.
  • Waterproof search coil aid in in-depth operations.
  • Automatic ground exclusion a part of tool.
  • “AA” batteries and Holder which supports 80 hrs battery life.
  • 2 yr warranty for all parts and labor.

This easy to use detector is most effective in finding property stake pins, valves, sprinkler heads, shallow pipes and cables. So, if you are in search of a machine which will serve the said functions, this one could be very close to your choice.

DFX E-Series Metal Detectors

These White’s metal detectors combine simple use and the most advanced technology. The sleeve-and-cuff system fits comfortably and it allows minimum of stress while searching and sweeping.

Each unit comes complete with nine different search programs to choose from. In addition, users can also program their own search parameters.

The best feature of these White’s metal detectors is their ability to use multiple frequencies at the same time. Some metals respond to 3 kHz while others respond to 15 kHz.

The DFX allows users to use both frequencies simultaneously and this feature results in more hits and finds.

This multi frequency operator has the following specialities:

  • Can hunt separately in 3 kHz and 15 kHz frequencies and also with both these frequencies simultaneously.
  • Best Data displays most reliable target information.
  • Correlate aids in trash rejection.
  • EEPROM programs help in forming and storing own detecting programs as per requirement.
  • Big, bold VDI numbers readout accompany target icons along with White’s exclusive Signagraph.
  • Ten Basic adjustments and 34 Pro options make it perfect to begin hunting operations from the word go.
  • Sweep speed and Silent Search Fade Rate go on to make this a worthy machine.
  • Automatic Ground Balance with Auto Trac Tracks assists in searching on all surfaces.
  • 9″ search coil being waterproof helps in depth hunting.
  • Inclusive of Instruction DVD and Back up penlight pack.

This automatic, professionally engineered detector is a picture of versatility and accuracy and adjusts to every aspect of metal detection. The huge ranges of features above surely justify the price of this tool.

MXT E-Series Metal Detector

This detector from the house of Whites is priced at $799.95 and is a very handy tool for all those who intend to pursue their hobby of metal detection seriously. The technical specs of this model are:

  • Equipped with three entire, separate programs.
  • Have separate modes for coin/jewellery, relic and prospecting.
  • Optional search and discriminate methods- features of all the operating modes.
  • Waterproof eclipse and automatic ground balance make it operational in all terrains including wet ones.
  • Drop-in battery pack and Instruction DVD make the offer all the more attractive.

Accuracy and performing ability in all environments make this detector a true winner and it may thereby become your prized possession

Prizm II Metal Detectors

These metal detectors are the most affordable White’s metal detectors around because they only cost $250 apiece.

The unit features a molded grip and the cuff-and-handle design makes using it comfortable and easy. These White’s metal detectors also feature target identification to allow users to see what they are targeting without digging.

Also, the entire unit’s sensitivity is totally adjustable. This makes sweeping and targeting more precise and eliminates excessive digging and cratering.

The above array of White metal detector covers a wide range of features to satisfy varying needs. They also cover a wide spectrum in price range. As such, this review probably leaves you in a positive frame of mind and with more clearer options before you make your ultimate choice.

White’s Metal Detector packages

For anyone who wants to purchase metal detectors, you should consider one of the many White’s metal detector packages that are available. This means that buyers can get White’s high-quality metal detectors and still save money by availing of the complimentary giveaways and discounts on certain accessories. Here are some of White’s metal detector packages that you can check out.

DFX E-Series package

Purchasing these kinds of metal detectors can put a very large dent in the buyer’s bank account, so retailers and distributors have bundled in a number of giveaways to make the products more attractive. Th DFX E-Series package comes with several handy reference materials such as White’s Metal Detectors’ 25 Best-Kept Secrets to Finding Treasure . This short book provides detailed information on possible treasure hunting sites and tips on how to maximize the metal detector’s considerable power.

Also included in this White’s metal detector package are other important utilities such as a DVD guide to how to use and care for the DFX, a back-issue of Treasure Hunting Magazine , and a trial subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine

This White’s metal detector package also includes big discounts on accessories that are compatible with the DFX such as interchangeable search coils, rechargeable battery packs, and cases for the metal detector.

Finally, this White’s metal detector package gives buyers $200 in shopping money which they can redeem from the store they bought the metal detector package from. The DFX E-Series package costs $1,100.

XLT E-Series package

The XLT E-Series is a White’s metal detector package that includes $150 worth of selected accessories, a detailed engineering report from one of White’s top engineers, and a back issue of Treasure Hunting Magazine .

This White’s metal detector package also comes with a video entitled Understanding The XLT which is a guide on the care and maintenance of the detector. A complimentary copy of 25 Best-Kept Secrets to Treasure Hunting is also included, as well as significant cutbacks on certain attractive accessories.

Anyone who wants to buy the XLT E-series package can also purchase an extender rod or a specially constructed digging tool. The XLT E-Series package costs $900.

Matrix M6 packages

One of the newest metal detectors off the White’s Electronics assembly line is the Matrix M6. Interested buyers will be pleased to find out that they can purchase this unique metal detector for only $600 and also get plenty of complimentary gifts along with it.

This entire White’s metal detector package comes with a copy of 25 Best-Kept Secrets to Treasure Hunting , a back issue of Treasure Hunting Magazine , and a free trial subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine . Retail stores will also offer the buyers of the Matrix M6 $100 in shopping money. This allows treasure hunting enthusiasts to buy more accessories for their metal detectors without having to use their own money pay for them.

White’s Metal Detector PVC Stands

Every metal detector owner knows that the metal detector’s paint job can be ruined if it is constantly laid down on wet or abrasive surfaces. For this reason, the designers at White’s Electronics have developed White’s metal detector PVC stands to protect the sensitive parts of the device. This article will provide a review of White’s metal detector PVC stands, a comparison with other similar products, and information on the pricing, technical specifications and their availability.

Technical Specifications of White’s Metal Detector PVC Stands

White’s metal detector PVC stands are constructed with high-impact PVC molding and are powder coated in black. They fit snugly onto popular brands of White’s metal detectors such as the DFX, XLT, MXT and QXT.

It is also important to note that these models of White’s metal detectors are not water-resistant. Putting them down on wet grass can damage the sensitive circuitry lodged inside the metal detector housing.

Exposing your sensitive metal detector to the corrosive properties of water can make your metal detector a very expensive paperweight. White’s metal detector PVC stands are very affordable at only $5 apiece.

Whites Metal Detector PVC Stands Comparisons

There are some metal detectors that already come with stands and prop-ups. An example is the Garrett Ace 250. The Garrett Ace 250 is an entry level detector with some good features. In comparison with other metal detectors, the Garrett Ace 250 is relatively cheap, usually around $200.

The features of the Garret Ace 250 include a large liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, 6.5 x 9 inch waterproof search coil, graphic target identification, and electronic pinpoint. The search coil is interchangeable, giving end users the opportunity to modify the size of the magnetic field generated by the metal detector.

The Garrett Ace 250 also sports multiple discrimination modes and it is capable of recognizing different metallic objects such as coins, jewelry, and relics. It is powerful enough to recognize any metal, depending on the customized settings the user selects. It also has a metal detector stand as part of its design so users will not have to lay it down on wet surfaces.

In comparison with the single-piece Garrett Ace 250, White’s metal detector PVC stands can be bought separately from the entire metal detector, giving treasure hunters and hobbyists the option to use the stand or not.

With the Garret Ace 250, you really have no choice. On the whole, it will really depend on what you have. If you already own a White’s DFX and do not feel like purchasing a brand-new metal detector, then buying one of White’s metal detector PVC stands is your best choice. On the other hand, if you do not own a metal detector and do not want to spend over $600 for a high- end E-Series metal detector, then the Ace 250 is your best bet.