Best Cheap Work Boots Under $100- The Most Budget-Friendly Boots

Best steel toe work book under $100

You’ll agree with me that when you are starting out in a new job, you won’t have stashes of cash to buy highly priced work boots. So you’ll probably be looking for a work boot that’s not only protective enough but also budget friendly. Probably one that costs less than a hundred dollars, which is the topic of our discussion today.

But there is ONE problem. With the best budget work boots varying in design, material make, protective capability and adaptability to different work environments, it isn’t easy to find that one work boot brand that fits the bill.

That’s why I have come up with a listing of top 5 affordable work boots under $100. I compiled this list after in-depth research, testing out the different brands and leveraging on authentic user reviews.

Have a look at top 5 work boots under 100 USD that you can buy right now.

Best Work Boots Under 100 Dollars in 2020

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Picture Brand KEY FEATURES
  GW Men's 1606ST Black Steel Toe Work Boots 11 M US
  • Full-Grain Nubuck Leather uppers

  • Boot's body bound by Good Year Welt
60S21 - Rhino 6 Inch Steel Toe Safety Work Boot - Black (8.5)
  • Leather uppers

  • Meets the Electrical Hazard standards
Stanley Men's Dredge Steel Toe Work Boot, Black, 7.5 D US
  • Full Grain Leather uppers

  • The sole are made of a synthetic material.

  • TPU toe cap profile
SafetyGirl GS002 Nubuck Leather Steel Toe Waterproof Womens Work Boot, 6" Height, 8M, Light Pink
  • Nubuck Leather uppers

  • The rubber outsolesole has Double colors.

  • Ideal for ladies who work in costruction industries.
Ever Boots "Tank" Men's Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Insulated Work Boots Construction Rubber Sole (8 D(M), TAN)
  • Feature Goodyear Welt Construction

  • Have a Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole

  • Feature a Back Loop making it easy to wear

A Closer Look at The Best Work Boots Under $100

1. 60S21 Rhino 6 Inch Steel Toe Safety Work Boot-Ideal for those stand for long hours.

This budget work boot is best suited for professionals working in the construction industry. The upper body is constructed from durable leather and reaches up to the ankle area.

work boots under 100 dollars

The out-sole is oil- and slip-resistant meaning you will easily work on slippery grounds without risk of falling down.

Other important features include a Goodyear Welt construction that binds the thick mid-sole to the upper body.  Though the work boot is uninsulated, it passes the electrical hazard (EH) tests thus making it ideal for those working with electrical devices.

Pros Cons

  • Electrical Hazard (EH) Approved for protection against electrical shock.
  • Outersole made of natural rubber for durability.
  • Comes in two-colors.
  • Goodyear Welt construction binds the boot’s body together.
  • Cushioned insole for feet comfort.
  • Features a padded tongue and collar for enhanced protection.
  • Slip- and oil-resistant outsole for protection from slippery surfaces.

* Require time to break in.

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SafetyGirl Steel toe Waterproof  Women’s Work Boots – Light PinkFashion and Safety

work boots under 100 dollars

Comfort, modern design and a uniquely appealing color shade are just a couple of reasons why Safetygirl steel toe boots is every hardworking woman’s dream boots. To start with, these bold work boots have their upper body made of the popular Nubuck Leather in pink shade for an added feminine touch.

The leather is further enhanced with a waterproof membrane to keep your feet off the rain and numbing cold.

Further down, the double-color rubber outsoles complement well with the light pink shade used on the upper body. The tough build outsoles are resistant to punctures, oil and slip.

The steel toe, the most important feature of this work boot,  protects the user from falling objects, misplaced tools and even poorly placed building blocks.

Pros: Cons
  • Quality, durable laces that complement the Nubuck leather body.
  • Waterproof membrane to keep the inside dry and comfortable.
  • Features a steel toe to protect that toes from falling objects.
  • Upper body made of Nubuck leather making the boot rigid and sturdy.
  • Two color rubber outsole giving a unique appearance.
* Lack a Goodwelt construction to hold the soles together.


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 GW Men’s 1606ST Steel Toe Work Boots kick the job in the teeth

best affordable work boots

This work boot stands out for it’s craftsmanship, sturdy build and of course the steel toe protective feature. Starting right from the soles, this budget friendly work boot features a durable rubber outsole that’s slip resistant. Goodyear welt technology is used to bind the soles to the upper body and this makes the work boot suitable for the rugged work sites.

The upper body is made of a full-grain Nubuck leather giving a tinge of quality and classy appearance.

Pros Cons
  • A spacious toe region allows for relaxation room.
  • Genuine full-grain Nubuck leather makes the work boot durable.
  • Durable rubber outsole that are slip resistant.
  • Good Year Welt that bonds the boot together.
  • Waterproof upper body.
* You need to order the exact size as larger may not fit in perfectly.


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Stanley Men’s Dredge Steel-Toe Work Boot-Easy wear work boot.

The casual appearance of this Chelsea-style work boot makes it a favorite for those who like adorning relaxed safety wear to work.

work boots under 100 dollars

The upper body is built from the sturdy full grain leather with the two side panel made of stretchable fabric for easy fit. The outsole is injected with PU and this makes the sole lightweight, flexible and shock absorbent.

Pros Cons
  • A removable EVA insole
  •  The boot meets Electric Hazard standards.
  • The steel toe cap has a compression ratings of Steel Toe I/75 C/75
  • Upper body made of full grain leather.
  • Outsole is both slip and oil resistant.
  • Meets the ASTM – F2413-11 specifications
*You’ll need to have additional arch support for comfort.


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Tips for Shopping Work Boots Under $100

1. Look into odd sizes to get cheap work boots

Cheap Work Boots

One tip to aid you in your search include if you wear an odd shoe size, cheap work boots can be found at nearly any store as these sizes do not sell as quickly as more common sizes. It is important to make sure that the odd sized boots fit you properly as too large or too small boots will be uncomfortable and can lead to injury of your feet.

2. Choose different colors

If you are not picky about the color of your work boots, you can find some work boots that are not selling well and therefore are at a lower cost. The most popular colors for work boots are black or some shades of brown. Other colors may be marked down. So if you choose your boots wisely you still have nice looking cheap work boots at great prices.

3. Keep an eye on sales to grab cheap work boots

Another tip to find cheap work boots is to keep a watch on shoe or boot sales both in stores and online. At certain times of the year retailers may have clearance or close-out sales that can save you money. Some footwear retailers also offer buy one get one specials where you can have more than one pair and therefore have a lower price per pair. If you buy your boots in the summer where boot sales are down, you can also take advantage of lower pricing. If you keep an eye open then you can easily find cheap work boots.

4. Look for quality at a good price while searching for cheap work boots

Cheap work boots do not mean that they are of poor quality or are made cheaply. With a little research, you can find cheap work books that are constructed very well and are high quality brands that you know and trust. Many work boots go on sale simply because they are overstocked and need to move inventory. It is important to note that no matter what work boots that you purchase that you should never compromise the quality or performance over a cheap price. If you do, you will have to buy boots again and in the long run, spend more. So always go for quality cheap work boots.

Best Advice Before Buying Good Cheap Work Boots

work boots under 100 dollars

☑ The type of material used for the sole.

Work boots outsoles are usually classified as rubberTPU or the EVA Midsole

~ Rubber outsoles are often designed to be oil-, abrasion- ,and slip-resistant. Rubber outsoles are ideal for those who work in manufacturing  or construction environs.

~ Thermoplastic Polyurethane out sole– commonly 

known as TPU out soles- are lightweight and split resistive. As they are made from a tough material, the soles are durable, are resistant to chemical and abrasions.

~ EVA midsoles are made from ethylene vinyl acetate, a material that is light in weight, flexible and offers a cushioning to the feet. These soles absorb the weight you impact with your body and provide the necessary support as you continue toiling through out the day.

☑ Impact resistance rating.

How well a work boot can withstand the impact of a falling object should be your number one consideration. A good work boot should have an impact rating of 1/50 as indicated in this write up.

☑ Construction of the upper body.

Different brands of work boots are made using different materials. Each of these materials have varying sets of uses and benefits depending on the intended line of work for the boots.

Leather remains the most popular material for making the uppers of work boots. It’s durable, waterproof and fits well on a user’s feet.

Other common, but less durable materials, for uppers are Nylon, Rubber (PVC) or a combination of the two. Work boots made of these materials are cheaper but less durable.

☑ The break in period

If you’ve been wearing work boots for a while, you will agree some work boots take much more time to be ready for your feet than others. If you need to use your work boots immediately after purchase, then it’s essential to consider buying a pair that takes less time to  break in. I took the time to write a detailed guide on how to break in work boots fast. Read it here.

☑ Construction of the work boot

I’d bet you hardly consider the body build of the work boot that you are aiming to buy. Yet, how the work boot is put together determines how durable and rigid the boot will be. The 3 main work boot constructions are:

~ The stitch down

The work boots outsoles and the upper body are stitched together by a toughened out stitch material. The most popular of stitching method is the Goodyear Welt stitch. The benefits of buying a stitched up work boot is that it allows for re-soling where necessary.

~ Direct attach

The method is also known as molding. Basically, the outsoles are molded on the fabric of the upper body. This construction is way better than the cement construction.

~ Cement construction

Basically, the uppers of the boot and the soles are glued together. While the method is popular, it isn’t as sturdy as direct attach or the stitching method. It’s not ideal for people working in rugged environs.

Fact is, many of the work boots on offer in the markets have their prices pegged on features including, material make and of course the protection they offer. This means that majority of affordable work boot brands on offer in the markets often overlook certain features to keep prices low.

Keeping Budget Work Boots in Shape

good cheap work boots

There’s no denying a work boot costing under than a hundred bucks won’t be of same quality as one going for around 150 dollars. It’s important thus to ensure you care for your cheap work boots so as to prolong the service duration. Here are work boot maintenance tips you should practice on your safety toe work boots.

Safety toe boot for diabetic. Always use a soft rag or a towel to clean the work boot.

Not any material is good for cleaning a work boot. Using a course material, for instance, can leave scratches on the work boots exteriors and thus weaken them.

Safety toe boot for diabetic. Always condition your work boot after cleaning.

Depending on the material make and state, your work boot should always be conditioned to preserve their gloss, surface texture and waterproof capabilities. The exist different conditioners on the market and they vary from nature seal, mink oil and even vegetable oil for those not in a position to get prime conditioners.

Safety toe boot for diabetic. Use a storage wood tool to store your boots.

Whenever you remove your work boots, you should keep your work boots in a clean, airy space using a wood storage tool. These maintains their shape, helps the boots the foot odor and the wood storage wicks away the moisture.

Summary Note:

Work boots that are priced at this range aren’t necessarily the very best nor most popular in the market. It is, therefore, advisable that you do your feet some favor but researching in length on the qualities of each work boot you intend to purchase, find out if they feet your working environment and, most importantly, if the boots will make your feet comfortable. Happy working!