Viper Metal Detector Reviews: Is the Trident Right for You?

Viper Metal Detectors recently released two new kinds of metal detectors that have been added to the Viper line.

These Viper metal detectors promise to keep users alert while walking the beach, strolling in a park, and even deep-sea diving.

Let us take a closer look at these newly-released Viper metal detectors with this guide on their specifications, prices, and availability.

Viper Trident

These Viper metal detectors make metal detecting anywhere possible. The search head is fully submersible in either salt water or fresh water.

It broadcasts a low-frequency signal that penetrates deep into any surface and it completely ignores mineralized earth and sand.

Most amateur users will immediately be attracted to the ease with which these Viper metal detectors can be operated.

Instead of the customary complicated array of knobs and switches that other metal detectors have, these Viper metal detectors come with only two knobs. One knob is basically the on-off switch with adjustable sensitivity. The other is the discriminator knob which controls the metal that will be targeted and identified by the metal detector.

Operating the Viper Trident is simple because you only have to turning it on and set the discriminator knob before use.

On the other hand, the Viper Trident is not completely limited to underwater use. It is also fully capable of locating and targeting hidden caches and artifacts buried deep underground.

The control panel is mounted with a “target found” light-emitting diode indicator that can easily be heard in both noisy and quiet environments.

The entire assembly weighs a little more than four pounds. Fully extended, it measures 46 inches.

It comes in a durable powder-coated finish with a battery life of up to 40 hours.

It also comes with waterproof headphones. Because they were just released, these Viper metal detectors cost only $350 and they come with a five-year warranty.

Viper All-Purpose

These Viper metal detectors are designed to be used anywhere and in kinds of purposes. The head can be submerged in water because the Viper All-Purpose is waterproof.

The secret to the Viper’s waterproofing is in the housing of the detector cylinder itself. All the gaps in the Viper metal detector assembly are fitted with specially constructed rubber o-rings to keep the sensitive circuitry inside the housing safe and watertight.

These Viper metal detectors are easy to use. They only have two operational knobs unlike other metal detectors that have complicated controls.

One knob acts as the on-off switch and the other is the discriminator knob and they allow users to filter out trash and get right to locating the treasure. These Viper metal detectors come with a full five-year warranty and each unit costs $300.