Best Metal Detector Brands- Which Company Makes High Quality Metal Detectors

There are numerous metal detector brands out there and it is always good to find out something about them, who they are, and what kinds of products they offer. This will be helpful to you so that you will be able to determine which brand of metal detector you should go for.

Here are some descriptions of the miscellaneous metal detector brands and some of top-quality products they offer.

1. Garrett Metal Detectors Brand

Garrett metal detectors are known for their graphic target imaging technology. This is a fairly new technology in the world of treasure hunting. Graphic target imaging technology not only tells you where and how deep a target is, it can even detect the size of the object in the form of image transmission.

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This way, you already can determine if you want to commit to digging the object, so that you can eliminate the risk of wasting your time on unimportant objects.

The Treasure Vision Screen will analyze and tell you if you have located a drink can, a coin, a pull tab, or something larger. It can even tell you what kind of coin it is, whether it’s a dime, a nickel or a dollar.

It makes you sift through the trash and makes your hunting more productive and efficient. It combines Garrett’s Power Master, GTA Discrimination, and DSP circuitry to make a fully-superior metal detector. Garrett’s GTI-2500 Single Frequency makes all these possible.

2. White’s Metal Detectors

high quality metal detectorsWhite’s metal detectors are revolutionary. White’s Electronics is the first metal detector company to introduce the new multi-frequency method.

You can use either 3 kHz, 15 kHz, or both for unequaled treasure hunting. White’s Beach Hunter ID metal detector is made especially for use in the beach and other sandy areas to find coins, jewelry, and other lost objects.

Its dual frequency detection gives you optimum detection in salt water and in the sand. It ignores junk and concentrates only on the treasure.

The Beach Hunter ID metal detector has a color-coated LED screen so identifying buried objects is possible with just a glance.

3. Fisher Metal Detectors

metal detector brandsFisher metal detectors offer their top of the line CZ series with a life-time warranty. Their metal detectors are available in multiple frequencies with the Fisher’s Infinite Spectrum Technology. This allows for greater depth in hunting and high performance in the field.

All Fisher metal detectors have these features along with a (MFT) Multi-Frequency Transmission and a Dual Processing Technology (DPT).

4. Minelab Metal Detectors

best metal detector brandsMinelab metal detector sets a new standard in metal detecting technology with their all-purpose Minelab Explorer II that has a full-band spectrum that uses 28 simultaneous operating frequencies.

It can operate from 1.5kHz to 100 kHz. Its full-band spectrum technology allows wider choices of desirable targets and it will give you incredible depth and even more ground information. It will distinguish nonferrous, good targets, and iron finds.

A traditional metal detector usually identifies a metal that is near a piece of iron as junk, but with the Minelab Explorer II’s 28 operating frequencies, it will identify a good target from ferrous junk.

5. Tesoro Metal Detectors

what is the best brand of metal detectorTesoro Electronics, the makers of Tesoro Metal Detectors, is an Arizona based company operating since 1980. Through the experience of the founder, Jack Gifford, the company quickly became well known for their production of high quality metal detectors.

Until today, Tesoro Electronics Inc. remains a family owned business. The company has concentrated their productions on metal detectors serious hobbyist first, eventually expanding their production to different set of skills as well as metals. Their family values also gained them loyal customers who have been with them for years.

Tesoro metal detectors are known for being lightweight. Thanks to its small control box, Tesoro metal detectors are really handy that an average person could carry the metal detector for hours without any strain.

Another feature common to Tesoro metal detectors is that it has a lower frequency compared to other metal detectors. At 10 kHz, this type of metal detector is virtually silent.

Users of Tesoro metal detectors will enjoy using this especially when using the metal detector with other hobbyists. The company is very confident of their products that all of them come with a lifetime warranty. Because of their durability, service and unique features, Tesoro metal detectors have become the choice of most hobbyists.

6. Detector Pro Metal Detectors

best brand of metal detectorsThe Detector Pro metal detectors are one of the few metal detectors in the industry that could be used for land and for water. Totally submersible, the features that could be experienced on land can also be experienced underwater.

The company is relatively new in the industry but Detector Pro has already impressed a lot of customers in terms of their performance, particularly in underwater metal detectors.

Although it is recommended to limit using the metal detector of only up to six feet underwater, that feature is more than enough to detect objects underwater. The underwater equipment is also rust proof which adds a lot years to the life of the metal detectors.

Aside from underwater metal detectors, the Detector Pro metal detector also has a land only version called the “Headhunter LandPro.”

The striking difference of the Headhunter LandPro compared to other metal detectors is its dedicated headphone. This is justifiable because the LandPro comes with a very low frequency 400Hz which is very difficult to detect if they are not used with headphones.

The device is powered by two 9-volt batteries and gadget is expected to work for 50 hours. The product also comes with a two-year warranty as support for their customers.

Together with the underwater version, these two products of Detector Pro have made them a popular brand among the hobbyists.

7. Teknetic Metal Detectors

good metal detector brandsTeknetics Metal Detectors is one of the most powerful metal detectors today. Their latest version, the Teknetics T2 has been hailed as revolutionary because of its double filter discrimination.

Compared to target discrimination, double filter discrimination will wade through different metal based products and will zero-in to a component with great value. For example, a ring in a trash can full of soda cans will still be detected with the use of double filter discrimination.

Ground monitor is continuous in Teknetics which means it should be able to provide an updated profile of the ground anytime. Combining the ability of ground monitor is ground cancellation ability which increases detection.

The user interface is also remarkable. The LCD display is one of the largest in the industry.

Using the product is also a breeze because of the easy to use interface. The coil is also wider compared to most metal detectors. Instead of a standard eight-inch, Teknetics T2 sports an 11-inch coil with a very powerful 13 kHz frequency.

But even though Teknetics has these functions, the product could stay on for more than 40 hours with the use of 4-AA batteries. Weighing merely 3.6 lbs, it can be used all day for treasure hunting with maximum results.

8. Famous Trails Metal Detectors

best metal detector brandFamous Trails was established in 1970 as a camping material manufacturer. The company started by manufacturing backpacks, tents and other essential things for camping. Because of their success, they expanded their product range which would later include metal detectors.

The metal detectors that were made by Famous Trails are geared towards beginners because of their price and simplified operation. Famous Trails metal detectors are powered by batteries.

Entry level metal detectors usually require AAA batteries while high performance Famous Trails metal detectors would require 9-volt batteries. Ease of transportation is also a common trait in Famous Trails metal detectors because of their relatively small size.

All Famous Trails metal detectors have a targeting feature wherein they can select what element should be detected. Users could determine whether they would be looking for iron (ferrous) or non-iron materials. The coil which detects the metal is waterproof because of the terrain or land conditions where metal detectors could be used.

To prevent disturbance and ensure privacy from other treasure hunters, a headphone jack is added to the Famous Trails metal detector. The high end products of Famous Trails are often in demand because of their entry level price.