Best Leaf Blower for Large Yard

Leaf blowers are a must have tool for every modern household that has a large yard and wants to keep it in proper shape during fall, when leafs are falling everyday. 

Some might not agree, but trust me, Doing the work the old way, with a rake, ain’t pleasant at all, I know I had my share of that.

There however different types of leaf blowers available on the market, some more powerful than others, some bigger, heavier and with more features. In here we’re going to talk about electric leaf blowers though and see why are they a good pick and why would anybody buy them.

First, i have to say electric blowers are medium powered. They can face standard debriefs, but i wouldn’t force them too much.

Then, they have an electric engine and need to be connected to a power line all the time. This damamges mobility a lot, but if your lawn is not that big and you have a long power cable, you should be just fine.

Since they are electric, these devices are non polluting and as quite as such a device can be (you’ll still hear them, but they won’t be as loud as the petrol powered tools). Also, they come with lots of nice features, including adjustable air cones, adjustable air speed and vacuum/mulcher functions. All these for a price that start from $30 for the low end versions and can get up to $80 for the better ones. Here you can find some of the best such electric leaf blowers on the market right now, according to reviews and features.

There would be many more to say about these devices, but i don’t want to bore you. As a conclusion, if you’re looking for a good priced leaf blower, pretty quiet and non polluting and you don’t need too much mobility or too much power, an electric blower is a good choice for you. In fact, most medium household owners pick such devices. They are mostly hand-held and light/compact enough to easily use them and then store them in you closet.

Backpack leaf blower or a handheld? What to choose?

Well, that’s a very good question, but one not so easy to answer. Like in most cases, the answer really depends on your needs and your plans to use the leaf blower you’ll buy.

First, you should know that hand-held devices are usually more difficult to carry around unless you’re a pretty solid guy. They weigh somewhere between 4 to 8 pounds, and although this might not seem that much, try using one for more than half an hour and you’ll see my point. Also, hand-held devices are usually less powerful and less mobile, because they are electric or battery powered, as they can’t really put the gas powered engine on such a device because of the weight.

A backpack leaf blower is however easier to carry around, although heavier. That’s because the weight isn’t supported by your arm but by the entire body, and 10-12 pounds is not that much for anyone to carry in his back. Most backpack blowers are gas powered, so they come with the power advantage.

So, choosing a backpack or a hand-held blower is just up to you. If you need something more powerful but bigger, go for the backpack. If you want just a tool to swap decks and driveways from time to time, a hand-held blower might be enough for you.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher, 12-Amp (BV3600)

best electric leaf blower for big lawns

Black & Decker is a known name in the house tools industry. Here we have a very interesting leaf blower/vacuum machine from Black & Decker, the BV3600. It’s electric, so you will have to connect the cord to the power-line, but as long as you have a pretty long cable, you shouldn’t have any mobility problems. Especially since this is a hand held leaf blower and weights just 7 pounds.

The best part is that the B&D BV2500 has two operating modes: blower or vacuum. You can easily switch between the two, and you will need to connect a storage pack for the vacuum mode. This mode mulches the leafs before storing them, so more can fit in the same space.

The device is powerful enough for normal use and it’s perfect for cleaning the lawn or driveways. And, since Black & Decker is a respectful brand , the BV3600 comes with 2-years warranty.

If this sound interesting, the next part might make it even more appealing. It usually retails for under $100. That’s an extra season offer, so hurry up to grab one of these Black & Decker BV3600s as the stocks last.

Husqvarna 350BT – The Professional Backpack Leaf Blower

Do you need a professional solution for taking care of those leafs and debriefs? Perhaps you’re making a living from gardening services? Well, if you want to impress your customers (or yourself) with fast and high-quality results, this Husqvarna blower might just be the thing you need, since this manufacturer managed to create a product that even if bigger and heavier than an electric blower, can always compete with any other tool on the market with no problem whatsoever.

When it comes to protection and comfort, Husqvarna is probably the best company in the world, as the handle can be adjusted by each user, and contains rubber inserts that will help it not to slip from your hand. The engine is a brand new model called X –TORQ, which has no less than 50 cc, being able to work extremely well, despite being more efficient, cleaner and quieter than most other regular backpack blowers.

The harness and the controls are both made to be just where you need them, to be able to comfortably access them The throttle controls are on the tube itself.

Husqvarna offer 2 year warranty for domestic use and 1 year for commercial use for the 350BT.

Compared to other smaller blowers out there, this one is not a toy, but an adult. Even if the price  of this professional leaf blower might seem a bit high, if you really want to do a great job and avoid unpleasant surprises, you should give ti a chance. That of course if you really need such a big and powerful tool, because like I said, this is not really meant for the average user, but more for professionals and those that would you use it make a living with it.

Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Blower

best cordless leaf blower for large yard
  • Weighs 9.8 pounds
  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Very easy to start
  • Blows at speeds up to 145 MPH
best cordless leaf blower for large yard
  • The 4 stroke engine on this blower is surprisingly quiet. This is rare for gas powered blowers, but Makita has made it happen with this model.
  • I don’t have to mix oil and gasoline to use this Makita blower. I hate the mess associated with 2 and 3 cycle oils, and don’t have to deal with them anymore.
  • Instant Start ups. I’ve never used a gasoline powered tool that starts up so easily. It amazes me every time I use it at how effortless start ups are.
  • Frequent oil changes. The trade off for not having to mix oil is that you have to change the oil in this blower after every 10 hours of using it.
  • Loose speed lock. The vibration of the motor seems to loosen the speed lock every so often. This isn’t a major problem, but it is annoying.

I felt a little silly at first when I bought a blower that is rated as being “Commercial Grade.” After all, I’m not a professional landscaper or anything; I’m just a guy who does a lot of work out in the yard. The more I thought about it, and researched this blower, though, the more convinced I became that it was just what I needed.

I’m glad I finally decided to get this Makita blower. It has really been one of the best outdoor tools that I’ve ever used. I used to have a small, cordless, electric blower – and it worked good for small clean up jobs – but it was never as consistently powerful as the Makita BHX2500 blower has proven to be.

This blower starts easily and runs for a long time on a full tank. Best of all, I don’t have to deal with varying levels of blowing power. When this blower starts running it keeps on working great until the job is done. That is very important to me, as I spend all of my spare time in the yard doing work, so having a reliable blower is an absolute must.

Even though I’d rather not have to change the oil on this Makita blower, it sure beats mixing oil. The few complaints I have aside, this blower is a powerful, consistent performer that is very helpful for cleaning up outdoor messes.

Whether I’m blowing leaves or grass trimmings, I know that my Makita BHX2500ca 4-Stroke Gas-Powered 145 mph Handheld Blower is up to the job and clean ups have never been easier.

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower

best handheld leaf blower for large yards
  • Very powerful Lightweight, quiet, easy to control
  • No cord or battery limitation
  • 7 years warranty

The Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blower is a high-quality and powerful machine. It is lightweight, quiet, easy to start and work with – great for almost any blowing job on your yard. Also offers a long 7 years consumer warranty.

Engine and power

The Hitachi RB24EAP is powered by a commercial grade 23.9 cc engine which offers an air speed up to 170 mph – but what`s more important – air volume of 441 CFM (cubic feet per minute) which is pretty impressive.

The engine is 2 stroke, however thanks to the PureFire technology for reducing fumes and emissions it is CARB compliant.

Working with the Hitachi blower

The weight of RB24EAP is on a solid level and it`s also well-balanced which enables comfortable handheld usage for quick cleanup jobs as well as for longer blowing. It is also easy to start, not loud and easy to control.

The power is completely enough for any leaves and debris cleaning jobs, it eats even through old wet leaves very quickly.


We haven`t found any serious problems concerning this blower, however a few things are worth noting. It features a large throttle lever which is OK, but incremental throttle steps would be probably better option.

Also it`s “just” a high-quality blower – if you need also a vacuum and mulcher in one machine, you have to look elsewhere.

Makita BUB182Z industrial and powerful cordless blower

best leaf blower for large yard

Most of the time, cordless battery-powered leaf blowers are not very powerful and can’t run for a long time on a charge.

However, the Makita BUB182Z is the exception in its class.

Only weighing 3.9 pounds, this tool can be easily used with only one hand and has a 3-speed 18 amp engine capable of a maximum air velocity of up to 179 mph, way above other electric sweepers. The device is also very solid built, ergonomic and reliable and Makita bundles 36 month warranty with it.

Actually, this Makita BUB182Z blower is primarily meant for industrial use, that’s why it’s rough and punchy and overall more powerful than you would normally need a cordless sweeper that you’ll use around the house to be. That makes it a bit more expensive than other devices in its class as well.

Still, it sells online for around $, with a nice $ discount and Free Shipping. But, it comes without a battery and charger for that kind of money. These alone will set you back $100 more, 67 bucks for the battery and 33 for the charger. It’s a high capacity and fast charging universal battery that you can use with a vast number of Makita tools, but unless you plan acquiring an entire gamma of devices from this manufacturer, you might want to look somewhere else.

Still , if you want the best of the best electric portable blower for your big yard, you will hardly find anything even close to this Makita BUB182Z. Otherwise, there are way cheaper options.

Black & Decker NSW18 cordless leaf blower/sweeper

best electric leaf blower for the money

You can think of this Black & Decker NSW18 as your electric outdoor sweeper. Because it’s as easy to use device, practical and powerful enough for most tasks.

This leaf blower is actually cordless, and that provides it with incredible mobility. It uses a rechargeable 18-volt NiCd battery that will offer around 30 minutes of full power use on a charge. The battery completely charges again in 8 hours and can be used with other B&D home appliances as well.

The NSW18 is also light (weighs under 5 pounds) and very quiet, so you can use it at almost very hour of the day, whenever you need it. It comes with 24 months warranty, and that’s something you should care about too.

If you consider those things mentioned above, you will be surprised that you can get this Black & Decker tool for around 65 bucks.

So, if you need such a cordless leaf blower/sweeper for your large lawn , you should take a look on all the details and pics by clicking the button above. You’ll also find some reviews posted by those who already own one of these and, spoiler alert, they are very good.

WORX Air WG545 Cordless Sweeper

Light and powerful are the main words that could describe this WORX Air WG545 cordless leaf sweeper,

Most such battery powered sweepers can’t handle jobs in the grass, but this one is powerful enough even for such a task, so it won’t be useful only on driveways, stairs,etc.

Still,. don’t ask too much from it, it’s still not as punchy as an gas powered machine or even as the electric ones.

However, thanks to the 20-volt lithium battery powered motor, it can provide an up to 120-mph blast at the end of the directional airflow nozzle, which is enough to handle some leafs and even some small debriefs and stones.

Besides that, the device is very light, weighing under 4 pounds (with the battery included). You get around 20 to 30 minutes of work (on full power) on a single charge and a complete recharge takes just 30 minutes, since it comes with a Lithium battery.

However, power and ergonomics on such a device come with a price, and the WORX Air WG545 is quite pricey. But it sells now for just under $100, with a nice discount. Free Shipping is included as well.

Bottom point, the speed and reliability (this particular device scored very good reviews from previous buyers) of the Air WG545 fully recommend it, if you can afford to spend $100 on a cordless leaf blower. Otherwise, there are some good cheaper alternatives as well, but not a lot cheaper.

Black and Decker NS118 Cordless Lawn Sweeper

  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Type: Cordless
  • Air speed: up to 120 mph
  • Lightweight, quiet and easy to use
  • No cord limitation
  • Great for light jobs
  • Battery limitation
  • No vacuum function
  • Not powerful enough to be used in the grass or flower beds

Black & Decker are one of the biggest manufacturers of house tools, and their electric sweepers are perhaps the most appreciated in their class, offering good performance in a reliable body and for a good price.

The NS118 is one of their popular leaf sweepers, but it can actually be used for more than that. This blower is sometimes called an electric broom – and for a good reason. It is designed for cleaning walkways, garages or decks and works really well there, however it is not powerful enough for getting leaves out of the grass or a flower bed.

The Black & Decker NS118 is a cordless leaf blower which means several advantages and disadvantages as well. Firstly you don`t have to mess with mixing fuel for a gas machine or take a cord wherever you go – you are able to reach remote areas of your property with ease or use it around the swimming pool or when standing on ladder for example.

On the other hand you are limited by the working time of the battery – 20-30 minutes, which is enough for smaller jobs but inadequate for larger-scale blowing (the power has its limitation as well, we`ll talk about it in the last paragraph).

It uses 18-Volt NiCd battery (compatible with other 18-Volt Black&Decker tools) which takes about 8 hours to fully recharge, the charger is included in the package.

First of all, this device is cordless, so very easy to use around the house. Then, it’s battery powered, having a rechargeable 18-volt NiCd battery. This comes with advantages (light and easy to use), but also problems (the device only has a limited autonomy).

Also, since it runs on batteries, don’t expect this sweeper to be as powerful as bigger gas powered machine. In fact, this Black & Decker NS118 is great for sweeping decks, stairs, driveways, but don’t get it on grass, it won’t be able to handle it.

Of course, since it’s portable, this device is very light and compact, so can be easily maneuvered with only one hand by almost everyone. Plus, it’s very quiet and clean, so you can easily use it both outside and inside the house.

All in all, the NS118 is one of the best electric leaf sweepers you’re going to get on the market and benefits from great reviews from previous buyers. It has a list price of around $130.

Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed (up to 235) Electric Blower/Vacuum with Metal Impeller

heavy-duty leaf vacuum

If you want a light, fast and quiet leaf blower with a metal impeller than won’t break easily, the Toro 51609 should be very high on your list.

Hand-held electric blowers are the best compromise between power and mobility. This one is however more than a blower, it has vacuum mode and that, combined with the metallic mulcher, allows it to plow and shred through all sorts of debriefs. The storage bag in included in the package, but you can buy more for a few dollars each.

The Toro 51609 is an electric blower so you need to connect the cord the the power line. But that makes it quiet and clean to use, unlike gas powered leaf blowers. Besides that , this Toro 51609 is still very powerful, reaching adjustable air speeds of up to 230mph (most similar devices don’t pass 200 mph), even better than some of the cheaper petrol powered machines.

The Toro 51609 comes with 2-years warranty and is the best sold leaf blower on Amazon in the last year (has been rated 4.7 stars out of 5 from hundreds of reviews). The good price tag has something do to with its popularity as well, especially since you can get it online greatly discounted, for only about 70 bucks. (that’s almost 40% less than the usual retail price in brick&mortar stores).

So, you should at least check this one out. Click that big button above big button above for more details and pictures about the Toro 51609 leaf blower/vacuum/shredder, plus user reviews and the options to get one with the discounted price, if you want to.

WORX TriVac WG500 12 amp All-in-One Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

best cordless leaf blower vacuum

If you need an all-in-one leaf blower with enough power to handle all your yard mess while running quiet and clean, the WORX TriVac WG500 is the one for you.

What we have here is a 3-in-1 mulcher/vacuum/blower machine. So besides blowing debriefs, it can also gather, mulch and store them in the special bag included in the pack. So a great device for a clean back yard “operation”.

Also, this machine is pretty light (around 8 pounds) and is designed to be comfortably handled with only one hand. It has a specially designed grip handle to make using it as smooth as easy as possible and also comes with a short twin tube design, so you can easily get it in even the narrowest corners. You can also switch instantly from blower to vacuum.

The WORX TriVac WG500 is an electric machine with a fast 12 amp engine, so you will have to live with the power cord following you around. But this is perhaps the only inconvenience of this machine, and remember that you can’t have clean, quiet and powerful otherwise.

All in all, this Worx tool is one of the most popular in its class in the US right now and was very well received by those who already bought it. Also scored some nice awards, including the Consumers Digest Best Buy Badge in the last years.

Such a powerful machine has a list price of under 100 bucks.

Troy-Bilt 24 in. Two-Stage 208cc Electric Start Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower Storm 2410 Model

Now here’s one luxurious gardening tool. It is a 3 in 1 vacuum, shredder and chipper. If you want, you can compare it with a Roll Royce that will take care of your lawn. Compared to other multifunctional machines of this kind, this one does not have the usual problems: it does not overheat easily, and it starts even from the first try. And it’s powerful.

If you’ll look at it, you will see that the design is made in such a way that it does not create any problem when it comes to emptying the debris bag. Also, the handling is great: the wheels go extremely smooth, and they do not tend to slip, like in other machines. Also, you can choose to either lower or increase the wheels guard, depending on ground conditions.

The impeller – which on most similar products is made out of plastic is in this case manufactured out of steel, which makes it far more reliable. The engine has 6,5 hp and 206 cc, using gas, and as far as I am concerned, I think it’s one of the best I’ve seem lately.

About working capacities: we’re talking about debris 2 inch big for the chipper, while the vacuum hog’s width is no less than 24 inches – can you believe that? The debris bag has a capacity of 3 bushels and will almost eliminate any kind of dust that is to be sent outside of it. Of course, as in any other case, the product comes with a 2 year warranty on both materials and manufacturing.

Again, if you own a large yard with lots of trees, I can recommend this product without being afraid that I am making a mistake. Great value, even if the price is quite high.

Husqvarna 125BVx Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum

large yard leaf vacuum blower reviews

This is one of the heavy duty blowers. Made by Husqvarna, a known name in the world of professional tools, this 125BVx gas powered leaf blower is something you will need only if you have a vast space to clean.

It has a powerful 28 cc engine, that ensures noticeable performances, with a maximum air flow of 475 CPM (regular blowers have only around 200-250 CPM max) . Of course, you can transform the blower in a vacuum, and in this case the shredder inside chops leafs and debriefs into tiny pieces, so more of them can fit in the storage bag. Besides the normal functions, you also get features like fully adjustable speed, adjustable air tube, vibrations reducing system and others.

The Husqvarna 125BX is handheld and weights about 9 lbs . The engine isn’t very noisy and run smooth and efficient, even though it’s gas powered and not electric.

The price is a little high for this tool, but as i mentioned before, this leaf blower is one of the best, if not the best in its class. It Sells these days for $169, with a small price cut. 2 year warranty and Free Shipping are included.

Bottom point, if you need a powerful handheld leaf blower made by professionals for heavy duty use, this Husqvarna 125BVx is definitely something you have to consider. Click that big button above for more details, including user reviews, a complete list of technical specs and more

Troy-Bilt TB4BP Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blower

best backpack leaf blowers for large yards

The Troy-Bilt TB4BP gas powered backpack leaf blower is a device able to make fall/spring cleanup a pleasure. Just because it’s powerful, comfortable to use and reliable, all these for a very fair price (not cheap, but fair).

First of all, this is a gas powered blower, with a 4-cycle 32cc (since it’s a 4-stroke engine, it will runs pretty smooth and you won’t have problems with vibrations). This allows you to blow things with 150 MPH and 480 CFM, so not even medium sized rocks will withstand the might of it. You also get a big fuel-tank (20-once) so you’ll have a decent autonomy with it when working. As for noise, it won’t pass the 72 db mark. And there are a couple of other things you should know about, like the reliable and fast starting system and the convenient placed tube-mounted throttle control lever.

As for cons, there aren’t too many. Some might consider it loud, but that’s up to each one to decide. Using it with a pair of protective ear-muffs should help. Also, some owners claimed you should be careful when starting it, so be gentle, otherwise the starter rope might snap in time.

Overall, the Troy-Bilt TB4BP is definitely a great machine. It weighs around 19 pounds, which is more than decent for such a backpack blower. The fact that it comes with a specially designed padded harness system really helps with comfort, so it shouldn’t bother you not even after a couple of hours of continuous use.

Of course, as you might expect, such a tool does not come cheap. This Troy Bilt sells for around $250 now, with a 50 bucks discount and Free Shipping included. So not for every wallet, but if you want a device that can handle nearly any job in your backyard, the price for this one is more than fair. You should know though that it’s not Carb Compliant, so you will not be able to buy or use it in California.

For more details, pics, reviews (which by the way are very good) or the option to buy one of these great backpack leaf blowers, click the big button or the link below.

Buying the Best Leaf Blowers for a Large Yard

Every homeowner and gardener would know the amount of love and effort that goes into maintaining their lawns. The constant raking and endless sweeping involved can be a real pain at times. Leaf blowers are the answer to achieving pristine looking lawns in a jiffy. Leaf blowers offer fast and thorough fallen leaves removal by harnessing the power of the mechanical fan as well as the conventional vacuum.

Whilst some models solely blow air, others come with both blowing and suction functions. The conversion is done with an additional hose. These blow and vacuum leaf blowers often includes a convenient leaf shredder/mulcher which reduces the bulk of leaves. The machine minces the leaves and garbage as you blow while keep the waste as ingredients for your compost.

Types of Leaf Blowers You Can Buy

There are two types of leaf blowers: gas leaf blower and electric leaf blower. If you have a huge yard, you might want to consider gas-powered leaf blower. The gas leaf blower is conventionally carried on the back with a blow hose attached. This type of blower is undoubtedly the louder of the two.

Despite this, with its higher velocity air speed and volume, the gas leaf blower is more powerful compared to electric leaf blowers. Gas blowers’ air speeds can range from 170 mph and 290 cfm air volume. The gas leaf blower tend to get rather noisy at higher speeds but with more speed options available, you will be able to adjust the power accordingly to what works best for you.

If you have a small yard or just plan to use the leaf blower for mini clean up tasks, the electric leaf blower is your best bet. Electric leaf blowers are watered down versions of gas powered leaf blowers, thus providing quieter operation. Electric leaf blowers have a cheaper price tag as well.

The downside to electric leaf blowers are the fact that they are limited by a power cord and the need for a power source in order to work. However, there are always cordless options available on the market. These cordless models run on battery packs. The cordless variety of leaf blowers are much easier to use as you work in the yard.

Other features to look out for in a good leaf blower is its ergonomics, weight and portability. You would want a blower with a sturdy and comfortable grip. There are even ones that come with an anti-vibration grip. This is important as you would always want to have absolute control over the your blow hose.

The blower should not be too heavy or bulky as you will have to carry its weight around as you blow. Blowers that are smaller are definitely more welcoming in terms of mobility.

Whichever model- be it gas or electric, corded or cordless, remember to wear a good pair of noise cancelling ear plugs and safety goggles for your personal protection. This will ensure your long term health and well being.

Before we highlight features to search for in a leaf blower, first let’s create a list of requirements for you. Use the following questions to find out your exact needs from a leaf blower.

How Large Is The Job?

You need to answer this question to figure out whether you need a handheld device or a gas/electric blower. Usually a small blower fits the needs of most people but for large and wooded areas, an expensive gas powered backpack blower will come handy.

Can You Use A Long Extension Cord?

Where you plan to use the leaf blower, can an extension cord reach? If yes then you can save a lot of money because an extension cord lets you use large electric leaf blowers farther away from home. On the other hand if a cord is out of question then you will have to opt for a gas blower. Gas blowers are cheaper than cordless electric units and have a higher output. Moreover, larger cordless blowers are heavy to carry around.

leaf blower guide

Is Vacuum A Necessary Requirement?

Do you have to vacuum leaves? Most electric blowers can do this so that you can grind and mulch them for use later as mulch. If so, then make sure that you opt for a metallic impeller blade. A few handheld versions can vacuum as well although the vacuuming accessories are sold separately.

How Much Weight Can You Comfortably Carry?

Leaf blowers need to be carried around either by hand or on the back. Try to stick to a weight that you can manage easily. Opting for a high powered blower that weighs a lot isn’t a good idea if you can’t take it all the way to the edge of your yard. Also consider the additional weight of gasoline, battery packs and so on. Normally corded electric leaf blowers weigh very less.

Noise Levels, Pollution And Extra Features You May Want

Jot down tertiary requirements that you have. You may want a quite blower, or one that is eco-friendly and so on. You may want an easy to maintain blower with good warranty cover. Just remember that regardless of the kind of blower you get, it will make noise. So purchase a pair of earplugs or a earmuff to protect against temporary deafness.

Now that you have narrowed down your requirements, here are four things that any leaf blower must possess.

  • Enough Power – Good blowers come with sufficient power. Note the wattage of the device if its an electric blower. For gas powered blowers note the HP rating.
  • Strong Airflow – Airflow is measured through CFM or in mph. This will tell you how effective a leaf blower is. Together power and airflow lets you decide on a powerful blower.
  • Variable speed – Majority of leaf blowers allow users at least two to three speed selections. Try to get something with at least three variable speeds. This helps when clearing leaves around delicate plants or flowerpots.
  • Warranty coverage – Many blowers come with long warranties but read the warranty statements more carefully because at times the warranty may not cover a particular defect. Its no use getting a blower with limited warranty that hardly helps you in future.

How Do Leaf Blowers Work?

The first actual leaf blowers originally were pesticide fumigators. An innovative fumigator owner could remove the reservoir to convert it for the use of clearing debris and leaves. The manufactured leaf blower started being marketed in the 1970s.

Another innovation that swept the market of leaf blowers occurred with the suggestion of placing a receptacle to the exhaust part of the machine, converting it to a vacuum. Around the same time, someone realized it could blow snow just like leaves and sales went through the roof. Currently, snow blowers are available in several types including electric or gas, hand held, tractor mounted and walk behind.

Leaf blowers usually have an engine that is two-cycle gas or electric. The engine powers the impeller which is a group of blades drawing air through the machine. The air is pulled through the channel which usually opens under the blower’s housing on a handheld model or at the sides on larger models. There is an air filter the air is pushed through to stop particles from damaging the impeller and engine. The air is then pushed through the machine’s front which is similar to the exhaust of a jet.

This “exhaust” is the air that moves the targeted leaves and debris. Bigger jobs require the machine to run longer. More power is needed due to the smaller two-cycle type engine that runs on gas being somewhat inefficient. Blowers that are convertible have removable nozzles that allow for the owner to attach a receptacle to catch the vacuumed debris that comes through the blower’s intake.

The mixture of exhaust and high powered engine produces a great deal of noise. The operator will experience up to 100 decibels, according to the EPA. The EPA also states that the neighbors of the blower’s operator will experience a noise level at around 70 decibels. Electric motors make less noise but don’t yet have enough power to run larger machines.

The smaller blowers have either electric or gas motors while the large blowers require the internal combustion type engine with two cycles. The pistons that are in this type of engine are responsible for completing the fuel influx process. In addition, they handle the compression, the exhaust and power with two strokes rather than the four it takes for the “four stroke” type engine. Two-cycle type engines take a mixture of oil and gas.

The smaller fuel system results in a compact engine. However, it also causes some of the fuel to not be processed and expelled with exhaust. This leads to the smaller engine producing more pollution than the four-cycle engine.

Although many manufacturers have begun to phase out the smaller motor in bigger lawn equipment like lawn mowers due to the noise and pollution, this type is still the most practical. The two-cycle engine has a higher power per weight ratio than the largest engine and is still the engine of choice for leaf blowers.

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