C Scope Metal Detectors

C Scope metal detectors come in three forms – treasure hunting detectors, utility tracing products, and security metal detectors.

They are among the most affordable yet high-quality, powerful, and reliable metal detectors in the market today.

These metal detectors are designed especially for the unique conditions of the European soil, but they were proven to be equally effective (if not more effective) for use in other soil types of metal detector hunting sites in other countries as well.

Choosing a C Scope metal detector

C Scope manufactures more than 20 metal detectors models. How do you know which one is right for you?

We have trimmed the list down to three. This should help you find the C Scope metal detector that fits your requirements and budget.

The CS660 (under $300)

This affordable and compact entry-level metal detector packs as much power as its high-end counterparts. It has the same ‘LAZY S’ stem design found in more expensive models at an incredibly low price.

The CS660 also features full range discrimination, a 20-centimeter ISOCON search-head, and easy to read signals, among others, to make your treasure hunting experience even better. This C Scope metal detector is perfect for first timers and hobbyists.

The CS2MXP (under $600)

The CS2MPX is a ‘flight motion’ combines everything you need to go pro in metal detecting.

It rejects iron accurately, has very rapid response motion mode, exact signal with quick cutoff, the signature C Scope dual-channel discrimination, auto-tuning, long life battery, and weatherproofing all in one lightweight package.

And for something with such complicated features, it is very easy to use, too. The CS2MPX C Scope metal detector is the real enthusiast’s gadget. It carries the same seal of quality that all other C Scope metal detectors have, so you can be sure it will last for decades.

The CS5MXP (over $700)

Are you serious about treasure hunting? Then your first investment should be the CS5MXP – one of the best motion machines from C Scope.

This C Scope metal detector has a characteristically large ‘POLO’ search head that lets you detect even the subtlest valuable metal in long ranges.

What makes the CS5MXP special is its circuitry, which C Scope technicians meticulously maximized with patented technology.

Every unit features a lightweight 25-centimeter open-centered search head that gives better ground coverage and ultra deep detection.

This C Scope metal detector also features a hypersensitive signal intensity meter and the exclusive POWER BOOST technology that powers the coil to magnify even the deepest and faintest signals.

At less than $800, the CS5MXP is easily the most affordable ‘serious’ metal detector of its caliber. If you intend to take your metal detecting hobby to the next level, this is the equipment for you. The CS5MXP C Scope metal detector is for the passionate treasure hunter.