Best Steel toe Boots for Women – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Steel toe boot for women

You work hard, probably on your feet all day. Out in the elements or in a shop. It is very important to have supportive good quality work boots or shoes. Your work boots can make a world of difference in your day to day work environment, and should be considered a tool of your trade.

Women that work outside or on slick surfaces may need special soles to help guard against slips, trips and falls.

Even weekend DYI will desire robust, protecting shoes or boots for garage or basement projects. And while many work boots appear similar — typically, strong brown or black lace ups — not all are made equal. While several work boots are only available in men’s sizes; a few makers, for example Ariat, Timberland and Rocky, make work boots in ladies’ sizes.

Some women may need work boots that offer additional protection from heat or cold. On the other hand there are some who require to be protected from water, mud or other pointy objects. Sometimes work boots are knee-high and can be made of numerous kinds of materials. These include leather and plastic which gives strength and sturdiness to the boots. This kind of boots is the majority of the time laceups and shod with hobnails and heel and toe plates. These are just a couple of traits of working boots that are available in the market. Women can select any of these work boots which they feel snug when worn. Costs may range depending on the function or features you’re looking for.

 Footwear can be made from leather, rubber or synthetic materials and is available in some styles including six- and eight-eyelet lace-up boots, athletic-style shoes and even clogs. If one works inside or in warm weather almost all of the time, you may favor boots made of a mix of leather and nylon-mesh. Combo boots have a tendency to be less water-resistant than their full-grain leather counterparts, but also they are lightweight and flexible — ideal attributes for hot, dry summers.

 There’s a wide variety of women work boots that are especially suited for diverse conditions and each work industry. If you don’t have any time to go shopping there are even an array of working boots you can select from on the internet. You don’t need to go from one store to another if you already have found a selected design and style that you like.

The Difference Between Men & Women’s Feet

However as women you can’t just go out and buy a mans work boot! Why, well men & women’s feet are different. We are not built the same for the most part, that is pretty obvious. We carry more weight in our chest, and mid section.Taking in height, weight, hip ratio, and you find that nature made our feet different on purpose. What makes them different? The major variant between women’s and men’s feet is the higher arches, and the correlation between the heel and the forefoot, or the “ball” of the foot.

Women tend to have a narrower heel in relation to the circumference of the ball of their foot. Also women’s hips are set wider apart than men’s, the angle at which our feet strike the ground when we walk, or run is different. When a woman walks or runs her feet strike the ground directly under her centre of gravity. If you can visualize the tilting of a woman’s foot, as compared to a man, you would find that women’s feet are tilted more sharply when they strike the ground than a man, and pronating more, or turn in toward the heel.

What does all this mean? A woman is going to need a narrower heel, and a wider foot or ball girth in the middle of the shoe, or boot.Because women need a narrower heel they tend to buy shoes or boots that are too narrow in order to get a snug fit in the heel area, and as a result of this they frequently find their shoes painful to wear, or causing bunions or other forefoot injuries.

What Do The Experts Say?

Here’s how to combat the problem from some online experts. First of all you want to buy your shoes, boots, work boots that are wide and have sufficient room in forefoot.

They  suggest the following advice; When lacing up shoes, boots, or work boots lace the shoe up to one eyelet from the top, thread each lace end through the top eyelet on that same side. This will form a small loop. Then thread the lace ends through the opposite loops and tie the boot or shoe as normal. This will offer a tighter fit at the top of the shoes, boots, or work boot and keep a woman’s heels more snugly in the shoe without slippage.

When trying shoe, boot or work boots make sure to wiggle the toes to check for spacing that will allow freedom of movement, and provide good circulation to the foot.

If you observe any discomfort, or tightness it might be better to try a larger size, the pain or discomfort will only get worse. Do a check of the sole of the shoe, or work boot for flexibility by bending the shoe. If the sole is rigid and does not move with you, you may find that the shoe or boot is too uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.

What To Look For In A Woman’s Work Boot

Foot experts and store representatives always suggest isolating the most important features you need out of your work boot before you purchase. 

A lot of lines have styles mixing some features. If you are someone who works inside or in warm weather the majority of the time, you will not need a work boot with an insulated lining, and may find that a work boot made of a mixture of leather and nylon-mesh which is lighter will work the best for you.

Work boots are assembled in numerous ways:

Boots with stitch-down construction, in which the higher part is sewn to the outsole, are the sole type that can have the sole of the shoe replaced or repaired, providing longer wear once you have broke them in.  In direct attach boots, which have a tendency to last longer and have the strongest bond between outsole and upper, the two portions are molded together. For a more cost-effective option, select cement construction boots, in which the higher part of the boot is glued to the outsole.

Getting The Best Work Boots for Women

Getting the right fit is important, but the right work boot will depend on what kind of work that you do on a daily basis. If you are working constructions, road work, maintenance, or anything in between you want to avoid injury that could include; punctures, hard impact injuries, blunt force injuries, slipping  and falling, chemical spills or any other work place hazard.

  • Most construction jobs require a steel-toe boot with reinforced tips if any work is done that involves heavy objects.
  • A good waterproof or water-resistant boot is a must have if you work outside to help keep your feet dry.
  • Electrical hazard boots are insulated, providing protection from electrical charges
  • Slip-resistant boots have specially designed soles that supply traction on wet or oily floors.
  • Insulated boots keep your feet warm in frigid weather.

Many womens work boots look similar, but they are not all created equal, and no one foot is the same.
If you work on your feet all day, and out in inclement weather, you will want to look for a work boot that is made with quality material; flexible sole, forefoot cushion for added comfort, and if you work in wet conditions or even out in the desert heat, an insole systems that will absorb all the moisture from perspiration throughout the day will be of great benefit to you. Moisture breaks down your boots faster, and provides a breeding ground for bacteria, and fungus that can contribute to more foot problems.

Most work boots run true to size. If you are purchasing an insulated boot, you may wish to go up a half-size to allow room for heavier sock. The bottom line is women need to look for a work boot with excellent fit, is light weight, has generous cushioning, arch support, a sole with abundant flexibility, and feels comfortable.

Timberland PRO Women’s 72399 Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Boot

best womens steel toe work boots

  • Comfortable right from the start and requires lesser break in time
  • The rubber on the toe is great for protecting against rips and tears.
  • They fit well, and the lacing lugs grip the laces so you can adjust the fit

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The Timberland PRO Titan product line includes a number of different soft toe and steel toe shoes for both men and women. For women, the Women’s Titan 6″ Safety-Toe boot is the favorite choice of many.

The shaft and upper of this steel toe boot are brown, premium full-grain leather. The shaft extends 6″ from the arch, and the heel and platform are 1 1/4″ thick and 3/4″ thick, respectively. The padded top of the shaft offers protection to the back and sides of the ankle. This is a relatively lightweight shoe and it is waterproof. The sole of the shoe is rubber. This boot is specifically designed to take into account a woman’s foot proportions, which are slightly different than those of a man. The interior of the shoe features a mesh antimicrobial lining with odor protection and an open-cell polyurethane footbed.

One of the more convenient features of this shoe has to do with the laces. The laces that come with the shoe are of a type that does not easily come undone. Furthermore, they are just long enough to tie using a double knot if you want to make extra sure they will stay tied.

These shoes will not provide the same level of soft comfort as your slippers. They offer a different type of comfort – the comfort associated with a snug sturdy fit that does not have any uncomfortable characteristics. They can be worn all day without making your feet feel sore or tired. For most people, they do not require any breaking in, or perhaps an hour or so at most. Unless you have an unusually shaped foot, you are unlikely to ever feel the presence of the toe insert. Furthermore, the bed of the shoe is soft and shock-absorbent. These shoes are waterproof, as advertised. Unless you step into a puddle deep enough that water spills into the top of the shank, your socks will stay dry. If your laces are sufficiently tight, your socks will likely still remain dry.

For some, these shoes are extremely comfortable when you are active, but they can tire your feet if you stand in one place for long stretches at a time. This characteristic will vary a lot from person to person and from style to style. If you find you can stand in one place, especially on a concrete floor, for extended periods of time in shoes or work boots without discomfort, you should have no problem wearing the PRO Titan.

Size Issues

It would be nice if these boots consistently ran a little large in size, as many work boots do, or consistently a little small in size. They tend to run slightly high, or in some cases will conform exactly to your shoe size. If you use your normal shoe size when ordering, you’ll most likely end up with a fit somewhere between good and perfect. If however, you have a wider than normal foot, consider ordering a half-size larger.


These boots will hold up for a long period of time. This is due in part to the fact that they are waterproof. The uppers will rarely ever separate from the lowers, a common problem with many of the more cheaply made boots, and even occurs at times with some of the higher priced boots. If you give the leather uppers a slight touch-up with a leather conditioner or oil a couple of times a year, they should last even longer.

In this waterproof safety toe boot, you may experience the perfect balance between exceptional comfort and exceptional durability, two characteristics that do not always go together.

Steel toe work boots are the most common type of work boots found on the market. With the majority of construction sites requiring steel toe work boots, it is important that you purchase a pair of boots that fit comfortably while providing you with the protection you need while on a work site. This is particularly true when deciding on steel toe boots for women.
There are a few things that you need to keep in mind, however, when you purchase steel toe work boots. Above all, not every boot is created equal. With differences in the type of sole to the strength of the steel in the toe of the shoe, purchasing a good quality boot can be difficult.
A good place to start is to determine what rating of steel toe boots you need to be allowed on the work site, as well as the frequency you will need to access the site. If you are going to a construction site daily, investing in a good quality pair of steel toe work boots makes much more sense.
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Other Considerations for Steel Toe Boots for Women

There are more to steel toe work boots than just the steel in the toe of the boots. There are boots designed for slick surfaces, that have a sticky rubber sole that allow the shoe to find purchase even on oil slicked surfaces. These no slip boots cost more than the average steel toe work boot, but are necessary for those who work in the oil industry or around other slick materials. By going with the high quality boot, injury can be avoided as footing is more secure.
Those who work on commercial ships will often wear work boots that have better purchase on wet surfaces, although whether or not these shoes contain steel toes is often dependent on whether or not the vessel carries cargo or works in the fishing industry.
If you are uncertain of which type of steel toe work boots, it is suggested that you exceed the minimum safety recommendations for the work site. By doing this, you can be confident that your work boot will be compatible with most locations, saving you the need to purchase several pairs of shoes.
Unfortunately, slip resistant boots do not last as long as steel toe work boots with standard soles. If you do not often work in an environment that has slick surfaces, you may want to invest in the second pair of boots that you do not wear as frequently to ensure that they last a long time.
When you are selecting your steel toe work boot, you will want to pick a pair that is comfortable to wear for long durations. Steel toe boots for women come in a variety of types and brands, so be sure to do your research and find a pair that is best for you.
As a woman, you’ll need a work boot that offers double-duty. Besides protecting your toes, the work boot should take care of your fashion tastes and preferences. You’ll agree that choosing such a work boot requires research and a keen eye.
Women’s steel toe boots are boots or shoes that have a steel cap in the toe area and which serves to protect the sides and toe area from being crushed or injured by falling objects as well as protecting the foot when making contact with hard or sharp objects.
Nobody looks twice these days when they notice women working in places that used to be thought of as only a mans world. Construction sites and other places that were once the sole domain of “men at work” now have women performing those same functions.
With this in mind, safety in the work place remains an all important factor and women now have to consider various factors when it comes to protecting their feet.
Apart from the steel cap in women’s steel toe boots,

Steel toe Boots for Women
Courtesy: Safe Shoes.

the rest of the “shoe” is usually made from either a composite, canvas, rubber or leather material depending on the application that it was intended for.
These safety boots or shoes are designed to take a lot of heavy industrial wear and tear in order to serve their purpose which is to protect your toes and to a certain extent the rest of the foot.

5 Classy Steel toe Boots for Women Reviewed.

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Sorel Women's Caribou Boot

  • Vulcanized AeroTrac non-loading sole
  • Wool/ acrylic blend liner for warmth in cold environs.
  • Waterproof full-grain uppers with a suede compliment.
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 Best Steel toe work boots for women

Cole Haan Women's Wesley Tall Boot

  • A 1 1/2" stacked heel adds a feel of vintage detail.
  • Feature a Synthetic sole
  • Genuine upper leather.
  • Includes a Back zip closure.
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Keen Utility Women's Flint Low Work Boots.

  • Upper body crafted from a Nubuck waterproof leather.
  • Outsole made of Rubber.
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Maelstrom Women's Tac Force 8 Inch Zipper Tactical Boots.

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The Original Muck Boots Adult Jobber.

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1.     Sorel women’s Caribou boot.

Sorel women’s caribou boot is a blend of class and convenience; what every woman is looking for. This leather boot will offer maximum feet protection as you carry out indoor and outdoor activities. You can confidently walk on wet ground or in cold seasons while your feet remain dry and warm all day long.

Leather upper

Leather material is known to last longer than other materials. This shoe can withstand any pressure and survive all environments without wear and tear all thanks to the leather upper. According to a recent study, leather-made shoes were found to be a favorite among workers who stand for an extended period. Sorel boots are designed to ensure that you stay comfortable for an extended period.

Waterproof and warm

A walk in the snow during winter will be more fun when wearing Sorel women’s Caribou boot. Walk comfortably over the snow or water without getting wet. These boots come with Faux fur to lock in moisture keeping your feet warm.

Great comfort

You can quickly move up and down in this lightweight boots with a heel size of approximately 1″. Its opening measures 12” thus can fit any feet. This classy women boot is 9.5 inches tall from the arch; the better part of your leg will be covered.

High quality

Quality is the number one priority of this brand when engineering any shoe. With a D-ring lace system, you can fasten or loosen the boot without any struggle. This shoe is made to serve you over an extended period. Its rubber sole is sturdy enough to absorb pressure or any obstacle that comes your way.

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Waterproof


  • Cannot be shipped internationally
  • Comes in only three colors

Sorel women’s caribou boot is a great deal. Its current price range is between $65.98 and $ 173.95 only.  Keep your feet safe and healthy as you carry on with your daily activities. If you want to work or play in cold weather, these boots will serve you well.

2.     Cole Haan Women’s Wesley Tall Boot, Chestnut, 7 B US

Cole Haan is a top brand in the USA and has been on the market for approximately 80 years. This women’s Wesley tall boot is one of its best products. The boot offers a full package of class and vintage taste; everything a woman desires.

Quality made

This classy boot is manufactured using leather; a material that is well known to last over an extended period. With its synthetic sole, you can trek on any ground confidently. Similarly, it features a full-length zipper that makes it easy to wear or remove the shoe.

Ultimate comfort

Wesley tall work boot will give your feet maximum comfort all day. The boots’ opening comes with a circumference of a whopping 14.5 inches to fit the upper part of your leg perfectly. These boots measure 16.25 inches tall from the arch to keep the upper part of your leg warm even in the cold season. You can put them on efficiently using the pull-loops fixed at the opening.

Classy look

If you value class and fashion, then these boots are your perfect choice. The heel and the back zip give it a classic taste. Enjoy your outdoor and indoor activities while looking elegant.

  • Made using leather material
  • Has a synthetic sole
  • Looks classy
  • Has a back zipper
  • Gives maximum comfort


  • The shoe can only be shipped within the United States
  • Available in one color only

Among the best steel toe boots for women, this is a perfect choice for individuals who love tall boots. Also, this is a boot that will serve you for several years.

3.     KEEN Utility Women’s Flint Low Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Women’s work shoe can be described as a high performance, durable and comfortable work boot. It is enhanced with electric shock absorbing properties for ultimate protection when working. Engineered as per the standards of F2413-11 F1/75 C/75 EH and ASTM F2412-11, the shoe can withstand high pressure and bad weather.

Top toe protection

This shoe features asymmetric steel toes that perfectly fit the right and left toes. They have enough toe space for your toes to spread out and breathe. Your feet can stretch easily when hyper- flexed inside the toe box.
KEEN’s ability to offer top toe protection makes it different from the other steel toe boots. If an unforeseen event occurs when you are busy working; your toes will remain safe courtesy of the steel toes.

Perfect for hiking

KEEN utility shoe is a perfect fit for hiking and outdoor adventures. The slip and oil resistant rubber outsole give you enough confidence to walk over both rough and smooth terrain. Your feet will remain dry and fresh all day long with the help of the moisture wicking textile.

­­­­­­Metatomical Footbed Design

The shoe comes with a ­­­­­­metatomical footbed design which is an internal support mechanism engineered to offer ultimate arch support and cradle your foot’s natural contours.

  • Comes with a durable rubber sole
  • Comes with torsional stability shank for ultimate midfoot support
  • Made from high-quality leather
  • Nubuck waterproof leather upper
  • Have right and left asymmetrical steel toes


  • May not fit well with some people
  • Tight and uncomfortable to people with large feet


4.     Maelstrom Women’s TAC Force 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot With Zipper

Maelstrom boot is one of the best steel toe boots for women. It is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for performance, lightweight, and comfort. It boasts ladies’-specific shoe last for ultimate comfort and optimal fit.


Maelstrom Women’s TAC Force is designed to be flexible. Its cemented design, which holds the boots together, provides more flexibility over the double stitched shoes and maintains the form of the boots. The boot’s midsole composition was also built with flexibility in mind.


Maelstrom steel toe boots were built to provide years of reliable service. Its leather outer cover is made from high quality and durable leather that can be polished and taken care of to last longer. Its cemented construction mentioned above protects the boots from unraveling. Cemented construction is achieved through a sophisticated and time-consuming procedure. This construction protects the shoes from unraveling like the double stitched boots.


Maelstrom Women’s TAC Force work boots come with a tactical construction. The shoes have a sturdy rubber outsole to enhance traction, lightweight material to enhance speed, and a zipper for faster access. All these features work together in tandem to offer a high performing shoe.
The zipper is designed to save you time when in a hurry. The lightweight design won’t slow you down, and the sturdy rubber outsole will enable you to keep moving on slippery surfaces without hassle.

  • Made from high-quality fabric and leather
  • Comes with a durable rubber sole
  • Lightweight design
  • Built to provide ultimate comfort and perfect fit
  • Oil, slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Nylon upper and polish-able leather
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Boots of your standard size may not fit you; you’ll need to get a slightly larger size
  • Stitching separates typically at the eyelet


5.     The Original MuckBoots Adult Jobber Boot

The original Muck Jobber Boot will take you anywhere you want to go in a hurry. Whether you want to have a quick dog walk on those sloppy city streets or work in a dirty and wet environment, this will prove to be your best bet.


These women’s boots are a 100% waterproof. This means it is not just the lower part that is impervious to liquids but the entire boot. These boots will keep your feet dry in the rain, mud, wetland, and snowy conditions.


These work boots are well insulated to keep your feet incredibly warm. Each pair of the boots has CR-foam utilized during the layering process. The high-quality neutral material is often used in survival gear for cold weather marine adventures. Having been tested in freezing weather, this material is excellent at keeping your feet toasty during those chilly mornings.

High quality and durable

The quality of their construction is a real stand-out feature of these work boots. They are designed for rough use in the harshest terrain, and they last for an extended period. A pair of these boots will take you through a couple of years saving your hard-earned bucks you’d have spent on cheaper boots in the long run.

Incredibly easy to clean

The other exciting feature about these Adult Jobber Boots is that they are a breeze to clean. You can wash them with almost any hose because the rubber is no-porous and doesn’t pick up dust and mud like their leather counterparts. They are built from real rubber too and will stay flexible for several years.

  • Lightweight
  • Provides flexible comfort
  • 100% waterproof
  • Superior insulation keeps your feet warm
  • Elegant and durable
  • Affordable


  • Its color fades away after months of use
  • The sole of the boots becomes thin with time

Women’s Steel Toe Boot – Terminology

This brief terminology table will help you in understanding some of the more common and basic steel toe boot terminology…



Steel Toe Steel cap in the front of the boot that protects your toes from being injured
Composite Two or more materials used to engineer a significantly different material for a specific purpose
Insulated The material used to engineer the boot will resist the flow of electric current
Metguard Patented product that is attached to the top of steel cap footwear and secured with existing laces or straps.Helps prevent crushing and spreads the load on the foot in the event of impact.
Side Zipper The boot zipper is located on the side of the boot
Slip Resistant Patented sole patterns that resist slipping
Slipon The slip-on boot or shoe does not have laces or straps for securing. It is just “slipped on”.
Static Dissipating Capable of dissipating an electrostatic charge in a controlled manner.
Water Resistant Capable of resisting water from entering the boot
Quick Release The method of loosening the boot for removal is very fast and easy to perform

Is Brand Important When Shopping For Women’s Steel Toe Boots?

The choosy shopper has many choices available her, yet it would be wise to select your women’s steel toe boots from a well known brand.
When you buy from a well known boot manufacturing brand you are guaranteed for the most part of getting the quality, durability and excellent customer support service you expect.
Just as there are many different safety boots in the market,different tasks require a different type of boot, so it is critically important that you choose the most suitable, comfortable which isn’t always the most expensive.
Some of the better brand for women’s steel toe boots also have steel protection in the sole of the boot. This prevents any sharp objects from penetrating through to the soft flesh of your foot.

Which Women’s Steel Toe Boots Do I Choose?

There are many varieties of women’s steel toe boots available. The type you require depends on the various hazards you may face in your profession.
Boots are a better choice if there are spark or splash hazards from chemical or molten substances present.
If you are working near cutting oils, petroleum , corrosives or caustic products, then nitrile or neoprene boots are more resistant to these substances from entering the boot.
In welding and foundry operations, the “Gaiter” style boots often feature elasticised insets or quick-release fasteners which assist in the “speedy removal” of the boot in case any hazardous substances enter the boot.
In the case of working with electricity there are special electrical hazard boots which have zero conductive material used in their design except for the steel toe which is super insulated.
When working with electricity, a worker may need to wear special electrical hazard boots that are designed with no conductive materials other than the steel toe (which is properly insulated).
Understanding the various potential hazards of the work that you do will help you in making the correct choice when it comes to buying women’s steel toe boots that will be just perfect for you.

Safety Boots Are Important – Stylish Women’s Steel Toe Boots Are Better!

Safety is an all important criteria and no one would didagree on that point, but from a woman’s perspective this does not necessarily mean that style has to go out of the window in the process.
Performing work that once was only done by men in the past does not mean that women have to wear steel toe boots and shoes that make them look unattractive and masculine.

There is a wide variety of choices nowadays when it comes to women’s steel toe boots and shoes, from hiking boots to biking boots there is a safety boot or shoe to suit.

When it comes to safety shoes and boots that must perform a dual function of protecting the feet and toes while on a construction site and doubling at looking attractive during off site meetings, you will find many options from which to choose.
Many women enjoy riding motorcycles nowadays too, for this reason there is a vast range of women’s steel toe boots specifically designed to fit the part of really standing out in design, while still protecting the feet and toes.
The modern woman needs safety in the workplace and while at play. The demand for women’s safety boots that serve this purpose has been the driving force which has led to a vast range of women’s steel toe boots becoming available at very affordable prices.

Steel-toe Boots for Women – “Crime Protection Boots?”

You can use your toe boot as a defense tool.
Courtesy: Azizah-buyonline

You may choose to wear your steel toe boots for activities other than just for your line of work.
If you live in a neighborhood that poses a potential crime risk, your women’s steel toe boots can provide a nice additional measure of security.
A well aimed kick can cause serious damage and potentially deter any would-be mugger or thug. I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with you, thats for sure.

Fitting Your Steel Capped Boots

Don’t make the mistake that so many buyers of women’s steel toe boots do, and that is allowing yourself to be influenced by the decisions of those around you.
Your steel toe boots may look extremely comfortable on the outside but you will never know until you try them on yourself.
Whats more, everyone has different size and shape feet. You will be sorry after taking your friends word as gospel that a certain shoe or boot is comfortable without trying them on yourself.
Make sure that your boots are not loose and that the arch feels comfortable too. Loose boots are dangerous as they don’t support your ankles and can cause you to trip and fall.
Keep in mind that you are the one who has to wear your steel toe boot day-in-and-day-out.
Believe me, women’s steel toe boots where the steel cap is brushing against one of your outer toes all day becomes unbearably painful indeed.
Apart from this, remember that you are buying women’s steel toe boots to protect your feet and not your friends