Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett metal detectors are technologically advanced metal detectors that are popular and widely used for security checkpoints.

You can see Garrett metal detectors in places that need proper and effective protection and security such as airports, prisons, and public venues, including shopping malls and nightclubs.

Types and features of Garrett metal detectors

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Garrett metal detectors can either be hand-held, ground search, or walk-through types. Here are some of the bestselling products they have:

Hand-held metal detectors

This type of metal detector is useful for security checkpoints. It is designed to be perfect for a hand grip.

To locate a potentially dangerous metallic weapon, this metal detector is swiped in front of and behind an individual, and also all around his bag or whatever he is carrying. It will produce a beeping sound the moment it detects any kind of metal.

Ground search metal detectors

This type of metal detector is best used when conducting an investigation of crime scenes or in locating metal treasures.

Other than metal detecting hunting sites , Garrett ground search metal detectors can be used on land or underwater. This makes it able to locate hidden or missing metallic evidence or treasures.

The Garret ground search metal detector only requires a single press of the button to begin its metal detecting operation.

Walk-through metal detectors

Popular in airports and train stations, a walk-through metal detector can instantly locate any metal carried by an individual that passes through it.

This open door-frame type of metal detector offers complete scanning of dangerous metals.

The Garrett walk-though metal detector is developed with an improved sensitivity, discrimination, and an ease of operation.

Price range of Garrett metal detectors

Garret handheld metal detectors cost anywhere from $300 to $1,500. Ground search metal detectors go for $100 to $500. The walk-through type is the most expensive metal detector and it costs $3,000 to $4,000.

Other uses

Aside from security purposes, Garrett metal detectors can be used in treasure hunting. Since treasures are primarily composed of gold, silver, and other expensive metals, metal detectors can help identify on which grounds these treasures are buried.

They do not just give off signals or alert sounds – Garrett metal detectors also incorporate advanced imaging technology in their products to enable accurate target ID, depth, unparalleled size information, and intuitive controls.

About the company

Garret metal detectors are used all over the world for law enforcement and security purposes. This is because Garrett has proven its reliability in providing security for over 40 years now, as it continuously engineers the most advanced metal detection products.

Garret products were found to be one of the best detectors in the market. Because of this, more private, government, and corporate institutions in the world trust only Garrett metal detectors for their security needs.