Best Red Wing Steel Toe Work Boots – Are Redwing Work Boots Any Good?

Red Wing boots are the standard in the shoe industry for work boots.  Everyone who has been on a work site has seen a pair of Red Wings, and you should give them a try.
Red Wing boots come in multiple widths, sizes and colors to make buying the right one for your job very easy.
They are hand stitched to make sure that the uppers are stable, and the outsoles are so hefty they never break down.
In fact you will find that you are replacing the Red Wings because they are old and not because they are broken down.
When you try on Red Wing boots, you need to remember that they are designed to have a smooth toe so that you can wear them when you leave the work site.
[content-egg module=Amazon template=list] The Red Wing boots are considered by many to be the best shoes in the industry with their comfortable insoles and padding on the upper, but you must make sure that you have tried them on to make sure they are the right show for you.

Red Wing Heritage men’s classic work 6 inch Mocc Toe Leather boot

Pros: This boot from Red Wing Shoes is made to complement a casual lifestyle. The rugged look features a thick, treaded outsole, while the leather upper is waterproof. The Norwegian welt construction adds strength and durability. A crepe wedge serves as the foundation for this durable, yet handsome moc-toe boot.
Cons: The Red wing heritage men’s classic work 6 inch mocc toe leather boot has a break in time of around two to three weeks. There is also the problem of the sizing where you may want to order at least half a size down so that it fits well. Lastly the insole could be softer because it is very rigid.

The red wing team has a new revelation which is, if I may say so myself, a very interesting looking work boot. Red wing is known for their originality and their finesse in most of their recent endeavors and they have certainly not disappointed anyone this time. They have been able to come up with something that represents what they stand for. This is ingenuity together with a unique flare. The Red wing heritage men’s classic work 6 inch mocc toe leather boot really embodies what a work boot should be, and quite frankly, it just looks awesome; and it is not only me who thinks this. Many have said that is one of the best pair of work boots out in the market right now. Allow me to explain why this notion is going around.

I will start by explaining what I am seeing. The Red wing heritage men’s classic work 6 inch mocc toe leather boot has a stunning rugged looking leather upper. The one I have on has a brown color but do not be alarmed. The work boot comes in a variety of color such as black or bay apache; the darker colors look better on the red wing so I advise you to stick to them. The leather upper has a Norwegian welt construction so you can trust it to hold up for a very long time. This also means that the leather quality is very good. It has waterproofing properties which are very interesting; the liquid that comes into contact with the leather beads up and simply rolls from the upper. Do not get me wrong here; I am not telling you to go swimming with the red wing boots, but you can be come if a few splashes come around. The leather is said to be briar oil slick which just means that liquids will a not go destroying it.

Let me say something about its sole. The Red wing heritage men’s classic work 6 inch mocc toe leather boot has a unique crepe wedge outsole. It is usually white and it is really thick. The outsole is very durable and slip resistant. The sole helps to keep you grounded by providing traction and grip to the surface. It comes along with an EVA midsole which is also very durable. The midsole however are actually very rigid and it is somewhat uncomfortable. It does not mold onto your feet very well but it is not that big of a problem. The soles are also shock and vibration absorbers.

Most of the work boots that are out there maximize on stability. The red wing boot also maximizes on this by having a 5.5 inch shaft as well as a 12 inch circumference to provide support to your leg so that you do not going tumbling up and down during your daily activities.

Though the boots are quite a sight, it is not without its flaws. The Red wing heritage men’s classic work 6 inch mocc toe leather boot has a break in time of around two to three weeks. There is also the problem of the sizing where you will probably have to order at least half a size down so that it fits well. Lastly the insole could be softer because quite frankly it is very rigid; but despite all this, the Red wing heritage men’s classic work 6 inch mocc toe leather boot is a good boot. It is a bit expensive going for around $ 230, but it is worth the money. Stop wasting time and go ahead and order up the Red wing heritage men’s classic work 6 inch mocc toe leather boot.

Red Wing Steel Toe Work Shoes

When you require staying on your feet all day, your toes are the places that receive the maximum pressure and need the maximum of the protection. This is the reason behind red wing manufacturers and designers crafting the boots with a special steel toe.
These boots offer a metatarsal protection and are insulated along with being waterproof. The main function served by the steel toe is that they offer the maximum protection from the electrical hazards that are prone to arise when you are working on a site that involves open circuit boards and set ups. They are made for the toughest working conditions and the longest wear on your feet.
The tempered steel toe that these boots offer is extremely safe and away from electrical hazards. These not only offer comfort but also give good traction for your feet. They come equipped with an excellent slip, oil and heat resistant property that prove that these boots are superior to the others. They are the toughest outside and the most comfort assuring inside. These are built with premium quality leather that offers the best classical look belonging to the late 60’s styles. The most important point that you need to remember when planning to buy the red wing steel toe work boots is that they are extremely budget friendly. They do not make a huge hole in your pocket and is affordable by the commoners.
These boots are also called the athletic shoes as they are display the following unique features:

  • A steel toe that not only covers your feet but also prevents it from any kind of hazard that may arise during work with these boots on.
  • These are the most stylish yet the very durable pair of shoes for you that fits the best for you.
  • Full grain leather, polyester lining and a removable nylon inner sole.
  • Are completely oil and slip resistant while being available in various sizes.

These red wing boots are especially for the hard working men and women who are out all day on their feet toiling around rough sites and places. The pull on style exhibited by these boots makes them more comfortable and a must have for you. These are made keeping in mind the fact that you require to keep up and keep going all through. The extra toe protection is a feature that makes these shoes better than the other work boot manufacturers.
The red wing steel toe work boots are the very work boots for the blue-collar workers who need protection as well as style at the same time.

Red Wing Company Information

Red Wing manufactures hunting boots, industrial boots, hiking shoes and casual shoes; over 60 percent of its products are manufactured or assembled in the United States.
Those who have ever shopped for a steel toe or composite toe boot are well acquainted with the Red Wing brand.
With over 500 company-owned and independent dealerships throughout the country, Red Wing plans to add 125 new stores over the next five years. The strategy to expand is possible because of their record growth in 2010. Up 12 percent from 2009, the company brought in $448 million and hired 315 employees.
However, Red Wind did undergo some financial hardships like so many companies did in 2009. Employees went to a four-day workweek, raises were frozen, the second shift was scaled back and voluntary retirement packages were offered.
Sales have recovered in the last nine months despite the sting of the recession as the company’s revenue is largely dependent on blue-collar workers such as construction workers, telephone linemen, miners, lumberjacks and longshoremen.
With an old-fashioned approach to customer service, Red Wing stores are set up to provide personal customer service. Sales people sit with customers, measure their feet and fit the shoes to the customer.
Predominately providing footwear for blue-collar workers, Red Wing boots are meant to stand up to the elements and harsh work conditions. Too busy to make it into a store? Work boots are available for purchase on many websites.

Best Red Wing Steel toe Boots.

The Red Wing shoe company originated from a city called Red Wing, which is in Minnesota, USA. The city was heavily populated with horseback riders! It became apparent that the challenging work conditions of the day required more protection and comfort for workers feet. Red Wing is a completely different place altogether these days, but Red Wing work boots are sold not only in the US, but worldwide too.

Charles H Beckman, founded the Red Wing shoe company in the early 1900’s. He himself had been trying to find a pair of boots which were durable, at the same, looking stylish. It wasn’t long before he found that the market for this particular type of shoe was sorely lacking. So he decided to make his own boots. He believed that if you really desired something, that you could bring it to life if you worked hard enough. In 1905 his company – Red Wing shoe company was born.

If you’re interested in Red Wings as a safety boot for work, or if you want motorcycle boots then the Red Wing Boot should be your first stop. If money is tight it’s a pleasant surprise to know you can buy them with a discount. It is possible to get their quality boots, and not break the bank. Although there’s no denying that Red Wings are a really good long-term investment.

Red Wing shoe company is a specialist boot provider. They offer work boots, and boots for motorcyclists and also for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Their boots are not really made to be at the height of fashion, although they are really smart in a rugged way. They are made to be durable and efficient, giving your feet the protection they need while keeping them comfortable.

A pair of red wing boots is a must have essential part of your kit if you spend time outside. If you are a hiker, or enjoy outdoors activities similar to this. Anything that involves putting extra strain on your feet, you really should think about looking at the range in this brand. They’ve been around for over a hundred years so the Red Wing name is obviously one that’s guaranteed to deliver.

There is no secret as to what makes a pair of Red Wing boots? There are a group of craft inspectors who work to make sure that the leather used in the Red Wing workshops is of an excellent quality. They ensure that not one piece goes through without being checked. The leather is the main part of any pair of boots, and so their quality control is precise, with no room for error. The actual making of a pair of boots from the leather cutting to the trimming right at the end of the process, is carried out by very skillful experts in the art of shoe-making.

So without a doubt if you’re looking for a new pair of boots. You have to consider this brand. If you want Red Wing work boots, motorcycling or hiking boots. You can rest assured you will be making an excellent choice.