Best USA Made Work Boots For the Money

Sick and tired of having to inspect every box in a store to see where it’s made?

The best source for functional footwear are quality American-made products that re-invest the dollars used for purchase to an expanding American workforce. Definitely, nothing beats the tailor-made display of skilled craftsmanship as much as the work boots created by Americans especially for Americans.

It’s gotten to the point where I can personally tell that a product is Made in China just by picking it up. Well, did you know that over 90% of clothes and shoes sold in America are made overseas?

No wonder why it is so difficult to get your hands on a quality pair of work boots made in USA.

You know, the Made in USA stamp is a symbol of great quality from hard working people.

Unfortunately, over the past 50 years the manufacturing of consumer goods has quickly been outsourced. Not surprising to see that manufacturing jobs decreased 23% from 1961 to 2010.

But there is an increasing sentiment to bring those jobs back home. Especially since many are trying to get their hands on a decent job in the tail end of the recession. And there is still hope.

While different price points play a heavy factor in where boots are made, companies understand that there are many people who want some badass American made work boots. Not only for the quality, but to support this great nation and the people pursuing the American dream. And we are willing to pay a premium for that.

Blogs upon blogs have been dedicated to buying American-made products. Although some may register these messages as white noise, a healthy portion of the population place high importance in purchasing goods produced right here in the good old U.S.A.

You’re informed. You’re ready to buy. Where do you look for those steel toe boots you need for your particular line of work?

The 10 Best American Made Work Boots

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1. Chippewa Men’s Six-Inch Chocolate Apache Steel Toe Lace-Up Boot

american made work boots

Although rare, Chippewa has been dedicated to making boots in the USA since 1980. Since then, they only use the best raw materials from America, and the boots are hand crafted in the USA. To this day, you will find the “Hand Crafted in the USA” label on each pair of their boots.

This particular boot is covered with high quality leather and a vibram sole. And boom, the exterior of the boot is ready for some serious man hours.

Wait, what’s Vibram? Good question, because you will see this a lot. Vibram is a company that manufactures soles, among other footwear products, and it is synonymous with being heavy duty.

While this boot is rugged and equipped with a steel-toe, the Vibram gumlite sole featured here is lightweight to ease the load on your body. Plus, the removable cushioned insert creates a comfortable footbed to stand on during a long day’s work.

2. Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot

usa made work boots

One of the most iconic looks in footwear, Thorogood’s American Heritage 6`Moc Toe Boot is a symbol of classic American quality.

It’s hard not to notice the genuine leather that is featured on this boot, because it is oil-tanned leather. With a Goodyear Storm Welt Construction, you will get years of use even in the toughest conditions. That’s because the sole is stitched instead of glued on.

And that sole is Vibram, of course. Which in this case is slip & oil resistant. Also, the Cotton Drill Vamp Lining is critical to keeping moisture out of your boot and preventing blisters.

For those of you standing for long hours, you will benefit most from the comfort in the removable dual density ultimate shock absorption footbed on Poron 4000 comfort cushion insole. Yup, lots of words, but lots of comfort.

3. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s J-Max Work Boot

best usa made work boots

A true testimonial to the American dream, H.J. Justin started his career as a boot repairman in 1879. However, with a strong work ethic and uncanny skills, he developed a top notch boot company dedicated to the American working man.

For an authentic look, this boot sports some mighty fine distressed five ounce leather. Whether you are racing to the job site, or just itching to get out of your boots at night, the J-Max Work Boot is easy to get on and off of your feet. All due to the extra-large pull loop and speed-lacing hardware on the shaft. So no more excuses for falling asleep with your shoes on!

With an 8” shaft, you will get great ankle support to prevent any rolling of the ankle. While 8” boots can often compromise comfort for support, you will find that the padded collar will help to enhance the comfort level.

4. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Safety Toe Boot

best american made work boots

Once again in the top 5 is another Thorogood Work Boot. Only this time, it’s got some extra badassedness to protect your feet and toes.

Earning its spot stitch by stitch, the Goodyear Welt Construction featured here is no doubt the most durable way to make a boot.

While the padded collar affords you comfort around your leg, the removable dual density Ultimate Shock Absorption insert on Poron 4,000 comfort cushion provides seriously manly comfort on your feet.

Truthfully, this boot is in the top spot because of all of the safety features. First, the steel toe keeps your toes safe and complies with ASTM. Then, the boots non marking rubber outsole offers slip-resistant and electric shock resistant soles and heels.

Last but not least, the fiberglass shank gives your feet, knees, and back support, all while protecting from objects penetrating through the sole.

5. Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6-Inch Iron Ranger Boot

best work boots made in usa

According to the Red Wing Shoes website, “Today, 98.8% of all footwear purchased in the United States is manufactured offshore. RWSC continues to manufacture over 60% of our Red Wing brand products in the U.S.” Well there ya go, American made action going on!

With a durable stitch down welt and quality American leather, this boot will give you all of the comfort and durability you need while getting the job done. Whether it’s out in the field or home in the yard, it will make you man up! And that’s a gross understatement. These could very well turn into a family heirloom considering how long they will last.

To add more ruggedness to this pavement pounding boot, it is built on a non-marking, oil-resistant sole.

Enough said? Then, there you have it. Get your work boots Made in USA, and start seriously kicking some ass on the job site. One pair at a time, we will “boot” out these outsourced products and bring jobs back home.

6. Timberland Pro Endurance Work Boots

Timberland is a well-known brand name in the work boot industry because of their strict adherence to quality, safety, and comfort when designing their boots. The Timberland Pro Endurance work boots unequivocally deserve a spot at the top of our list because they truly do capture the exact needs of the working man.

Not only do these Timberland Pro Endurance work boots feature a steel toe as well as a puncture resistant outsole, but that have a unique anti-fatigue technology that ensures all of the shock is absorbed and the feet are cushioned by an innovative support system inside. These work boots are also essential for concrete floors because they have improved slip resistance and ensure that the wearer has phenomenal traction on any surface.

The lightweight design, amazing comfort, and phenomenal features seen on these Timberland Pro Endurance work boots just proves the Timberland quality and solidifies the fact that they truly are some of the best work boots available, even for those who work on concrete flooring all day long.

7. Keen Milwaukee Steel Toe Work Boots

One of the major complaints about work boots is that they take too long to break in. Sore feet, aching backs, and blisters are all common complaints from those waiting desperately for their boots to finally be properly broken in. Fortunately these Keen Milwaukee steel toe work boots take only a few days, if that, before they are adequately conformed to the wearer’s feet. Additionally these boots were designed to be anatomically correct and provide the necessary arch support that many work boots fail to include.

Overall their lighter weight, ability to work well on slick surfaces like concrete, and phenomenal arch support earns these Keen Milwaukee work boots the second spot in our top 10!

8. Danner Boots Quarry GTX 8 in. Alloy Toe Work Boots

One word defines these work boots well enough – comfort. They have a great fit and they are also very durable too. Moreover, they offer high protection as they are oil and slip resistant. These work boots are also waterproof, have electrical hazard protection, and a breathable lining. They are one of the best possible options if one is looking for a great and long lasting pair of work boots.

Companies That Make American Work Boots

Justin, Chippewa, Wesco and Wolverine boots and others round out the greatest tradition in solid work boots. American made is synonymous with quality in the work boot market, and one will benefit from several advantages when opting for these great work boots. With work boots made in USA, durability and comfort are coupled up together with the highest quality to ensure ultimate satisfaction for any wearer. The survival of the american made market is due to the highest craftsmanship and greattest workers in the world.


Built for work, Carolina has been manufacturing industrial boots since 1963. Obsessed with the safety aspect, representatives of Carolina actually sat on the original committee that developed the ANSI standards for safety toe footwear, which still stand today. In addition, the company pioneered the introduction of hand-sewn footwear for industrial use.

Patented construction in its work footwear include Ultra Welt, Pillow Cushion, DRYZ, Gel Cell and more.

Rugged Carolina work boots like the 1809 are produced in the U.S.A.


More than a century old, Belleville has been a trusted producer of quality boots for soldiers, workers and others. With its first military footwear order placed in 1917, Belleville has grown from producing shoes with a simple, uncomplicated design to the modern technologies. No matter the climate or terrain, there is a Belleville boot to fit the need.

Belleville 550 ST Hot Weather Safety Toe Boot proudly made in the U.S.


Founded on comfort and durability, Wolverine has continued to deliver generation upon generation of American workers with premium safety footwear. Released in 1914, the 1000 Mile Boot set the standard for durable work boots. Equally committed to comfort, it uses innovative technologies like Wolverine DuraShocks and Wolverine Fusion to help keep workers on their feet and face the challenges of real life.

The Wolverine 6-inch Durashocks steel toe boot is one style made in the USA.


Beginning as a logging boot producer, Chippewa Boots was founded in 1901. Its Logger Boot quickly became popular among those entrenched in the rugged outdoors. Later, the company would add footwear like the Engineer Boot that was worn by land surveyors and the Artic that was worn by soldiers in World War II. Upon adding these styles of boots, the company began experimenting with the technologies that preceded modern day boot features.


Chippewa work boots are used to labor in some of the harshest landscapes that America, or anywhere else, has to offer. Specifically, Chippewa specializes in creating footwear to work in snow and mountainous territory. Their waterproofing technology is unmatched, and has allowed the toughest working people to thrive in cold and wet conditions.

A Chippewa example of a USA-made steel toe boot.

Wesco Boots


Wesco Work boots also have a history deeply rooted in the American Northwest. Aside from the typical hunting, hiking, and fishing activities, Wesco also has a custom line of boots for motorcycles. These are made to order, high quality boots that keep the rider protected as well as stylish.

While these American made work boot brands represent a small amount of the great boots available today, they are among the best quality and most sought after boots in the workplace.

Danner Boots


Danner work boots are rooted in the American Northwest. Hunters and hikers typically use these boots because they are durable, comfortable, and held to the highest standards in the footwear market. They often appear as the boots of choice for fishermen in oceans all around the world.


Since 1892, Thorogood has been in the business of producing American made work boots. As a pioneering force in the American footwear industry, it initiated many of the common safety and job-focused design elements found in today’s work boot. Backed with time-tested craftsmanship, these boot experts continue to work new technologies into their safety footwear. Its American Heritage Work and American Uniform styles are union made in the U.S.

Justin Work Boots

One of the most famous names in western footwear is Justin Work Boots. Made with layers of real leather, they have been in business since the late nineteenth century, and have never been replaced as America’s number one boot worn by cowboys and oil rig workers.

You Can Make a Difference By Buying American Made Work Boots

While there can be an inherent belief that it is impossible for one person to make a difference, I say that is a bunch of hoopla. Yea yea, I know. It stems from politics, thinking that our votes don’t mean a thing. But let me tell you, businesses don’t operate the same way as governments. And that is why they are typically much more successful. The bottom line is that businesses listen to the consumers, because that is what got them in business in the first place and continue to bring them more success.

So, yes, we can make a difference. One step at a time. (Or in the Boots over Suits world, one pair of boots at a time.) If we become increasingly aware of where products are made, and choose to buy products made in the USA versus overseas, we will make a difference.

In fact, we are already making it happen. According to a WSJ report, Harry Moser, president of the Reshoring Initiative, said about 25,000 manufacturing related jobs have returned to the U.S. in recent years. Companies as big as G.E., Caterpillar, and Apple are just a few that are contributing to this number.

Enough said? Let’s talk about some tips to find work boots made in the USA!

Work Boots Made in USA: 5 Tips to Find them

Boldly Stated

While there are varying reasons companies manufacture work boots in the USA, they no doubt use it as a key selling point. Therefore, if they are going to spend the extra money to do so, they will normally market the heck out of it. You will typically see it as one of the top features in the product description section, and there is often an American flag closely in sight. Likely even sewn into the boot.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

On the other hand, if you are having difficulty locating the boots country of origin, there is a strong chance that it is made overseas. So move on to the next. Just as much as a company wants you to know that their work boots are made in the USA, they don’t want you seeing the dubious made in China seal that has taken over the US retail market.

Company’s Website

Tired of doing all of the digging on sites like Amazon, but can’t seem to pinpoint where the boots are made? An easy shortcut is to go direct to the manufacturer’s website. Typically one of the filter features will be “Made in USA.” Heck, I’ve even found that company’s have a whole page dedicated to it.

Give ‘em a call

Boot manufacturers tend to have a solid customer service team. So if all else fails, just give the manufacturer a call or email them. They can tell you right off the bat if the boot you’re interested in is made in the USA or overseas. Plus, they can give you a list of work boots made in the USA to get your search going. For example, I reached out to Wolverine because I’m a fan of their boots but they don’t seem to have American made work boots called out on their website. Here was my easy email conversation with them:

From: [email protected]
Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2014 7:40 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: QUESTION Product Information – WOLVERINE.COM


The following question was submitted to Wolverine by EJ:

How can I tell if the boot that I like is made in the USA? Is there a site specifically for boots made in the USA?


Dear EJ,Thank you for your inquiry.

We do have several work styles that are manufactured in the U.S.; I have provided a list below:

–W03778 (Men’s)

–W03779 (Men’s)

– W03176  (Men’s)

–W03177 (Men’s)

We hope this information proves helpful.

Kind Regards,
E-Commerce & Consumer Relations, Corporate Customer Service Center
Richmond, IN 47374, P: 866.699.7369

Cheat Sheet: Do you just want the easiest way possible to find some American made work boots? Not a problem. I put together a list of the 5 best American made work boots. Sink your teeth into that, and see what real boots look like.

Joseph Andersen

Joseph Andersen

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