About Us

Thirty years ago I discovered that there was an essential piece missing in the pursuit of health. Our relationship to/with gravity was poorly understood and only thought about in the negative – the adverse effects of being a ‘slave to gravity’. Gravity is a constant force, but it is not the negative force that most think it is.

There is a certain alignment – a relationship – with gravity that creates efficiency, minimizes wear and tear, reduces stress and strain, enhances our wellbeing and creates efficient longevity.

Can it be that simple; that obvious?

A large part of our health is directly tied to our relationship with Gravity. Our physical stance, position and movement – our posture – is our constant connection to the Universal Constant that controls the Cosmos.

Gravitational Force applies constant pressure. We have to adapt to it in order to survive. If we are unconscious to it, we deform to it. In order to thrive we must be in conscious harmony with gravity.

The range of the benefits of improving posture can be from getting out of pain to performing at the highest athletic level. Posture is a practical method of relieving pain, restoring function and maximizing performance. It touches every aspect of human endeavor.

Your posture connects you to the Universe. So it can be (is) a spiritual practice as well.

The optimal position of the human frame acts as a converging lens that focuses and magnifies the resonance of universal energy. This alignment amplifies the rejuvenating principle in nature and perpetuates health and vitality from an energetic, molecular as well as macro level.

There is a unique relationship between vertical and horizontal and that relationship can be applied to the human frame to define position and thus its energy, health, efficiency and connectedness to Universal Source.

If you have difficulty in changing thoughts, feelings or actions; change your posture and it will create a profound impact on your power to affect change in other areas.

Alignment to gravity creates efficiency; and Strength and power; alignment to force creates “Streamlining” to conserve energy; and maximizes effort with grace and ease.

It is no longer acceptable to tolerate a posture that does not align you with the centering principle of life. The discipline in your life to seek more and be more must also include your posture! Your life, health and vitality require it – demand it.

We are available for presentations to your Group or Consultations for Personal Coaching to Individuals, Athletes to increase performance, or to solve chronic problems.