Tesoro Metal Detector Reviews

When it comes to metal detectors and treasure hunting, Tesoro metal detectors (the name that means treasure) has been around developing the best metal detectors for quite some time now.

With a long-time passion for metal detecting as a hobby, it continues to meet the demands of treasure hunting enthusiasts. Tesoro metal detectors raise the bar of metal detecting by offering top-of-the line metal detectors ideal for consumer or professional use.

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Tesoro Metal Detecting For Coins

Tesoro metal detectors designed a device especially designed to look for coins –the De Leon. It uses a Target Identification Detector and it is easy to use. All you have to do is just turn it on. It has only four controls to make it a simple yet very effective device.

It has the sensitivity, threshold, discriminate, and mode switch.

The De Leon may be simple, but it has an amazing capacity for depth and sensitivity. The Target Identification Detector system gives a Coin Depth reading and displays it in a five segment bar graph with a two-digit Target ID number. It shows several categories for ID purposes to give accurate information.

The De Leon is available for $599 and is backed with a lifetime warranty.

Tesoro Metal Detecting For Relics

The Tejon was developed by Tesoro metal detectors for over a year and a half with the relic hunter in mind. It has a higher sensitivity gain to detect smaller objects and is made with a high output transmit oscillator to penetrate the signal deeper into the ground.

This relic detector has two discriminate modes that uses ED180 circuitry. It is designed to be user-friendly and allows you alternate discriminate in a breeze.

It also incorporates a metal setting and a full-time setting.

You can discriminate iron and check for high value gold or silver targets, or hunt in all metal. You just have to set the alternate discriminate modes and swing the coil to make it suitable for any hunting style or goal.

To check your targets, you can easily switch modes and pull the trigger back to pinpoint a target. The Tejon makes relic hunting easy and fast. Its other features include a manually adjustable ground balance to defeat all soil conditions to give better hunting results.

It also features an audio tone adjustment for hearing preferences. The Tejon is available for $699 and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Tesoro Metal Detecting For All-Terrain

The Vaquero, is probably the hardest-working of all Tesoro metal detectors . It is the Spanish word for cowboy and it is aptly named so because of the kind of tough job it does.

This device was designed to be an all-around detector. It features a MicroMAX design and has a variable threshold, 3 ¾ turn external ground balance, 8×8 monolithic coil and a three-piece knockdown pole. The Vaquero is available for $525 and is backed with a lifetime warranty.