Best Work Boots for Electricians

Best Work Boots for Electricians

Looking for the best rated work boots for electricians? Electricians are prone to electric shocks and burning wires. So they need boots that could bear the electric shock, insulate them from the ground and at the same time, hard enough to absorb the energy caused by falling objects on the feet. These boots specially designed for good grip, as an electrician, you need to climb certain poles. There are lots of work boots specially designed for electricians, but few of them are worth buying, let’s give them a shot.



These boots are mixture of genuine leather and garment, specially designed for electricians. The boots are heavy duty takers, and you can expect high performance with great comfort. The leather is hard and waterproof. There are pores for breathing, and designed for odorless wear. The steel toe is asymmetrical, giving the maximum protection to the fragile area.

  • The whole unit is creative mixture of garment and leather. It is waterproof, courtesy: Nubuck Leather Lining With Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic 2-Zone Comfort Technology. That guarantees that you can go through any weather condition.
  • Due to high quality sole rubber, it can bear great torsional stress.
  • The boots are going to be intact while you do your work due to Locking Metal Hooks and Lacing Eyelets. They’re of best quality and durable.
  • The foot bed of the shoe is removable, so you can always prefer your comfort. This removable Metatomical Dual Density EVA Footbed lets you change your cushion type.
  • Right Asymmetrical Steel Toe gives you protection against sudden falls on the toe.
  • The sole is oil and slip resistant, due to high quality rubber, and structural designs that best support the body.
  • The sole is highly insulating and electrical hazard free. The steel toe is Rated ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 I/75 C/75 Electrical Hazard.

The perfection in the craftsmanship of these boots is unexplained. The quality is really nice, for the price range. These top work boots for electricians are a keeper on a long run basis, and definitely a buyer. If you want something that is with you when you’re doing your job right, through every situation, your call should be the pair right here. Pittsburgh is a place for heavy duty workers, so in order to sustain, you have to have these boots on your feet. That’s why they are called by that name.


The brand is known for high end steel toe work boots for men, gone through extensive care of each and every detail while making. They offer true craftsmanship on every piece of boots they have ever made. This boot has genuine leather with detailed garment hooks on it. The detailing is done perfectly and everything looks just right. It is made to bear harsh conditions particularly for electricians, where they have to deal with wires and leftovers of them.

  • They are extremely light, weighing only 3 pounds. This help in free flow of feet and better control over the body.
  • Genuine leather for extra hardness and durability. The leather is specially toughened for the heavy use.
  • The shoe is imported, which means, it is made from premium parts around the world.
  • The sole is purely made by human hands. So it is near to perfection. The grip and traction of the sole is great.
  • The shaft measures 5’ and the heel measures 2’ this is the perfect dimension for comfort. If you’re not familiar with heel, you would find strange, but once adjusted, you’re going to love it.
  • The removable cushion helps you to give freedom of choosing the right cushion for yourself.
  • The mesh linings are capable of moisture managing. They absorb the water around them, and help to keep the surface dry.
  • The outsole is directly attached, with long lasting durability. The sole and shoes is one part due to fusion occurred by industrial process of manufacturing.

If we talk about the performance of the boots, it is outstanding. It is one of those shoes which are going to be there with you through rough and tough. I would recommend it if you want a tool that’s with you in every situation and got your back.


These genuine leather boots are pro at dealing with every condition you’re taking them to. Timberland is known for heavy duty boots makers, with various innovations that help to keep you fresh throughout the work load. Their boots are made from finest leathers and materials that you want to own them as soon as you lift them. The boots are just way apart from the common boots available in the market. These boots are pure class.

  • Genuine grain leather toughened for heavy duty use. The grain type leather is perfect for day to day rough use. The waterproofing is done so perfectly that you could go anywhere in any weather condition.
  • The boots are electric hazard rated, so you can wear them without any fear of getting a shock. They’re industrial grade shock insulators.
  • To make your feet warm, the boots have 600 g insulation solely provided for the comfort in low temperatures.
  • The toe is extra hard in the front, so you get a good protection. The padded collar adds a good look and let the foot breathe.
  • Extremely lightweight, so you can feel comfortable wearing them.
  • Anti-fatigue technology comfort system helps in restoring the energy back to the feet when they exert force on the boots. This helps in maintaining energy and stamina.
  • Additionally, they’re giving you 30 days comfort guarantee, I mean if you’re unsatisfied with the quality or anything, you can return it for the money. Overconfidence? Nope, experience!

The boots are extremely durable. If you’re planning to work on heavy situations and condition, this is your perfect partner. I would recommend this if you really want a good pair of boots, without caring about your budget. I hope you will buy this and feel yourself safe.

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