Minelab Metal Detectors

While a relatively young company, Minelab Metal Detectors, Inc. has become world-renowned for producing metal detectors that are simple, precise, and powerful.

This company produces metal detectors for thrill-seekers and treasure hunters. They also display a remarkable corporate compassion by producing demining equipment as well.

Minelab Metal Detectors has been in business since 1985. While its 20 years in the business may not seem like a lot, its goal to constantly push the envelope of metal detecting certainly speaks for itself.

Minelab has shown dedication and loyalty to producing the finest research and development teams possible since its inception, and this dedication has not gone unnoticed.

Since 1996, the company has garnered many awards including the Telstra Australian Small Business of the Year in 1998 and the prestigious Electronics Industry Association Gold Cup for Innovation and Commercialisation in 2000.

Here are the product reviews of some of the more popular Minelab metal detectors.

Explorer II

Widely regarded as the most powerful metal detector in the market today, the Minelab Explorer II metal detector features a wide range of frequencies and settings. This allows treasure hunters and hobbyists alike to refine their sweeps and searches, filtering out more useless junk while retaining information on the locations of potentially valuable items.

The frequency can be lowered to 1.5 kHz for deep probing and scanning. It can also be raised to as high as 15 kHz for shallow detection and target identification.

The unit’s cuff and handle design is simple and comfortable to use. Amateurs will like the fact that using this Minelab metal detector is very simple because you only have to turn it on to start using it.

For professionals, the Explorer II provides users unmatched searching power and versatility.

GP 3500

There are specially made metal detectors that detect only gold, and Minelab metal detectors have produced a good one in the GP 3500.

This gold detector has a variable frequency adjuster, a knob for setting the right sensitivity and tracking speed, and best of all, a Ground Balance feature. This feature allows the user to change between standstill and mobile sweeps.

The standstill mode generally provides deeper penetration to find gold embedded deep in the soil. The mobile mode allows users to cover more ground while scanning for nuggets near the surface.

F3 Mine Detector

As one of the foremost companies in demining equipment, Minelab Metal Detectors has come out with the F3 Mine Detector. This piece of specialized equipment features an adjustable search head, retractable search arm, and waterproofing for up to ten feet.

The top-secret construction of the F3 Mine Detector reduces the risk of triggering magnetic mines. The unit itself is so sensitive that it can detect minimal-metal anti-personnel mines with little difficulty.