Fisher F2 Metal Detector Reviews

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Reviews

The metal detector from FisherLabs is packaged as a beginner or entry level status detector but you can actually use it at the intermediate level and even professional level.

Like many of the Fisher metal detectors in the F-series, the F2 is feature packed, simple and easy to operate. The detector can be used virtually everywhere ranging from the relic hunting to the beaches.

Its visual target ID can assist you to easily make out the trash from valuable treasure. You can also hear different kinds of tones thanks to the detector’s audio identification that gives out for different tones.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector ReviewsThe two-digit numeric target identification feature offers a range of 0-99 that helps you in closely approximating the metal types. This high level of discrimination enables you to use Fisher even in some of the trashy parks and not worry about getting some false signals.

The advanced visual display of the detector that is based on LCD not only provides readout but also comes with menu features and a depth metre.

The control panel of the F2 is simple and intuitive so the learning curve is not steep for all kinds of users. The notch control enables you to ignore trash and focus on the most valuable relics.

Furthermore, this metal detector’s sensitivity controls provides adjustments for the mineralization of the ground and even electromagnetic interference from some forms of electronic trash and rely focus on the target.


• You can easily make out the treasure from the trash thanks to the detector’s visual target ID which has eight segments.
• Offers an intuitive and easy to read LCD screen with menu options.
• A four tone audio-identification functionality enables you to distinguish the tones of the various metals.
• The 2-digit numeric target identification increases the probability or degree of approximation of the various kinds of metals such as dime, zinc, iron, foil, nickel and others.
• Has an open-frame design that is waterproof.
• Frequency of operation is 5.8KHz.
• Numeric target value of two digits that offers a numeric depth read out on a one-touch pinpointer operation.
• Operates on concentric search coils offering depths of up to 8 inches for small relics and coins.
• Weight 2.6 Pounds


This Fisher metal detector is perfect for entry level relic hunting but with its innovative features and incredible depth, it can also be used at the professional level.

It has lightweight simple and the detector is very easy to use. You will also love the F2’s ergonomic design that is based on the s-handle.

FisherLabs offers a generous five year warranty for this high value detector which is one of the best in its class.

The F2 has list price $249 but you can get it for as low as $199 by taking advantage of generous discounts on Amazon. If you are looking for a good value entry level detector and do not have much to spend, the Fisher F2 is the way to go.