Best Steam Shower Generator

best shower generator

One of the best, vital and most luxurious accessory to have in your bathroom is a steam shower generator. A steam shower generator is a device that generates large amounts of hot steam when you’re bathing. It is designed to look and work exactly like the usual showers, only that they produce steam.

It is such an important requirement in your bathroom, not because of its luxury but because it has a myriad of advantages. These ones include;

  • Steam shower produces a heating effect similar to that produced in a hot tub
  • Steam can be a good way of treating respiratory problems
  • This steam soothes and relaxes muscles, for those who work out or have tiring days
  • Steam is an effective way of ridding the body of toxins and deep-cleaning the skin
  • Steam relieves stress
  • The steam shower generator offers therapy that is otherwise a preserve for the rich

Getting the best steam shower generator can be quite hectic, especially with the many different steam shower generators with almost the same specs flooding the market.

The best steam generator is one that produces the driest steam using the least energy and producing the least noise. Keep in mind that the quality of steam differs from one steam generator to the other.

Buying the Best Steam Generator for Shower

When choosing a steam shower generator, there are a number of things you need to look out for. These may include;

  • Power output. This is the amount of power produced by a steam shower generator and it should be the first factor you should consider when buying one. It depends on where it is going to be used. For home use, low-powered steam shower generators (between 1-9 KW) are the best while for businesses (saunas and steam rooms in gyms) you should go for the large, high-powered steam shower generators.
  • Quality. You should choose a generator with a long lifespan. You can get this by choosing one that is made of quality material, like stainless steel which enhances little or no mineral build-up at all. Most of these steam shower generators have solid state controllers. Steam shower generators rarely need any maintenance hence when buying you should be careful and go for one with high-quality consumable parts that won’t be damaged when it’s in the same environment.
  • Efficiency. Small steam shower generators hold small amounts of water which take little time to heat and as a result, less energy is used. They are more efficient compared to the large ones. To minimize the cost of your electricity bills, you should go for steam shower with an upward flow of heat. This flows in a direction to that of water hence heats it faster without consuming much energy.
  • Components. It is advisable you explore the other components of the generator such as motor, chassis, cover and power terminals before buying it. With time, some might wear out and others start making noise.
  • Functionality/ Ease of configuration. Most steam shower generators have basic on and off configurations which are easy to use, but there are some with complex ones which will allow you to customize the steam’s temperatures. If you need such then you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets.
  • Start-up time. This is the time that a steam shower generator takes to heat the water to a certain level before it begins producing steam. Older and cheaper generators usually take much time compared to modern generators which have better heating mechanisms.
  • Noise. Most manufacturers will tell you the steam shower generator is not noisy and it might be true or not entirely true. That’s why you need some research as some of these generators produce noise as the energy required to heat the water and produce steam is expelled back producing the noise. Besides, some inferior parts of the generator can be producing hissing, drumming sounds and humming which end up being a nuisance at last. Quieter steam shower generators are however expensive compared to noisy ones.
  • Cleaning feature. Most steam shower generators come with a self-cleaning mechanism which drains all the unnecessary water in it. Build-up of minerals can cause lime scales and pipe blockages
  • While some generators produce cloudy steams, others produce light steam that dissipates with time. You might be preferring one type of the steam to the other. Make a good choice, one that you will be comfortable with. Also, some people like to spend so much time in the steam room to enjoy the luxury while others want to spend as little time in there as possible. Steam shower generators have a feature called latent heat index whose main purpose is to determine the wetness of the steam.
  • Safety level. As long as the correct precautions are taken, steam shower generators are safe to use. Each generator comes with some precautions. Most of them require to be installed at least 25 metres away from the bathing area. It is also advised that installation is done by professionals (mostly provided by the retailers to cut installation expenses). Choose a generator that have a safety valve so that it shuts off whenever it runs out of fluid. Check out for a safety certification also, offered by an authorized body before buying a steam shower generator.
  • Price and warranty. While price should not be main reason for making a bogus purchase, it is also important to buy something within your financial power. You should compare different brands of different steam shower generators so as to see which the best deal is for you.

Best Steam Shower Generators

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The market is awash with steam shower generators and in most cases, what the manufacturer tells you about their product might turn out to be opposite and you end up being disappointed after buying it. But we have made it easier for you. Here are reviews of the best five steam shower generators to help you make a nice purchase.

Amerec AK7 AK 7 Steam Shower Generator

This steam shower generator is best for areas between 160 and 220 cubic feet. A high quality generator that repels rusting and mineral build-up since it’s made from solid stainless steel, its elements are heavy duty and highly durable, designed to ensure that the water will heat as quickly as possible. Amerec AK7 AK7 has a temperature control. Besides, the generator drains by a full port drain valve and has a safety valve. Once you preset a given temperature, this generator uses its full powers to heat to that temperature before cutting it by half to ensure its consistent flow. Installing this generator is easy as it comes with an installation manual and a limited lifetime warranty. What’s more, it measures 23” x 20.5” x 7.5” while it weighs 20.5 pounds which makes it very compact.

What we loved about this steam shower generator;

  • This shower generator is small hence doesn’t take much space
  • Easy to install as it comes with a manual
  • There is control panel which you can use to preset your preferences.
  • Durability since it’s made of stainless steel
  • You don’t need to worry about getting scalds or burns as it has a control panel to control the temperatures.
  • A safety valve helps you preset your desired temperature
  • The full port drain valve allows it to drain easily.

What we didn’t like;

  • Lack of an automatic drainage system.


1. Superior 9 kW Self-Draining Steam Shower Generator

best steam shower generatorsThis is one steam shower generator that can turn your bathroom into some exceptionally functioning private spa with its brilliant therapeutic benefits.

The control panel allows you to choose an internal or external installation since they are totally waterproof. Besides, it has a 16-foot connector wire which you can easily connect the generator anywhere you wish in the bathroom.

This unit comes with a handheld showerhead. The steam shower head has an aromatherapy outlet. The chrome finish complements your bathroom’s décor. You can as well enhance your bathroom’s décor by using this generator’s hook-up lighting option.

The temperature sensor that it comes with ensures that the temperature is optimum all the time, so you don’t need to worry about being burnt. The sensor allows the water to be heat between 320-460 Fareinheit. If the temperature reaches 460, the generator automatically goes off. Its installation is quite easy as it comes with an installation manual and a user manual explaining the features and controls.

What we loved about this steam shower generator;

  • Self-draining
  • The 16-foot connector wire allows you to place it anywhere in the room.
  • The temperature sensor allows the temperatures only to be between 320 and 460.
  • Hook-up lighting option to enhance your bathroom’s décor.
  • Presence of an aroma outlet on its head where you can scent your steam.
  • The control panel can either be mounted in or outside the bathroom.
  • The control panel is water resistant.
  • An installation manual makes its installation easy
  • Easy to use as it comes with a user manual.
  • It is small, measuring 8” x 7” x 8”

What we did not like about it;

  • Compared to the other steam shower generators, this one is a bit expensive.

2. Steam Ms225ec1 (eTempo Ms225e) 7.5 KW& 240V Steam shower Generator

best steam generators for showersMr. Steam is one of the most respected brands in the steam shower generators industry and this particular generator is one of their best-selling. There is a microprocessor inside this shower generator to keep it working, just like your PC, at its peak. All its heating elements inside are removable, making it quite easy to service. If that time is up, it goes off. This feature is to help you not overspend time enjoying the steam shower. Made from fully recyclable stainless steel, this shower generator is strong enough to withstand any accidental knock or corrosion for over ten years.

What we loved about this steam shower generator;

  • The heating elements are removable, which makes its cleaning easy
  • Due to its sophistication, it is very precise in steam room control
  • The time cut-off feature that helps people not overstay in the steam room
  • Made from 100% recyclable stainless steel

What we didn’t like about it;

  • Maintenance this steam shower generator is quite expensive.

1. Steamist SM-7 7 kW Steam Shower Generator

This steam shower generator boasts a power rating of 7 kW which makes it suitable for home use. It can work with standard single phase systems since it requires only 220 volts to run. It’s small, one that can fit in a closet or in the basement. It measures 15” x 6” x 15.5” and has a 220 cubic foot maximum volume. Steamist SM-77 kW Steam shower generator also has an auto-drain function which enhances its performance. It’s high-level and skillful design ensures great functionality and durability. All its parts are made up of stainless steel. If you want to enjoy a good steam shower yet conserve water and power, this is the best option.

Some of this shower generator’s features that we loved include;

  • This generator is made of stainless steel including its circuitry.
  • The compact nature of this steam shower generator makes it easy for you to install
  • The auto-drain function
  • The modular control panel that allows you to switch it on and off, drain it and adjust the temperatures to what you’d prefer.

What we didn’t like about it;

  • It can’t work without the temperature control.

Steam Spa Royal Complete Package Steam shower Generator

This an absolute answer to whoever wants a spa experience at their home. The unit provides you with a consistent flow of steam with a soft soothing feel that turns the whole experience sauna-style.  The unit comes with a 9 kW steam generator, an aroma steam head finished with brushed nickel, a water filter, a double control panel, Chromatherapy LED light to improve your bathroom’s ambience with lighting and an automatic drain system.

The filter removes any harmful chemicals from the water. It also has an inbuilt reservoir where you can add a little of your favourite oil to enjoy the fragrance in your bathroom. After use, the generator automatically purges to ensure there’s no water left hence the generator can’t easily rust.

Some of the things we loved about this unit include;

  • The unit comes with a full kit of accessories
  • The Chromatherapy LED light that creates an ambient environment during your shower
  • You can add luxurious scent of your choice to your steam with using the unit’s inbuilt reservoir and aroma steam head
  • Presence of a water filter to rid the water of any chemicals hence the steam is super-clean.
  • The duel control panel offers more accuracy and better control
  • The generator purges after use so that no water is left
  • Draining made easier thanks to the auto-drain system

What we did not like;

  • It is not easy to use when newly bought

Getting the best steam shower generator, one that fits the specs you need can be difficult, and it needs thorough check. We hope the information above will help you decide on the type of steam shower generator you need and consequently make a great purchase.