Best Dual Showerhead: Reviews and Buying Guide

best dual shower heads

Showers, especially hot, long and steaming are one of life’s greatest pleasures. A good shower, is music to the heart! Without the best dual shower head system, each and every time you take a bath feels leaves you feeling empty.

An increasing number of newly constructed homes now sport dual shower heads. This is a great way two people being able to use the bathroom at the same time. This could be perfect if you wish to shower along with your young child, and it could also be great if you want to spruce up your love life.

While you can actually go ahead and design a dual showers for yourself, getting a preassembled set is, more often than not, the cheaper as well as the easier option. While a preassembled set would only require some basic installation, choosing to do the whole thing on your own would have you dealing with choosing different pipes, shower heads, etc.

Most such shower head sets are quite easy to install and generally fit in almost all standard shower pipes. Their pricing is quite varied, and you can start with the most basic version (made of plastic) than can be bought for as little as $30. These are essentially temporary fixtures, which can help you decide if you do want to make this a permanent feature.

In looking at more long term options, you should be willing to spend around $100 at least. The price then rises depending on the features and the quality that you are looking for. You can find these shower heads with swiveling heads, self cleaning plates, massage options, etc.

The price that you pay for a dual shower head system would also depend on whether the shower heads have individual pressure controllers. The ones that do would surely cost more. The design and the material would also play a role in the pricing, but with there being a wide range to choose from, you can definitely expect to find something you like within your budget.

So what is a dual shower head system?

Simply speaking, dual shower heads comprise of two shower heads, a fixed shower head, and a detachable or hand held shower head. These two shower heads work in tandem to provide two water sprays. Both can differ in function and size depending on the design of the dual shower head system.

For example, the system may comprise of two fixed shower heads or a normal handheld shower head and a fixed one. In most designs, one can control the water flow of each shower head depending on one’s preferences. This function is enabled by a diverter valve that is incorporated within the shower head.

There are two types of diverter valves, a three-way diverter valve and a two way diverter valve. The later allows you to choose which shower head you want to use, while the three way diverter valve allows you to choose water flow between the individual shower heads at the same time. Most diverters will come with a bracket that will hold the handheld shower head.

What are the Advantages of Dual Showerheads?

  • Double shower heads are highly beneficial especially when you are a couple and want to take the shower together. In such cases, one person will use one shower head while another one uses the other.
  • The second key advantage is that dual shower heads allow for quicker bathing and rinsing thus saving times, especially when you have to take a shower quickly. As the adage goes, two ‘heads’ are better than one!
  • The other key advantage comes from the fact that it reduces the time needed to take a shower. Well this one is not related to saving time but rather on the health of your skin. According to Marie Jhin, a dermatologist from San Francisco, a shower should ideally take less than ten minutes. Over showering will erode you skin oil leaving your skin dry and compromised, which may lead to skin problems. The dual shower head solve this issue by ensuring that you only have to rinse once as the lather is swept away rather quickly. So for a healthy, rejuvenated skin, the dual shower head is the best.

Our Picks for the 5 Best Dual Shower Heads

1. Hydroluxe 3-Way 2-In 1 Shower Head-Best Dual Shower Head with Handheld

If you are looking for the Bugatti of dual shower head, then this is the best pick. Well to be frank not price wise, but in terms of performance. This shower head comes with over 24 flow patterns allowing you to choose any form of water flow depending on your preferences.

Hydroluxe dual shower head comes with a 4 inch chrome face, which offers great water flow. One of the shower head is a detachable hand held shower head to allow you to rinse all those hand to reach areas.

What we liked about the Shower Head

  • Highly versatile: it is highly uncommon to find such a cheap dual shower head with so many integrated water flow patterns (more than 24).
  • Sturdy construction: the shower head is made from ABS plastic (chrome plated) and stainless steel.
  • Easy installation to any shower arm.
  • 10 year warranty: well a 10 year limited warranty means that even the manufacturer trusts their products
  • A long 5 feet hose that allows you to use the detachable shower head without any form of restrictions. With five feet hose at your disposal you do not have to worry about reaching any area.
  • Comes with a 3 way diverter that allows one to control water flow for each showerhead either individually or together.
  • 5 water settings, pause, power rain, economy rain, warm mist and massage, which offer unrivalled shower experience.

What we did not like about the Product

  • For proper functioning you need water with high pressure. If your shower water pressure is low then you have to remove the restrictors in the shower head, which may void the warranty.
  • The shower head are small, at 4 inches, it does not offer the same experience as a dedicated rain shower head, although it touts to do so. However, this is not a dedicated rainfall shower head.

2. DreamSpa 1432 3-way Shower Head: Best Rainfall Shower Head

If you are looking for versatility, then this is the dual shower head that you should go for. This dual shower head system combines three key features, rain shower head, handheld shower head and dual shower heads. At 7 inches in diameter, this is truly a dedicated dual rain shower head.

Dream spa combines a 7 inch main shower head, one 4-inch handheld, one fixed. Both shower heads attach to single shower arms by a three-way diverter mount. With its ultra-luxury chrome finishing, 7 settings and a 5 foot hose, this is one of the best dual shower head in the market.

What we liked about the Shower Head

  1. Large sized shower head: the shower comes with a 7 inch main shower head, which is more than sufficient for rain shower feeling. There are few shower heads in the market that are of similar size or larger unless they are dedicated rain shower heads. Of course the handheld shower head is smaller.
  2. Straightforward installation: it will take you less than 10 minutes to install this one. Furthermore, it is attachable to a single wall mounted shower arm with ease.
  3. Life time warranty: in essence, a warranty is a guarantee by the manufacturer to stand behind the product. So a lifetime warranty means that you do not have to worry about the product failing as defined by the manufacturer as, the product will be replaced.
  4. Sturdy design that comes with 7 water settings, water saving pause, rain/massage, rain/mist, eco-rain, hydromist, pulsating massage and power rain.

What we did not like about the Product

  • The handheld shower maybe too high for some users: some customer reviews suggest that the detachable shower head is too high, which may require installation of a holder.

3. AquaDance Premium High Shower Head: Most Luxurious dual Handheld Shower Head

Looking for a product that is tested and proven in American, then the AquaDance dual shower head is your best pick.  This product has been thoroughly tested in the US and adheres to the highest US compliance standards. Apart from compliance, this dual shower head comes in a sturdy design comprising of a 7 inch main shower head and a 4 inch detachable hand held shower head.

The design incorporates a three way diverter that allows you to control water between the two showerheads. With a chrome luxurious finish, and 6 settings for each shower head, this is more than sufficient for a luxurious experience whenever you take a shower.

What we liked about the product

  • 7 inch main shower head: if you are looking for a dedicated rain shower head, then this is the best bet. The 7 inch shower head is more than sufficient for a thorough soaking. Furthermore, the pressure of the smaller 4 inch handheld shower head is around 1.5 to 2 times more than that of the 7 inch. This means that the overall performance of both shower heads is similar
  • Limited lifetime warranty: you can sleep well at night knowing that in case of breakages, a replacement will be on your war
  • A sturdy 5 feet stainless steel hose: when it comes to durability, this is you best option. A stainless steel design is not only flexible but also highly durable.
  • Tested and proven in the US: well when it comes to US products and certification this product takes a lead
  • Easy installation as it comes with all the components needed, plus an installation manual and a plumber’s tape. What more can you ask for!

What we did not like about the Product

  • As with other dual shower heads, water consumption is high.
  • Requires high water pressure, otherwise you will not enjoy a good bath, especially when you are using both shower heads at the same time.

4. Ana Bath 5 Inch Shower Head: Best Dual Shower Head with Anti-Clog Properties

Our interest in this product is in its anti-clogging technology. Although it takes time to test such a feature, it is an added advantage over the other shower heads that do not utilize this technology. By pushing nozzles, you can easily remove any clogs that may block the opening of the showerhead.

Other features such as a 3 way diverter, use of ABS plastic and stainless steel to construct the hose and the shower head are similar to those of the other products. However, the shower heads are similar, with each shower head being 5 inches.

This provides a balance, ensuring that the shower experience is similar when using either the detachable shower head or the fixed shower head, unlike the other showerheads where the detachable shower head is significantly smaller. So when showering with your better half, the experience is the same.

What We Liked about the Product

  • Similar sized shower heads: with the Ana-bath shower head, you do not have to fight with your better half on who will use the main shower head, as they are of the same size.
  • Sturdy ABS plastic and stainless steel design: ABS is a very strong plastic that resists corrosion and physical impact. The use of stainless steel to coat the hose also adds to the durability of the dual shower head.
  • Anti-clog technology: when it comes to the Ana Bath shower head, removal of mineral and calcium clogs is just a simple step away, you just have to push the nozzles.
  • Comes with an option of a longer hose: unlike the other shower heads, you can order a longer hose with your purchase. This means that you do not have to worry if you are shorter as you can choose the length of the hose.
  • Unique Finish: if you are tired with chrome finishes, you could benefit from this product, as it comes in a brushed nickel finishing.
  • Easy installation, and comes with a well-illustrated installation manual
  • Low water consumption (2.31 gallons per minute)

What We Did Not Like About the Product

  • Limited Warranty: the manufacturer only offers a three year limited warranty, unlike the manufacturer of similar products who offer up to lifetime warranty.

5. Hotel Spa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury Dual Shower Head: Easiest to Use Shower Head

This shower head stands out among the rest when it comes to number of functions, as well as, the design of the switches. Unlike the other shower heads that have been reviewed, the Hotel Spa has more than 30 flow patterns and 6 water setting for both the 6 inch shower head, and the 4 inch handheld shower head.

The most notable feature is the on-and-off water switch on each of the shower heads, which makes it easy to turn the water on and off. Other key features of this powerful shower head include 6 different water settings, easy installation and a full one year warranty.

What we liked About the Product

  • Elegant look: this is not one of the dull shower heads with a basic chrome finish. The Hotel Spa combines two tones, a white finish and chrome finish.
  • Water saving switch: the on-and-off switch on this dual shower heads is revolutionary, with a flick of your finger you can shut the water or open it.
  • Limited life warranty: as always, warranty tells you that the manufacturer trust the product.
  • The pressure is consistent when using both showerheads, a key advantage over the other reviewed shower heads

What we did not like About the Product

  • Requires high water pressure. However, you can overcome this problem by removing the restrictors.

Buyers Guide

While this review provides information on the top rated dual shower heads, you still need to be aware of what you should be looking for when purchasing one. Sometimes, the tastes of the reviewer may not reflect you own tastes. So what should you look for when buying the best dual shower?


As with all bathroom fixtures, you must always consider the overall theme of your bathroom before buying a shower head. A modern themed bathroom goes well with a chrome finished shower head. On the other hand, a Victorian themed bathroom would go well with a shower head with a bronze finish. If you have a colorful bathroom, then you can go with a dual shower head that comes in multiple colors.


Dual shower heads comes in two types, dual shower heads with two fixed shower heads, and dual shower heads with one detachable shower head. Unfortunately, those with fixed shower heads do not offer the same advantages as the ones with a detachable shower head. For example, a hand held shower head will allow you to rinse all parts of your body without any problems, while allowing you to perform other functions such as washing your pets or cleaning the floor. If you have a preference for a rain shower feeling, then you best bet is to go with the dual fixed shower head.

Type of Diverter

Generally, dual shower heads come with two types of diverters, a three way and a 2 way diverter. A 2 way diverter allows you to choose either the main shower head or the detachable, while a three way allows you to choose either both or between the two shower heads at the same time. A 3 way diverter is best when two individuals are bathing together, while the two-way is best when bathing individually. When going for a dual shower head, always look for one with a 3 way diverter.


As I have indicated earlier, warranty tells that the manufacturer trusts their product and is willing to replace it in case of a breakage that is covered by the warranty. For bathroom fixtures, the preference should be on products with a life time warranty or at least 10 years. You should also check the terms of the warranty to avoid any breaches, which may void the warranty.

Ease of Installation and Details

If you are buying a shower head always look whether the installation manual is available. If it is available, you should also check whether it is well illustrated to avoid confusion when installing the shower head. You should avoid shower heads that have overly complex instruction manuals or those that do not have any as you may make a mistake while installing. Sometimes such mistakes may void you warranty. Furthermore, complicated installation manuals may require you to hire a plumber, thus inflating the total costs.

Water Pressure

It is not uncommon for a person to buy a shower head only to realize that it is not functioning properly as a result of low pressure. When shopping for a shower head, you should first calculate the pressure of your water, as well as, the pressure required by all of the products using water in your shower. At no time should your total water pressure and consumption be lower than that required by all the devices using water in your homestead. Therefore, when selecting the most appropriate shower head, you should always first calculate maximum flow of your system, then consider which type of shower head can be installed without compromising the flow rate of other water outlets.

Best Dual Shower Head: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Shower Head?

Generally, most shower heads are low maintenance. However, this does not mean that they do not require maintenance. If you live in an area with hard water, or where the shower head may be prone to calcification, then you need to descale the shower head once every month. The most effective method is to use a soft cloth and vinegar to clean the shower head. Always be careful when washing the shower head to avoid scratching the surface, especially if you have a shower head with a chrome finishing.

Can I install a dual head shower system if my water pressure is low?

A dual system generally divides the water pressure into two stream, if you open the two showerheads at the same time. This will often exacerbate the pressure problem, leading to lower pressures. So we do not recommend installing a dual shower system when you have water pressure. As I indicated earlier you should always consider the water flow rate, including pressure when buying a dual shower system to avoid pressure problems. However, all products sold in the US are low flow, which means that they are suited for most homes in the US without pressure problems.

Are Dual Shower Head Systems Suitable For Commercial Purposes?

If you want your customer to feel rejuvenated every time they visit your premise or hotel or any other business, then going for a dual shower system is your best bet. You can install these shower systems in your gym, hotel, motel, workplace and even spa. These dual shower systems can be installed anywhere for that heavenly feeling.


Dual shower systems offer some form of versatility that is not available with traditional shower heads, especially when you install a dual shower head with a handheld shower head. In such circumstance you benefit from a shower that not only provides traditional benefits, but also the ability to rinse all those hard to reach areas, and rain shower head feeling. So why not try one and improve your shower experiences.


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