Best Baby Bath Tubs

best baby bathtubs

best baby bathtubsWhile an adult can have a schedule on when they will bathe, a baby’s bathe is some other different business. They can be messy, and you do not know when they will blow out, spit up, puke and do other stuff that will definitely call for a bathe.  Remember the baby doesn’t have the strength to sit upright by itself, and as such it requires more than just bathing them, but also support.  At this point you clearly need a baby bath tub. But there are many ways in which you can clean up the baby, why do we settle for the baby tub? Well, here are the benefits of using a baby bath tub;

  • Relieve in showering your baby. New born babies are so delicate. They are so fragile (legs, arms, neck and head) and they should be handled with care. There’s no room for a mistake as it might mean harm for the baby for the rest of his/her life. Bath tubs offer plenty of support, back and neck support.
  • Another advantage is that you can fill water in there and place it in a place that you can easily access. Most of these bath tubs are very versatile.
  • Baby tubs are exclusively for babies and after using them, you’re likely to store them safely. Which keeps them clean and safe from any dirt that can be harmful to the baby.

There are different types of baby tubs you can choose from;

  1. In-sink baby bath tubs- Most of these baby bath tubs are collapsible and they take up very little space. They are smaller and will fit in (or over) a kitchen sink. They are meant for newborn babies or infants. For these baby bath tubs, you need a large sink. Most of them are plastic and they conform to the shapes of sinks. One big advantage of these type of bath tubs is that they give you a chance to stand during the whole baby-bathing process. On the flipside however, your baby might outgrow them in a few months.
  2. Basin baby bath tubs- With this type of a bath tub, you can bathe the baby anywhere. They are designed to sit on the floor, counter or even in the sink, which makes it flexible and you don’t have to worry on where you’ll bathe your little one. They are so versatile, and last long (past one year) and they’re easy to use. They are larger, more rigid and is likely to have a drain plug at the bottom. If you place them on the ground or floor, then you’re likely to bend for the rest of the time you’ll be bathing your baby.
  • Tubs that grow with the baby- These are transitional bath tubs that allow your baby to grow at his/her own pace.

They can also be classified into standard plastic bath tubs, Hammock baby bath tubs, convertible baby bath tubs, cushion bath tubs, inflatable baby bath tubs, fold up baby bath tubs, luxury baby bath tubs and bucket bath tub.

So you’ve made up your mind, you need to buy a baby tub for your baby. You however have no knowledge on which one will be the best for your baby. There are several factors to consider before buying baby bath tub. These are considerations you make to have the best baby bath tub, one that fits your needs. They include;

  1. Safety. Safety of your baby should top the list of your priorities when buying a baby bath tub. With which safety features does the bath tub come with? Some bath tubs come with seatbelt-type restraints to keep the baby stable while others will come with seats or non-slip coating for the baby to rest on. Some even have inbuilt thermometers to measure the water temperature.
  2. Design of the tab– Does it have a temperature indicator? What about its surface, is it non-slip? Does it have a drain? Is it easy to dry? Is its rim smooth or it overhangs for easier vcarrying?
  • Size and Storage- Maybe you do not have a large house or enough space to store a large bath tub. That will influence you to buy a different, smaller type of bath tub, like the in-sink tub. Some bath tubs fold up for easy storage which will offer you the best option.
  1. One of the things that is the thought that the need for a baby bath-tub is short-lived as the baby will outgrow them in months. However, this is not entirely true, as some baby bath tubs are so versatile and can convert to fit your growing child’s needs.
  2. Add-ons like bells and whistles. Of course the main aim is to bathe your baby, but then sometimes we have to go an extra mile and make it a lovely experience for the baby.  Some bath tubs come with accessories like sprays that wash the baby’s hair, bells and whistles to keep the baby busy and happy as you shower him/her.
  3. Price– You always have a budget in mind whenever you intend to buy something, the same should also apply here. Prices for these baby bath tubs can have a wide range and you have to decide your budget then start looking for one that has your needs at your price.

Well, we took it upon ourselves to bring you reviews of five of the best baby bath tubs in the market currently;

  1. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath Tub

This is a versatile baby bath that is totally value for your money. With only a few conversions, you can use it to bathe your baby from the first day after birth, to their toddler years. The construction of sturdy plastic makes it last long to be used by other children as well. A netted hammock supports an infant’s back, neck and head during bathing. The baby does not sit on the tub at all, the hammock just suspends them on the water. You can however remove the hammock once the baby becomes bigger and doesn’t need it any more. You can also keep the shampoo or soap close in the end compartment. Due to its small size, this baby bath tub can easily fit in your home bath tub or kitchen sink.

What we loved about this baby bath tub;

  • The netted hammock which cradles and supports infants
  • Non-slip padding for older babies
  • You can keep the soap or shampoo, a washcloth or a toy in the handy supplies compartment
  • This bath tub is mildew-resistant
  • There is a convenient drain plug at the bottom to help drain water when you’re done bathing your baby.
  • Designed to fit over the kitchen sink
  • The strong plastic construction ensures it lasts longer
  • Compared to other baby bath tubs, this one is relatively cheaper

What we didn’t like about it

  • Comes as just one piece, doesn’t fold
  • Cleaning the dents and bumps inside may be difficult
  • May take more space than you wish since it doesn’t fold
  • The lack of any add-ons, like the thermometer and the sprayer is a turn off.
  • Tall babies may not fit


  1. PRIMO EuroBath Baby Tub

This is another convertible baby bath tub that offers you two positions for your baby to bath. This goes ahead to mean that it can accommodate babies of wide-ranging ages. On the sides of this bath tub is a ledge that can be used to hold the soap, baby toy and wash cloth. The bottom of this b is moulded in the shape of your baby’s legs and back which gives them support and comfort once they’re old enough to sit by themselves. If the child is an infant, the tub has moulde d sections that will cradle his/her little body in position without slipping under water. Primo EuroBath baby bath tub is so large, that you can use it to bathe your baby from birth to when he/she is two.

What we loved about this baby bath tub;

  • Being convertible makes it transition from birth two 2 years
  • There is space for storing soap, sponges, clothes or toys.
  • You can use it for many years as it is made of heavy plastic.
  • The price is affordable.
  • The space inside is large
  • There is a little drain plug at the bottom, in the main bath area, which makes it easy to drain.
  • It is very safe, free from chemicals like BPA, Lead and phthalates.

What we didn’t like;

  • With no many add-ons, this baby bath tub is so plain
  • Measuring about 36″ long, 20″ wide, and 10″ high, it will need a storage spot lest it eats up all your house space.
  • Lack of non-slip surfaces that may result in the plastic becoming slippery with soap and water, compromising your child’s safety.


  1. Fisher-Price-4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Baby Bath Tub

Looking for versatility? Well, Fisher-Price-4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat bath tub offers different features at each stage of your growing child, from newborn to toddler. There is a removable mesh sling that securely cradles your newborn safely and perfectly. Once your baby is old enough to sit upright by himself/herself, you can remove the mesh sling and the baby gets to enjoy a comfortable recline of the baby stopper insert. Besides, this bath tub comes with a whale toy and a squeeze bottle to add flair and enjoyment to the bath.

What we loved about this bath tub;

  • Easy to store.
  • Comes with a Velcro loop attached for easier drying by hanging
  • Transitions throughout the four stages of your baby
  • The surface inside the tub is non-slip, gripping
  • The mesh sling perfectly supports and cradles newborns
  • You get a whale toy and a squeeze bottle in handy
  • It is affordable.

What we didn’t like about it;

  • Sometimes these tubs come with sharp edges near the drain hole, which might cause harm to your baby (you should check this before you buy)
  • It doesn’t fold up
  • Sometimes it difficult to access the drain since it is located under the seat
  • It rarely fits all the kitchen sinks


  1. Blooming Bath Lotus baby Bath Tub

Also called the blooming bath flower, Blooming Bath Lotus baby bath tub offers your baby a lovely super-soft and comfortable environment when bathing. Coming in a flower-like shape, this bath tub is plushy and its ‘petals’ make it conform to many types of kitchen sinks. Its texture helps it grip onto the baby without any slipping and it can be hung to dry after use since it’s made of polyester plush.

What we loved about this bath tub is;

  • Made of polyester plush which makes it easy to dry
  • Compatibility with most sinks as it sits well in most sinks
  • Comes in different beautiful patterns
  • That flowery pattern is exciting to babies
  • It is very soft and easy to store
  • With a rough texture it provides a non-slip surface

What we did not like about it;

  • You can’t use it with much water as it can slip
  • You can’t be used in larger sinks, it is small
  • The lack of other add-ons too is concerning


  1. Shnuggle Compact Baby Bath Tub

If you’re looking for a super light, compact and portable baby bath tub for your newborn, then Shnuggle Compact Baby Bath Tub is the one! Designed purely for newborns, this baby bath tub comes with a seat and a back rest to hold your baby in a comfortable and safe position as you wash them. With a large top compared top bottom, Shnuggle conforms to most sinks. Despite it being made of hard plastic, it has a foam padding inside. You can’t however use it beyond a one-year old as it is small, holding a maximum of 2 water and supporting 1.2 KGs maximum.

What we loved about this baby bath tub;

  • Takes up less space hence easy to store
  • The design is attractive
  • The surface is a gripping no-slip
  • Can conform to many sinks
  • This sink comes with a seat and a back rest
  • It uses little water

What we didn’t like about this baby bath tub;

  • It might be difficult to clean
  • The baby will outgrow it quickly

In conclusion, a baby bath tub will make everything for you easier and you will not dread when time to clean your little one comes. We hope the above information will help make it easier for you when you go to get your baby that best baby tub within your reach.

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