Best Bathroom Faucets: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever asked yourself the importance of installing the right bathroom faucet? Do you have any challenge of choosing the right faucet for your bathroom? DON’T struggle in looking for the perfect bathroom faucet on your own. This review has all the relevant information that may guide you through the buying to installation of the best bathroom faucets in your bathroom.

In developing this review we considered customer reviews, features of the faucets, specifications of the faucets, as well as, the materials that make up the faucets! In our research we have identified the following faucets as the best for your bathroom.

Our Choice for the Best Bathroom Faucets

Why is it Important for you to Get the Perfect Bathroom Faucet?

Keeping in mind that the bathroom is the most frequently used place in your house, you should always target to install the best faucet that will all you use the water comfortably all the time. But should you install any faucet? No, you must look for the one that can best fit your bathroom once and for all.

However, we have realized that it is a challenge for most people in choosing the right bathroom faucet. But remember this, with a poor faucet in your bathroom, you will always experience endless leakages or blockages that can’t allow you to use your bathroom effectively. The poor design of the faucet can really frustrate you and leave you bored with your bathroom throughout.

By considering all these benefits of installing the right bathroom faucet, we can now go directly to our recommendations on the best faucets in the market for you. Take your time and choose that which suits you best.

To start with, consider the following best bathroom faucets that we managed to find in the market.

To start with, consider the following best bathroom faucets that we managed to find in the market.

best bathroom faucets

Eyekepper Bathroom Faucet-Best Singled Handled Bathroom Faucet

This is the only bathroom faucet that will indeed fit your bathroom sinks. For a simple but modern bathroom design, just install the Eye-keeper bathroom faucet to make everything right with you.


  • Eyekepper bathroom faucet has one handle that allows you use it comfortably. Apart from it being made of a durable brass material, this product has a wonderful outward appearance. This sounds lovely, right?
  • This faucet is also well known of its cheap cost, by going for less than 100 dollars, as compared to other bathroom faucets of the same quality. This product has a height of 160 with a ceramic valve. With these great qualities about this amazing product can really show that this is the most suitable faucet in the bathroom sinks.
  • The Eyekepper has a chrome finish which gives it an amazing look. Actually, all the customers who have used this faucet appreciates it so much and supports that it is worthy its price
  • Many customers look a bit confused when buying a beekeeper bathroom faucet simply because it looks more practical for tastes. Additionally, this faucet can really frustrate you if it develops leakages

Greenspring Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

cheapest best bathroom faucetsAmazingly, the Greenspring bathroom faucet is also another great product in the market today. With its long durable property, this faucet can serve you best before plan to go for another faucet.

What we liked about the product

  • Are you looking for an easy to install bathroom faucet, then this can really work for you. The greenspring bathroom has been well know widely by many customer as the only faucet which comes with all the things that you may require in the box.
  • The greenspring bathroom faucet will indeed ensure you have a comfortable bathroom since it doesn’t allow any leakage at all. This faucet has a single handle that ensure your comfort when enjoying water in your bathroom.
  • Apart from its awesome look, the two water lines that this faucet comes with, you can be assured that you can’t purchase anything for it to work properly in your house. When using this faucet, it easy to vary the amount and pressure in which you may require water to pump out. Additionally, when in not in use, you can’t find any water drop coming out of it. This ensures there is no any water wastage in your house.
  •  Did you know that with less than 20 dollars you can purchase your greenspring faucet for your bathroom sinks? It is becoming cheap each and every year. No wander this faucet has a 61 percent 5 star review rates. Take your time to analyse this amazing product and if you really decide it, well and good. You can’t regret at all

What we did not like about this bathroom faucet

  • Many customers have really complained that this faucet fails completely in the first few months of installation. The outlook appearance of this faucet is really cunning but when it comes to the practical usage of this faucet, leakages may affect the longevity of the product.
  • There are complaints that the faucet tends to rust. However, we were not able to ascertain the claims owing to the time needed to prove the claim

Delta Faucet Modern Single Handle Lavatory Faucet

one of the best bathroom faucetsHow can you miss this professional faucet in your house! With its great features and positive comments from customers, the delta bathroom faucet remains one of the best in the market today.

What we liked about the product

  • Delta bathroom faucets are made of long lasting brass with a chrome finish which will allow you have a great experience in your bathroom. It has an amazing design which makes attractive and appealing to many people.
  • Additionally, this faucet has a lifetime warranty. With this warranty, you can install it with confidence knowing you can be compensated if it misbehaves or damages in any way. Always expect an amazing style of the delta bathroom faucet in different colors to decorate your bathroom anytime that you are in need of it.
  • With less than 100 dollars, you can be assured of installing this bathroom faucet with ease. In addition to that, you will indeed save a lot of water up to 20% by using this amazing product as compared to other cheap and less durable faucets. Once you install it in your bathroom, you can be sure of appreciating its use hence it is worthy its price

What we did not like about the Product

  • The main drawback of this faucet is that it’s expensive as compared to other faucets. However, its elegant finish makes up for the cost.

KES Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet

best bathroom faucets for a modern bathroomThis is one of the best faucet we were able to review. Its solid brass construction ensures that it lasts long while maintaining its quality. It has a contemporary design and a double rotating spout design for that modern bathroom. Furthermore, it comes smooth, long lasting drip free operation ceramic disc cartridge developed by Sedal to ensure that it’s nearly maintenance free and generally guarantees that it will not wear out. The beautiful chrome finishing of this faucet is resistance to tarnishing, corrosion and scratches, which makes it one of the best faucets for all types of bathroom regardless of the number of people using the bathroom.

What we liked about the product

  • The faucet comes with a ceramic disc cartridge which makes it maintenance free while at the same time enhancing its durability. A ceramic disc cartridge can survive 500,000 times open and close test.
  • Another key strength of this product is that it has been thoroughly tested at high pressures to ensure that the customer gets a faucet that can resist high pressures without developing leakages.
  • Installing the faucet is hassle free as it comes with a US standard size hoses and 3/8 female compression connector.

What we did not like about the product

  • Although the price of this product is great and the customer reviews are positive, some customers have reported receiving products that fail within a short period. When ordering the product, always check for any defect or discoloration, if any, return the product for replacement.

Moen Two-Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet-Best two handled bathroom faucet

Moen's best bathroom faucetsAlthough similar priced as the other bathroom faucets, the Moen two handle centerset lavatory faucet is one of the best in the market. The faucet comes with a fantastic finish and color. It is also certified by Watersense and comes with Moen’s limited lifetime warranty. If you are looking for a 3-hole mount faucet with two handles, then this is the faucet to buy.

What we liked about the product

  • The faucet looks fantastic. The gentle curves are impressive, more like a creation by a company that knows what faucets should look like
  • The two petal handles allow for easy adjustment of water temperature and heat. With such ease adjustment, you can easily brush your teeth or wash your hands without worrying about the temperature or burning your hands.
  • The faucet comes with a number of finishes, for example, oil rubbed finish, which goes well with traditional looks. Furthermore, the rubbed bronze finish is very solid and durable.
  • Well priced bathroom faucet for a two-handle faucet, at a price of less than 500 dollars. Most two handled faucets are expensive.

What we did not like about the product

  • The product is fairly expensive as compared to the other faucets we have reviewed. However, the price may result from the fact that the other faucets are single handled.

Senlesen Luxury Golden Brass Bathroom Basin Faucet

 one best bathroom faucets for a modern and unique lookThis is also another greatly interesting bathroom faucet that has the most unique design in the market. With all the great features that come with this product, which are then accompanied by the positive feedbacks from the customers, we can assure to you that this product remains the best of all.

Pros of the Product

  • This faucet has a great and unique design. It has one of the most unique design in the market. If you are looking for a faucet to change the looks of your bathroom then this is the best for you.
  • It has two handles with one for cold water and the. other for the warm water. With these handle, you can easily control the pressure in which the water is running.
  • This faucet can really save a lot of water as it allows a moderate amount of water to run at a time.
  • This product is very cheap as compared to others of same quality. With as little as 60 dollars, you can be assured of getting this great product and start enjoying the water from the sinks in your bathroom.
  • This great bathroom faucet is stable and resistance to stains simply because it has a chrome finish.
  • The valves are ceramic valves that enables a smooth and long usage of the waters in your bathroom.
  • This great product has a long warranty that allows you to use it without any fear and incase of any damage, you can be assured of being refunded or compensated another faucet.

Weakness of the Product

  • The odd shape may confuse you. You may blast your face with water if you are not careful
  • The black finish is way darker that shown in the pictures. The best option is to be careful when selecting colors to match your bathroom

Greenspring Double Handles Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

best bathroom faucets for modern bathroomsWe came to realize that many buyers have never heard of this great faucet at all. With its wide surface, you can imagine how easy it will be for you to wash your face or even your hair with ease. With all the great deals that come with this great faucet, you should plan to install one in your bathroom and indeed you can’t regret at all.


  • It has double levers that can allow you use either cold water or warm water whenever you want. Additionally, it has a large basin like surface from which you can use your water enjoyably for washing your hands or even your hair. Actually, even if one lever stops working, don’t panic at all.  You can use the other one comfortably.
  • When it comes to the design, this Greenspring Two Handle Bathroom Faucet is the best to install. We noticed with its great look, many buyers are proud of this product and the number of negative reviews are minimal.
  • The solid brass material that is used to make this faucet makes it great and long lasting. The bronze finish is stain free. Interestingly, it does not rust or corrode
  • The Greenspring Two Handle Bathroom Faucet is highly durable and comes with a warrant. So, in case you break it, you can be assured that the seller will make it up to you


  • Breaks easily if not handled with care

Here are the steps on How to Choose the Best Bathroom Faucets

For you to ensure your sink in the bathroom works properly, you should always have a number of considerations in mind as you are budgeting. You can do this alone or with the assistance of an expert in the same line.

First, you need to measure the sink in your bathroom:

Before you think of anything, you should focus on the size of the sink in your bathroom such that you might be able to buy the faucet that best fits that sink. As you check the size, you should as well check the setup of that sink to know whether it is a one-hole sink or three-hole or even two-hole. When taking measurements, make sure you note all the dimensions well without forgetting that of the space between the sink and the well and above the counter as well.

The intended usage of the room might as well help you know the exact size of the faucet to install. For example if you intend to wash your face all even wash your hair from that sink, you should install a faucet that is long enough.With all this information with you, you will be in a position of knowing exact best bathroom faucet to choose.

Always consider the cleaning of the faucet.

With a regularly used sink, a lot of splashes and drips are left during the brushing of teeth, washing your face or your hands. For easy washing, always look a faucet that can withstand all that work without getting clean easily or the one that is easy to wash.

With a stainless steel finished faucet, cleaning is not a big deal. However, as much as look for a faucet made of precious products, make sure that faucet does not have a few cracks or there is none at all.

Look for durable bathroom faucet and always check its warranty.

When considering other fixtures in your how that should last long, the bathroom should be the first option. This calls a greater attention for you when choosing a faucet. You should ensure you choose the best of all to avoid regrets later.

When purchasing a bathroom faucet with a given warranty, you are on a save side since you can be compensated once it doesn’t do the exact thing that you expected it to do. Remember this, as much as a plastic faucet is cheaper for you, remember that it is prone to cracks as well and leaks easily.

You can easily notice that we have not recommended the faucets with a chrome finish. Keeping in mind chrome translates mostly to plastic surfaces, you should not rush for them. They are cheap yes, but what about their durability? Take caution.

Keep in mind your budget and pocket size as well.

The cost of a faucet ranges from 20 dollars to 300 dollars and above. Those that ranges from 20 dollars to 90 dollars are mostly plastic bathroom faucets. As you come across a bathroom faucet costing 100 dollars and above, be sure that you can get a full metal faucet that is long lasting and something professional for your bathroom.

Many buyers are usually afraid of going for highly priced faucets not knowing that they are actually the best in the market. Apart from a fantastic look, the faucets that cost over 150 dollars are very durable since they are made of precious materials with a bronze finish which increases their long lasting quality as well.

Take note of the faucet finish

We recommend going for faucets with a stainless steel, bronze or brass. These are the well-known durable finishes which as well result in a fantastic look of a bathroom faucet.  Can you compare these finishing materials with a chrome finish? The chrome finish is mostly for plastic faucets which we can’t promise you to install in your bathroom. But then, if your budget is that fixed, then this is the best option for you.When you are going for a metal faucet, make sure that faucet that has a finish which is stain free as well as it is resistant to corrosion. With the information in this article, you can be able to make a brilliant decision on your own.

Are you satisfied yet?

With the information in this article, we are very sure you can use your logic to choose the right bathroom faucet, right? You should be always keen on what you are buying since most faucets tend to be same in appearance. There are very many dealers of bathroom faucets that you can come across to as you get into the market. With different strategies, every dealer has distinctive products with varying designs and quality. However, it is upon an individual to know what to buy and where to do shopping from.

However, we know that you have that desire of knowing more about the best dealers of the perfect bathroom faucets.