Best Shower Hose For the Money- Our Reviews for the Most Heavy Duty Shower Hoses

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After a long tiresome day, you walk into your shower ready to get rid of the day’s fatigue and feel fresh. Then you see what you never expected to see, a leaking shower hose with the water spraying all over the place! It’s one of the most frustrating things, right?

Nobody is ever ready for such disappointments and when it happens, you become confused with no idea on what to do. Everyone wants the best shower experience.

When buying a shower head, very few people are keen on the type of shower hose. Most of the focus is on the other features of the shower head.

Prioritizing a shower hose makes you choose a different shower head altogether or shop for the two things separately. A shower head is just that, a showerhead, while a shower hose is the neck.

Can you imagine a great head without a not-so-good neck? Besides, a shower hose is used not only to shower but also in doing some other things.

When purchasing a shower hose, you need to know what you are looking for, so as to avoid future regrets. This will save time and help you prepare yourself enough, financially.

But why do you need the best shower hose? A good shower hose has many advantages;

  • A shower hose offers optimum relaxation during showers. As said above, a shower hose is like a neck to a shower head.
  • A shower hose can also be used to clean, rinse your tub, wash your car, water the flowers or even be used in irrigation.
  • In completing the dĂ©cor of your bathroom, a shower hose will play a vital role.

What should you look out for when scouting for the best shower hose?

The length of the shower hose-

Length is very vital in a shower hose. A short shower hose might not reach where you want it to, and that will mean more expenses to replace or modify. Besides, longer shower heads offer you with myriad of options you can use it for. Average lengths range from 59-69 inches, longer lengths go up to 84 inches while there are other longer hoses for people with disabilities.

The material

Of which material is the hose made of? Plastic, rubber, metal? Which metal? Brushed nickel, gold, chrome or oil rubbed bronze? This makes you aware of its capabilities and its shortcomings such as anti- rusting, anti-explosion, non-toxicity and even anti-kink.

Flexibility and tactility

Another important consideration to avoid disappointments. A flexible shower hose is very important as it won’t compromise your movements in the shower. Also, a flexible hose won’t break easily.


A good shower hose should be light. If you’re going to handle a handheld shower head, you don’t need an extra weight from the shower hose. Showering should be a refreshing experience not a struggling one.


How easy is it to install? Does it need a plumber? Does it come with a user manual? Consider buying a shower hose that is easy to install and won’t demand much from the word go as far as installation is concerned.


You also need to pick a shower hose that will complement the look of your bathroom, you don’t want to mess up the décor and colors.

  • Price. This comes in every purchase. You need to compare the shower hoses and see which one will offer the best with your budget.
  • Check out what other clients say about the different shower hoses. Do not buy out of a sales-person’s convincing and end up regretting. Go and search what other users have said about the shower hose.
  • Is it standard or heavy duty? Heavy duty are heavier compared to standard.
  • There are brands known to produce quality products, or known for the wrong reason. It is therefore important to take into consideration which brand a shower hose belongs to, its reputation before buying the product.

As you can see, it requires a lot to choose the best shower hose.  That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves and brought you the five best shower hoses. Take a look;

Best Shower Hose Reviews

  1. Xlshower Extra Long Handheld Shower Hose

extra long shower hoseThis Amazon best-selling shower hose tops up this list. Measures 96 inches and weighs 8 ounces, a mere look at xlshower Extra Long Shower Hose confirms that this is the best when it comes to quality.

Constructed of Stainless Steel with brushed finish, it comes with the best flexibility and your movement in the shower can’t be limited. The ends are ½ inch which are also made of steel hence the whole shower hose is very strong and durable. Besides, it does not kink.

What we loved about this shower hose;

  • The length, 96 inches makes, makes it one of the longest shower hoses
  • The strength and durability of this shower head can’t be denied, since it is made of stainless steel.
  • This length makes it suitable for use by a handicapped person.
  • Multi-purpose. With its length, you can use it to not only shower but also clean the tub, wash your hair, wash your pet and even clean your car.
  • You can connect this hose to a sprayer
  • The flexibility of this hose gives you ease to move around.
  • It is light and does not kink

What we didn’t like about this shower hose;

  • Some customers complained that it split or raptured after a short duration of use.
  • It does not fit properly on the waterpik shower head
  1. EMBATHER 96-Inches Shower Hose

long shower hoseThis is another great shower hose. If you want a long shower hose then this is the real deal as it measures a whopping 96”. The design is also another thing to marvel about, very lightweight (weighs 12.8 ounces) and flexible.

Besides, the installation of EMBATHER is very easy.

One of the most outstanding features, that makes this shower head be among the top in this list, is its thoughtful design. EMBATHER shower hose has a beautiful finish which serves multiple purposes; from resisting corrosion, resisting bacteria, to resisting abrasion and of course it adds the flair to this shower hose. This hose is also non-explosive. And it comes with a lifetime warranty!

What we loved about this shower head;

  • This hose is very long, with 96” you can comfortably wash your head while seated
  • Weighing only 12.8 ounces, it can’t give you hard time in the bathroom
  • With this shower hose’s flexibility, hence your freedom in the shower isn’t at stake
  • The design is thoughtful and outstanding
  • It is anti-explosive
  • It is corrosion-resistant
  • The finish resists bacteria
  • Installing it is easy
  • When you buy this shower hose you also get a lifetime warranty
  • The added washers ensure that it does not leak
  • Can rotate 3600 without kinking

What we didn’t like about this shower hose;

  • Compared the cost of this shower hose to those of similar products, this one is a bit expensive
  • When you buy it you’ll feel some stiffness, but it becomes flexible with time after being used
  1. Ulteri 79-Inch Shower Hose

This is another shower hose with an incredible design. Constructed using high quality and valuable stainless steel, this shower head can resist or stand high water pressure.

Lengthwise Ulteri is position three in this list as it measures 79 inches while it weighs just 5.6 ounces. This shower hose can be used with a very wide range of shower heads and bath shower mixers, thanks to the fittings it has.

You get a hand tight hose and washers as well, when you buy Uteri 79-inch shower hose. As part of its incredible design, it has a solid double brass connector and a non-toxic inner pipe which makes it stand the pressure.

What we loved about this shower;

  • The design is of incredibly high quality
  • It has EPDM material which makes it to be odorless
  • It is long, measuring 79”
  • It is light, 5.6 ounces
  • It has a solid double brass connector.
  • It has a non-toxic inner pipe for reinforcement.
  • It is light
  • It comes with a hand tight hose and washers.
  • It is constructed of high quality stainless steel
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty.
  • It’s easy to install, no need of tools

What we didn’t like about this shower hose;

  • Some customers complained about it leaking after some time
  • This shower hose’s thread pattern doesn’t fit some shower heads’, like Waterpik.
  1. DELTA FAUCET, Master Plumber Shower Hose

DELTA FAUCET Master Plumber 682-812 is among the best heavy duty shower hoses you can ever come across in the market right now.  This shower hose measures 59 inches. Besides this length, it takes pride in its strength and long-lasting construction. This length makes it suitable to be used in any bathroom as it doesn’t limit your movements while in there. Additionally, the length makes it possible to be used by even the handicapped without any stress.

The stainless steel finish adds to its durability and longevity. This shower hose comes with conical nuts at both of its ends which make its installation easier. Neither is it heavy, it weighs just 11.2 ounces.

What we liked about this shower hose;

  • It is made specifically for use with handheld shower heads.
  • It is of average length, measuring 59”
  • It is strong and durable
  • It is light in weight
  • It does not rust due to its stainless steel finish
  • It does not kink kink
  • It comes with conical nuts which make it easy to install.
  • It has a stainless steel finish

What we did not like about it;

  • Some customers complained of it being flimsy, that it leaked from both ends even after tightening.
  1. Zitriom 98-Inch Shower Hose

Another multi-purpose shower hose, one that you can use to wash, rinse your bath tub and even wash yourself while still in the bath tub. This shower doesn’t limit your movements in the bath room as it is 8.2 feet long, neither is it going to tire you as it is lightweight, weighing 11.2 ounces.

This is the longest shower hose in this list, with best handheld connectors. Another outstanding thing about it is that it has standard-sized brass coupler conical and hex connector which fits in most shower heads.

The finish is chrome and just like EMBATHER, this one too is corrosion-resistant and lasts long. Its flexibility is also top notch. Made up of EPDM material (stainless steel) which resists high pressure, iIt is long-lasting. Besides, Zitriom comes with a 5-year warranty.

What we loved about this shower hose;

  • I’s super long, 98 inches (8.2 feet) long.
  • It is made of highly polished chrome stainless steel
  • It has high pressure water resistance
  • It is durable and lasts long
  • It is anti-corrosion
  • Easy to install
  • It has standard-sized coupler conical and hex connector
  • It fits most handheld shower heads.
  • It is lightweight, weighing only 11.2 ounces
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty

What we didn’t like about it is;

  • Some customers claimed that it leaked after some time from under the connection.


Sometimes you go shopping for a shower hose clueless. Maybe your other one raptured and all you want is to just replace it. That’s why we have prepared the list above, plus the guidelines to help you make a wise purchase.

However, before settling on a given shower hose, analyse your needs first, then analyse the shower hoses. You need to buy a shower hose that is flexible, will last for long without leakages, a quality one that won’t tarnish and top performing. Additionally, you should look for a lightweight shower hose and one that will match your bathroom’s décor. It should also be feeble and easy to use.

You don’t need disheartening experience on shower hoses. The above reviews are of quality, excellent and best-selling shower heads from which you can choose a suitable one. Job made easy for you, no?

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