Best Drain Cleaner for Hair Clogs

You might be wondering, what is the best drain cleaner for hair clogs. To be frank, hair clogs can be stubborn, making any endeavor to remove them using conventional liquid  and enzyme based cleaners futile.

But do not worry, there are many ways of removing those hair clogs without having to break the bank.

As I usually say, the best way to deal with clogs is to prevent their buildup rather than trying to deal with the problem.

But as always, you will have to deal with hair clogs, given that you can institute militaristic rules in your house. So do not worry about those hair clogs, and allow me to inform you of the best method to clear the hair clogs.

First and foremost, while hair is organic, it generally takes too long to decompose. Thus, the possibility of breaking down the hair using chemical and enzyme drain cleaners is difficult.

Furthermore, as I stated in my previous article, chemical drain cleaners are hazardous and can lead to injuries when the necessary precautions are not taken into consideration. That’s why I always recommend the use of mechanical drain cleaners for all clogs regardless of whether they are hair, grease or food. So these are our top picks for best drain cleaner for hair clogs.

5 Best Drain Drain Cleaner for Hair Clogs

1. Vastar 3 Pack 19.6 Inch Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover

Best drain cleaner for hair

Cheap and effective for those hair clogs just below the sink strainer. When it comes to removing hair clogs, the Vastar 3 Pack Snake Jair Drain Clog Remover is the real deal.

This versatile and flexible tool comes in two sizes, a 19.6 inch size and a 23 inch size clog remover.

This means that the drain snake can reach hair clogs that are up to 23 inches down the drain.

As I stated above, hair clogs are generally located just below the strainer and where the sink drain pipe bends (the p-trap). So the length of this tool is sufficient for such clogs.

Features of the Vastar Drain Snake Hair Drain Cleaner

  1. Made from ABS plastic
  2. The tool has tiny hooks that grab the hairs for ease of removal
  3. Flexible, allowing it to go round into the P-trap
  4. A four centimeter handle loop for ease handling
  5. Comes in two sizes, 23 inches and 19.6 inches
  6. 18 month warrant


  1. Its durable: the tool is made of ABS plastic which combines rigidity and strength of styrene and acrylonitrile  and the toughness of polybutadiene rubber. Although it is more expensive to produce, it is superior for its toughness.
  2. Flexibility: when it comes to drain cleaners, you always look for a tool that can bend so that it can navigate through the drain pipe. The flexibility of this tool allows the user to reach clogs that are even in the P-trap, without it failing.
  3. 18 month warrant: when buying a product, it is always essential to look whether it comes with a warrant. Presence of such a long duration warrant shows that the manufacturer has tested the product and is aware of its durability.
  4. Tried and Tested. With over 1300 reviews and a customer rating of 4.1 out of five, you can rest assured that there are many customers out there who have used the product and found it to be highly effective.


  1. Length: sometimes the hair clogs may be pushed further down the drain. The short length of this hair drain snake means that you won’t reach for clogs that are more than 23 inches down the drain
  2. Flexibility: the flexibility of this tool is one of its important undoing. If the hair clogs are mixed with other clogs such as scum and grease, then this tool won’t be effective in removing them.
Note: Vastar 3 Pack 19.6 Inch Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover is a dedicated hair clog remover, which means that it only works perfectly for hair clogs and not any other clogs. For other types of clogs, you can check my other reviews on drain cleaners.  

2. Green Gobbler Hair Grabber Tool Drain Snake

best drain clog remover for hair

This product is similar to vastar drain snake. However, the green gobble comes in a pack of five, while the vastar drain snake comes in a pack of three, with minimal differences in prices and length (22 inches for green gobbler verus 23 for the long version of the vastar).

This means that this will save you a few dollars and wait time for shipment, although this is never a problem with the current vendor.

At 22 inches long, this tool is more than sufficient to remove any hair clogs below the sink strainer and even the p-trap.


  1. Made from flexible plastic
  2. Dimensions: 22 inches long and half an inch in diameter
  3. Green in color


  1. Comes in a pack of five, which makes it cheaper overall than other drain snakes of the same make
  2. High flexible, allowing one to easily insert it in any type of drain pipe without problems. Can easily navigate through the drain pipe
  3. Tested and proven to be effective. With a rating of 3.f9 stars, and over 250 reviews, this shows that there are many customer out there who have tried the product and found it useful.


  1. The vendor did not indicate whether it comes with a warrant
  2. This is dedicated for hair clogs removal only and would not be useful if you are looking for a versatile tool.

Sometimes, water pushes hair clogs further down the drain, which means that you have to use more specialized tools that are longer, stronger and more durable. For this we recommend drain augers. Our pick for the best drain auger for cleaning hair clogs is the general Pipe Cleaners Drain Auger.

3. General Pipe Cleaners Drain Auger

best hair clog remover

When it comes to drain cleaning, this is one of the best tool for the job. Not only will this auger reach and remove those stubborn hair clogs that are located beyond the reach of plastic snakes, but also is able to deal with other clogs.

This tool is high effective for clogs that are located in rounded pipes, especially the P-trap. Furthermore, its 25 feet steel cable is far longer and durable than that of plastic drain snake.


  1. 25 feet and quarter inch steel spring cable that allows one to reach even the most stubborn drains
  2. Light duty, one man use design
  3. T grip for easy handling
  4. Cable design suitable for drain lines that are 1-1/4 inch in circumference to 2 inches.
  5. Comes with a drive knob, for easy turning of the drum.
  6. Comes with a thumb screw to lock the cable or release during operation.


  1. High versatility: while we recommend the use of different tools for different purposes to avoid contamination, this is one of the tools that you can use to unclog all types of drains, including tub, kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Its highly versatile and can be used not only to unclog hair clogs but also other types of clogs.
  2. Durability: unlike the plastic drain snakes, you do not have to worry about hooks breaking off. This tool comes with a steel spring cable, which we cannot compare with ABS plastic in terms of durability.
  3. Easy use and handling: this tool comes with a set of instructions on proper usage. This coupled with a T-grip handle and a knob to turn the cable makes it very easy to use and handle. Furthermore, it comes with a screw that allows you to lock the cable when pulling out the cable from the drain
  4. Environmental friendly: well to be frank this is more than straightforward.
  5. Cheap: you cannot compare the benefits of this products and the price. Its cheap and durable, two words that you do not always seen in the same sentence.


  1. As will all mechanical drain cleaners you have to get your hands dirty. Well this is not  a hands free hair clog remover.
  2. Requires maintenance: unlike the plastic drain snakes that you only have to wash and store, this one requires one to purchase maintenance oil.

Well, we have only discussed mechanical options, why not look at best chemical drain cleaners for hair clogs. These are the drain cleaners that you should only use if your can be able to take extra precautions as they can be toxic to you and your family. However, they do work well if used in the right manner. So, these are our Picks:

4. Drano Drain Cleaner Professional Strength, 32 oz

best drain cleaner for hair clogs

When it comes to chemical drain cleaners for hair clogs then this is your winner. Table tests have shown that this drain cleaner is more than capable of decomposing, or dissolving hair hair.

So once you pour the drain cleaner into your hair clogged drain you can be assured that it will work. This beauty comes in a 32 oz container or approximately one liter.

With around 427 reviews, you can be assured that this drain cleaner for hair clogs is tested by many customers.


  1. Chemical based drain cleaner: alkaline in nature which makes it formidable in dissolving hair clogs
  2. Comes in 32 oz container


  1. Proven record of dissolving hairs: the product has been proven to dissolve hairs in both home and laboratory settings
  2. Handsfree clog dissolver: well with this drain cleaner you only have to pour it into the drain and wait for the recommended time and then flush with water.
  3. Customer acclaimed: there are many customers who have used the products and proven it works.
  4. Environmentally friendly: generally the ability of this drain cleaner to harm the environment during use is unlikely as the active agents are degraded even before it reaches the main drain.


  1. Its chemical based: chemical based drain cleaners can be dangerous, especially when mishandled. As with other chemical drainers, Drano is alkaline, which means that improper misuse can lead to fume formation, burns to the lung if inhaled, burns to the stomach if ingested and burns to the skin if it comes into contact with the skin.

Word of Caution: when it comes to chemical drain cleaners, always use protection, in the form of gloves, goggles and an apron. In addition, you should always ensure that the chemical drain cleaner is stored out of reach of children to prevent accidents. Do not by any chance mix drain cleaners, especially acid and alkaline based as the reaction may be potentially explosive.

5. Pure Lye Drain Opener

If you are on a budget or want a hands free drain cleaner then this is your second best bet. Works extremely well with hair clogs, especially when you pour hot water into the drain before adding this drain opener. And the ability of this drain opener to dissolve clogs is well known. With a rating of 4.3 by around 1443 customers, it is evident that this drain cleaner works its magic.


  1. Comes in 1lb bottle
  2. Versatile: can clear any type of clogs, whether roots, grease, hair clogs
  3. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  4. Odorless
  5. Non-acidic, meaning it is safe on PVC, chrome trims and other fixtures


  1. Proven track record: laboratory and consumer reports indicate that this drain cleaner is effective against hair clogs
  2. Environmentally friendly: active ingredients are decomposed before they reach the environment
  3. Safe on most fixtures including PVC pipes and chrome trims
  4. Cheap and hands free.


  1. Chemical based: proper mishandling of this product can lead to severe burns. You should always use the right protection including gloves and goggles when using this product. In addition store it out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion.
  2. Slow action. Requires some wait time before it dissolves the clogs. Furthermore, you have to heat water and pour it into the drain before you pour the drain cleaner.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Drain Cleaner for Hair

best drain cleaner for hair removal

Individuals are literally flooded with various choices when shopping for the best drain cleaner making it difficult for them to find the best among the choices offered.

So what should you look out for when choosing the best drain cleaner for your home? Here are some of the features to consider that will help you in making your choice.


As a good citizen, you would not wish to use a drain cleaner that could cause harm to the environment. Most of the commercial drain cleaners available in the market contain potent toxins and chemicals that could be hazardous for the ecosystem. It is, therefore, important that the product is environment-friendly.

A good drain cleaner contains natural enzyme formulations that have natural ingredients which do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Easy to use

It is good to have a cleaner that can be used in a convenient manner. Presently, most cleaners are made in powder form or in packets. This means that you can place them at the opening of your drain and let some water to flow.

The formulation in the cleaner breaks down the accumulated drain dirt and clogs making them pass down easily. A good drain cleaner allows you to maintain hygiene in your drains quite simply.

Deodorizing capability

Disposal systems in the home can release foul smell when not cleaned with the proper drain cleaner for hair. This is because there are particles such as food that get trapped in the system and decompose with time resulting in a foul stench.

This means that you would need a disposal deodorizer after cleaning the drain in order to keep the stench at bay. The best drain cleaners for hair save you the extra cost of purchasing a disposal deodorizer because it comes with fragrances that, besides cleaning, would eliminate the bad smell and generate an enriching atmosphere within the home.


drain cleaner

It is important to ensure that the drain cleaner is a high quality product before purchasing it. The product may be less costly but of poor quality.

To ensure a product is of high quality, one needs to do some research that involves checking company reputations, prices, and reading reviews on the best drain cleaners for hair clogs. It is also beneficial to understand precisely what you need because the best drain cleaner is dependent on the specific situation.


Toilet, kitchen and bathroom disposals can become the site for bacterial breeding in the home. This could be quite dangerous for the entire family.

It is, therefore, critical for you to choose the best drain cleaner for hair that would keep the germs and bacteria at bay. The best drain cleaners have sanitizing capabilities that can keep the disposals disinfected and free of disease causing bacteria.

The features above help in identifying the best drain cleaner available in the market. Most of these products can be conveniently purchased online.

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