Best Rain Showerhead | Rainfall Showerhead Reviews (2021)

best rain shower head

One of the most calming things you can ever have in an evening after a long tiresome day is a shower.  It goes without saying that a shower is one thing that most people look forward to as they rush from office, trying to beat traffic.

A good shower relieves you of all the day’s fatigue, gives you a feeling of a new rejuvenated you and some calm.

But the shower has to be GOOD, not just a shower. And good showers are rare to come by. How do you get a good shower? You need a good shower head. A showerhead can be a sliding bar shower head, Multiple or dual shower head, Rain shower head or the ceiling shower head.

It can be difficult to know which shower head is best for you, and what each offers. That’s why we’re here, giving you the information you need to purchase the best shower head. In choosing a showerhead that will leave you contented after a shower, clean and fresh, then you have to go for the Rain Shower Head.

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What is a Rainfall Shower Head?

Best rain showerhead

To begin with, this is the most sought-after type of shower head. It is named Rain because of its design which is intended to mimic the rain.

I am sure that you’ve been rained on at one time or the other. Or haven’t you? As kids we really love the feeling of being rained on, it’s very soothing until we are told of cold and sickness. Rain is soothing, leave for the cold. Now, imagine having that rain phenomenon in your bathroom!

Why the Best Rain Shower Heads?

We named many types of showerheads but settled on the rainfall shower head as the most ideal for you. Why, you ask? Well, take a look;

  • The best rain shower heads tend to be wider than the other shower heads. This is because instead of spraying a concentrated stream of water directly at you, they are designed to hang directly over you and shower gently. This means more luxury.
  • A rainfall shower head comes with options. You can have it hanging from the ceiling or the wall with a long arm angling it downwards. Many rain shower heads also come with air-injection technology for pressurizing the water so that it doesn’t flow like a drizzle.
  • Since rainfall shower heads spread the water on your body equally, you are likely to use less water than you’d have used in other shower heads. Coupled with this is the fact that the shower time will be short due to the pressure, hence you’ll use less electricity as well. Economical, no?
  • Finally, rain shower heads look amazingly great! Everything about them is impressive, from size to style.

Rain showerhead Reviews

So now here we are, at the market and we want to shop for the best rain shower head. We do not just purchase the first rain shower head we bump into, no. We need to consider a few things before we settle on a given rain shower head. Some of the things you should consider when buying a rain shower head include;

  1. Size– When scouting for a great rain shower head, bigger is better. Most of the best rain showers have radii between 4 and 5 inches.
  2. Quality– You need to know which rain shower head is strong, which one is durable, which one is easily spoils and vice versa. To do this you need to read specs, user reviews that other users have written over the products under this category to make your own judgment.
  3. Spray design and settings– Different rain shower heads have different settings, spray and some advanced. You need to look at what you’re looking for then compare with what these shower heads offer.
  4. Arm fit– The design of the shower arm, where is this shower head designed to be mounted on? The wall or the ceiling? This one totally depends on your current shower arm. You need to view photos and more information about the installation of the shower head and if you have settled on a shower head that doesn’t fit your current shower arm, then you’ll have to replace the shower arm.
  5. Style and finish– We all want a beautiful bathroom, and apart from the water falling on our bodies, we want our shower heads to match with the rest of the bathroom. If you have chrome taps in your shower, then it’ll be wise to choose a shower head with a chrome finish. It’s the same with color choices too.

So now, considering the above-mentioned qualities, what are some of the best rain showers in the market currently? We did a quick look at 10 of the best rain shower heads to make it easy for you choose.

Our Picks for the Best Rain Showerheads In the Market

1. Moen Premium Rain Shower with Immersion Technologyrain shower head reviews

This is the best rainfall shower head there is. It is put together and sold in the most professional and planned way. Unlike other models this one comes in a velocity two-spray setting and can spray you quicker and in two ways, thus gives you more options and fun altogether.


  • It is a 8 inch shower head for expansive coverage
  • Has 2 model for adjustable water flow.
  • Has a chrome finish has mirror-like polish.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty of about five years.


  • The eight inch shower head inversion in chrome offer both a calming rinse of rainfall relief and self-pressurizing spray shot.
  • Moen shower heads is of full coverage of eight inch diameter excellent deliveries.
  • Has insanely cool concept and an invention of its own for the twenty first century.


  • We are sorry but no, this shower head cannot do calm and pressure spray at once.
  • They are too passive for young buyers and only older customers tend to purchase it
  • It lacks  in further potential for added strain of force and cannot be modified to pump hard or faster

2. Waterpik Rpb – 173 Drenching shower head

best rainfall shower head

This is one of the best rain shower heads that utilizes an advanced optiFLOW technology and delivers a more powerful water spray with a great pressure that gives you an exceptional experience while you take a bath.


  • Size – Waterpic RPB -173 drenching is 7.6 by 6.4 by 12 inch in dimensions. This is wide enough with an ample water coverage which fits perfectly into your shower stall.
  • Style – usually comes in only one color [chrome] that perfectly matches your shower stall.
  • Spray quality – This is among the few commonly known models that has a unique tech that enables it to deliver a more powerful and strong water pressure.
  • Has a 6 round adjustable shower
  • Has an adjustable arm.
  • Allows you to position water falls directly overhead at an admirable angle.
  • Type – this is a wall mounted  model that will perfectly fit your shower stall
  • Durability – has got a five-year warranty before you can think of a replacement.
  • Cost –it is cost effective and value for your hard earned money.


  • There is no assembly that is required.
  • Installation of this shower head is very simple than ever before.
  • Batteries are not required nor are they included here.



  • This kind of shower heads are not available in other countries and it is therefore a major challenge.
  • This items may be shipped within the USA only
  • As the result of this taxes and fees are greater on all final purchases.
  • Many note dryer skin after using this devices” stronger and harder bursts.

3. Delta Faucet RP52382 Touch-Clean Spray

best rain shower head with high pressureDelta faucets are single setting full body spray shower heads that features touch – clean spray face. This rainfall showerhead gives you real rainfall-like experience and a relaxed mind during taking a bath.


Below is a full exhausted list of important features of delta faucet shower heads.

  • Size – single setting full body spray shower heads with a 16 inch shower arm.
  • Has touch – clean spray face
  • Spray quality – has  a 2.5 gmp flow rate
  • Durability – 5 year warranty that is can be in operation for the next five year before its replacement and thus makes it cost efficient.


  • The shower heads are made of brass that makes it to have a long life
  • Has a great chrome finish which enhance its long life
  • It is designed with a fluid lines for a great sensation.
  • A touch clean spray head reduces maintenance needs


  • The shower head single limits your experience.

4. American Standard 1660.683.002 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy Shower Head

rainfall shower head reviewsThis shower head accommodates most sizes of people the fact that makes customers appreciate.


  • Size – 10 inch in diameter, 6 inch, 12-inch and 18 inch shower arms.
  • Style – it is a 10-inch diameter modern rain easy shower head
  • It gives the user easy to clean the spray face
  • Spray quality – it offers a more gentle spray and it is not much forceful nor too powerful in effect.
  • Has a brass construction.
  • Provide an ample shower sprays to the user with a relaxed mind.

The pros of this rainfall shower head include;

  • This is a modern shower with an easy cleaned spray face.
  • It is easily ceiling-mounted.
  • It is easy to mount on ceiling and does not require much ado.
  • It is very convenient in terms of cleaning the spray heads.


  • This type of shower head it is a ten inch piece that apparently does not cover the full 10 inches.
  • This kind of a shower head is made of brass with metallic layer that do0es not hold well or fail to rust over time it is also circular in a way that gives it a weird combination or outlook.

5. Grohe rainshower 12’’ round shower heads

best rainshower shower head

These ones are the most innovative quality rainfall shower heads for luxurious revitalization and wellbeing. Grohe provides solutions that meet the highest standards of design, quality technology and suitability. Grohe shower heads deliver refreshment and relaxation in a crisp, clean design that complements contemporary bathrooms.


  • Has an adjustable shower rain heads
  • It is drip free
  • Has an adjustable spray head that gives you an option of adjusting it whenever you want to shower
  • Spray quality – has a flow rate of 2.5 gmp that is perfect for users.
  • It is mounted on a ceiling and it is easy to install.
  • The rated operating pressure is at 80.
  • Has a starlight chrome color.


  • This shower head con tilt and be moved.
  • You can use already installed shower arms and are flexible to adjustments
  • You can use arms from different shower heads and fits them perfectly
  • Grohe starlight finish for scratch and tarnish-resistant surface for a lifetime of beauty.
  • Speed clean ant-lime system that removes lime scale with a simple wipe of a finger to maintain a like-new performance.
  • Has Sacrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene that is an opaque thermoplastic polymer material which are strong and durable even at low temperature, it offers good resistance to heat and chemicals and is easy to process.


  •  A range of motion  is not large enough

6. Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance

best rainfall showerheadWhat does the name ‘Raindance’ bring to your head? Images of you dancing in the rain, right? Hangsrohe 27474001 Raindance is enough to give you the rain experience, having a diameter of 9.35 inches. It’s made of brass) but chrome-plated) and has flexible silicon nozzles. It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM but the effect it has on your body feels like 7.5 GPM!

It also has an inbuilt QuickClean anti-calcification which makes it easy for you to rub off lime-scale deposits from the soft nozzles to prevent clogging.

On installation, this model is wall-mounted, and comes with a one year warranty.

What we actually liked about this rain shower head includes;

  • It’s large diameter which creates an intense shower experience.
  • The design, chrome-plated brass disk, amalgamates quality and style.
  • Its quickClean anti-calcification function makes cleaning of the nozzles super-easy!
  • Airpower technology which aerates the water, making it soft and what you feel on your skin are soft ‘raindrops’.
  • It is a universal head, which can be used with any shower.

The problem we had with this rainfall shower head;

  • It has a one year warranty. This is very short, compared to other similar shower heads that offer lifetime limited warranty.

7. Dream Spa Rainfall Shower Head

best rated rain shower headA bathroom should not be a dull place where you only rush to have a quick shower and move out. It should be a place where you get pure psychological relaxation, enjoy its ambiance and feel like you’re in heaven. It should be lively, and Dream spa rainfall shower head is that fancy gadget that complements the décor of your bathroom big time.

One of this shower head’s strengths is its appearance. It’s sleek and modern, finished in an attractive chrome wrap. The shower head jets are considerable in size but fit in well with the rest of the product. Complementing this head is a lip running around the edge that gives it a substantial appearance to fit in any modern bathroom.

LED Colors.

When you turn this unit on, there are three colors that light up, giving you a signal on when it is safe to go under the shower. How?

The three colors are red, blue and green. Blue means that the water is running cold with a medium tinge. The appearance is serene. Red means danger, always. In this case, it means that the water is incredibly hot and not safe for showers (pretty obvious, huh). Green, on the other hand, means that the water temperature is right for a shower hence you can go ahead. Well, we have road traffic lights, here we have bathroom traffic lights.

Dream Spa has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and it comes with 5 unique modes, from water-saving pulse to power rain.

Dream Spa’s pros include;

  • It’s incredibly attractive! This shower head totally fits in with any modern bathroom.
  • It has 5 shower head modes, more than most LED light shower heads.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • Comes with a one year warranty, with a potential of over 10,000 hours use.
  • Its shower hose is very long.
  • The lights from the LED make it unnecessary to switch on the lights, hence that saves money paid for electricity.


– It doesn’t feel very solid to the touch.

Important to note is the fact that the nut should be HAND-TIGHTENED, and not by use of wrench or pliers.

8. WaterPik AST AquaScape Dual Mode Oval Showerhead

rain shower headsIf you want to have a great rainfall experience while you do not have a great budget, Waterpik Aquascape shower head is what you need. For as little as $36.99, you get to maximize your existing shower space without even adjusting your plumbing, to get the best rainfall experience. Many clients have argued that, with its quality, this rainfall shower head should be going for thrice its current price.

Some of its pros include;

  • Its design makes it easy to install.
  • Due to its advanced OptiFlow technology, Waterpik Aquascape pumps water by almost 30% more pressure.
  • The shower head’s chrome finish allows the shower head to be installed in almost any bathroom!
  • It has two spray modes which give you a gentle, relaxing experience.
  • It is multipositional (Can work with horizontal or vertical positioning)
  • It has 60 inozzles that give you upto 50% more overall spray coverage than other similar shower heads.
  • It has a button that you press to switch shower modes, instead of having to rotate the shower head manually.
  • It has a removable restrictor which allows you customize how many GPMs you want to use every day.

And its cons;

  • Every 6-10 months, you need to bring it down and clean it, otherwise it will clog.
  • It feels a little flimsy when there’s no water running through.
  • Despite its good body coverage, it doesn’t match other shower heads which boast more jets.

9. WASSA Anti-clog, Anti-Leak Chrome Rain Shower Head

best rain shower headOne of the most likable things about this rain shower head is that it has a wide array of features, eg anti-clog, anti-leak and it’s of a modernized design. These features make it stand out amongst the various similar shower heads in the market currently. It requires slow maintenance, and its stream of water is very constant. This shower head comes with a restrictor that is very easy to remove and you can remove it at your convenience. It has a swivel ball which lets you change the direction in which the water is flowing.

Some of its pros include;

  • Its quality. This shower head’s features indicate that it has gone through strict quality checks.
  • The material used, AB5 is high quality and makes it light and easy to use.
  • It has self-cleaning nozzles
  • It is easy to install, you do not need a plumber.

And its cons;

  • Its design doesn’t suit all the bathroom types.

10. WantBa 8” Wide Wall Mountable Rainfall Showerhead

Imagine 157 jets from one shower head, isn’t that the closest you can ever come to a real-time rain experience? That’s what this shower head offers. The shower head has a radius of four inches (as the heading suggests, eight inches diameter) and its jets come with a patented microhole technology that gives you a controlled flow of water. This shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, making it very efficient.

Another feather in its hat is the modifiable ball whose role is to control as well as spread out the flow of the jets.

Some of its pros include;rainfall showerhead reviews

  • With such a diameter, WantPa rainfall shower head gives you a broad all-covering spray that feels like the rain itself.
  • The rubber nozzles make it easy for you to wipe away calcium and lime build up, softening the hard water.
  • Its design which makes it stand out of other shower heads.
  • The jets are evenly spread out, giving you a calming and soothing experience.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • The finish feels nice, and is very well done.
  • The shower head remains unaffected by temperature and water conditions.
  • This shower head is relatively cheap, compared to its equals in the market.

However on the flipside;

  • Some people may find this shower head a bit dissatisfying in terms of the water pressure, which depends on personal preferences.
  • There have been complaints from customers about this shower head’s nozzle plate separating from the upper housing.

There’s more to a shower than just getting rid of the dirt in your body. It goes deep into giving you a different feeling, making you feel fresh, massaging you and of course, it should be lively. A rain shower head does just that, while some go a notch higher and provide incredible décor to complement an already great modern bathroom. If what you need is a great shower experience, a great feel of your place and look, then settle for nothing less, go for a rainfall shower head. We made it easy for you with these ten rain shower heads.