Best High Pressure Showerhead: A Buyers Guide

Have you ever been to a hotel whose high pressure shower heads are so cool that you end up forgetting all about time and overstay? You totally forget about a meeting you were getting ready for, because their shower heads are quite an experience?

Or maybe, that family friend you had paid a week-long visit but you made it three days because their shower heads were uhm… pathetic?

Well, a nice shower is some type of massage itself. It soothes, it makes you relax and even after a hectic day you’ll feel fresh. But if you have a bogus shower head, then you’ll feel more wasted, especially if the shower has low pressure.

That’s where the best high pressure shower heads come in.

If you want to get the most out of your time in the shower each day, it is imperative that your water pressure is just right. Many people have problems with low water pressure, whether it is because of the plumbing in their home or the shower head they are using. One easy and cheap way to go about increasing your water pressure is to invest in a new higher pressure shower head, but there are some things that you should know before making a final decision. Water pressure can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the overall quality of your showers, and you will definitely want to read the following information before going to the store or browsing the web to find a new shower head.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

There are numerous reasons why someone may experience issues with low water pressure in their home, including:

  • Your shower head: Sometimes low water pressure is the result of the shower head you are using, as not all are designed to provide maximum pressure.
  • Your plumbing: The culprit could also be the pipes running throughout your house or property; this is especially common with older houses.
  • Your municipal water supply: If you are in an apartment and share a plumbing system with other units, you might experience low water pressure. This is usually done by design to save money.

If you experience problems with lower water pressure in all of the bathrooms in your house, the cause is most likely the plumbing or the municipal water supply on the property. You can call a plumber to check your plumbing for corrosion or obstructions that might be preventing you from getting the best possible water pressure. These are two common reasons for lower water pressure, and the solutions are usually simple and cheap, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to correct the problem.

Another common explanation for low water pressure is the shower head that is being used. Your current shower head could be causing this problem, in which case you will simply need to replace it. You can also try cleaning your current shower head to remove anything that dirt or grime that might be obstructing the flow of water. If you suddenly start having experiencing low water pressure in your shower, you can try removing or modifying the flow restrictor in your shower head.

United States law states that shower heads can only be sold with a water flow of not more than 2.5 gallons per minute. Most companies that manufacture shower heads add a small plastic piece called a flow restrictor to their products in order to comply with this law.

You will be able to remove the flow restrictor from your shower head by simply unscrewing the head. First you will need to identify the plastic piece and pull it out using a pair of pliers or some other tool. Certain shower heads have flow restrictors that can be difficult to remove, in which case you might have to screw a screw into it so you will have something to grip onto when pulling it out.

If you want to abide by the law while saving money on your water bill, you can purchase a shower head that is designer for higher water pressure.

What is a high pressure shower head?

Higher pressure shower heads are designed to provide the user with maximum water pressure with the same exact amount of water flow as a regular shower head.

These shower heads are able to provide increased water pressure because of their chamber design or adjustable spray settings that the user can modify depending on their preference. Air and pressure is added to the water coming through the shower head through the pressure chamber, resulting in water coming out at a higher pressure.

Benefits of using a high pressure shower head

  • A better feel: A hot shower isn’t quite as enjoyable with lower water pressure. Even cold showers in the summer can feel much better with high water pressure hitting your body all over.
  • Efficiency: With a high pressure shower head, you will be able to get all of the soap off your body and shampoo out of your hair much faster and more efficiently.
  • Lower water usage: A higher pressure shower head will allow you to increase the pressure of your water while using less water.

Finding the best high pressure shower head for you

It is important that you take the time to find a high pressure shower head that will meet all of your needs. There are many different options and factors to consider before making a final decision, so you will need to consider all of them when trying to find the perfect shower head for you.

  • Size: Some high pressure shower heads are wide while others are narrower. If you have very low water pressure in your home, a narrower head might be the better option because you will get a smaller spray but more power.
  • Design: Are you looking for a shower head with adjustable settings so you can get it exactly how you want? Many high pressure shower heads have this option, but some offer more settings than others.
  • Flow rate: Even though it may be tempting to choose a shower head offers a pressure amount as close to 2.5 as legally possible, many of them are designed specifically for low flow systems, so you might not get what you expect. If you are dissatisfied with the water pressure of your new shower head, you can always try removing the flow restrictor.
  • Quality: The overall quality of the shower head you purchase will definitely be important, so you will have to take the time to find one that uses high quality parts so you can use it for a very long time.

Speakman S-2252 Signature Icon Anystream Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head

high pressure shower head for low water pressure

  • Anystream 3600 technology
  • It’s manufactured using durable solid brass, which makes it long-lasting.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Boasts 64 powerful water sprays from 6 fully adjustable jets
  • Some of its settings will make it hard for you to conserve water.

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The Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream is one of the highest rated high pressure shower heads available on the market, used in luxury hotels all around the world. This shower head is made with a highly durable brass material and covered in polished chrome that guarantees an extraordinarily long life.

There are 6 jets on this shower head that deliver 48 individual streams of water to ensure a powerful drenching spray, even if you happen to have a low pressure system in your home. The patented Plunger System that this shower head uses consists of a series of plungers that combine individual streams for maximum coverage and performance.

The unique and innovative Anystream technology this shower head uses is responsible for the powerful and intense spray it is capable of delivering. The shower head is designed with a lever handle so you will be able to rotate a complete 360 degrees in any direction. The spray patterns with this shower head are highly versatile, allowing you to get a water massage or a thorough soak with the Drenching setting.

This is the best high pressure shower head overall. Here is why;

  • Speakman has a notable feature of the rotating handle. No other showerhead has that feature, and this places Speakman S-2252 above the rest. Besides, it’s made of solid durable brass, which makes it last years and years to be used by different persons.

Even when the water is under low pressure, this head shower has consistent powerful spray. Besides, it has a corrosion-resistant finish. Speakman S-2252 comes in different colors (Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Brass, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel and Polished Chrome) so you have an array of colors to choose from while in size, it is smaller than other Speakman showerheads. It measures 4x 2.8x 4inches, compact enough to fit in your small shower stall.

Installing this showerhead should not be difficult since, it’s got a 3600 rotational feature. Additionally, it fits to all standard plumbing connections. It comes with a roll of plumbers’ tape which you should use to mount it on a wall. 

You wrap the tape around the shower-arm, attach this shower head and you’re set to enjoy your shower! Speakman costs around $67 and it comes with a lifetime limited warranty. What makes Speakman S-2252 the best high pressure shower head? First and foremost is its quality. Speakman S-2252 is made of solid durable brass, which makes it last longer than the rest. Besides, it’s 3600 technology. 

Worth to note;

  • Speakman S-2252 boasts of a 3600 technology that lets you turn the handle infinitely, and choose a specific pattern.
  • Speakman S-2252 showerhead’s self-cleaning nozzles make sure that the head shower doesn’t get clogged up with material build-up.

Delta Faucet 2-Spray H2Okinetic Shower Head

best shower head for small space

  • It is well designed falling under the category of Green Products.
  • Has an inbuilt control lever to handle water pressure and shower modes.
  • It has different adjustable spray settings.
  • Its diameter is 3-7/8 inches, standard for most body types.
  • It’s made of plastic, which makes it delicate, weak and prone to destruction. Hence it requires careful handling.
  • It’s noisy. Delta 75152 when switched to water-saving mode is described as loud squealing noisy, both piercing and irritating.
  • It has less shower settings compared to the rest.

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The Delta Faucet 75152 is by far one of the most popular high pressure shower heads you will find online, and it offers incredible spraying efficiency that covers a wide area while allowing you to save on your water bill each month. One of the biggest benefits of this particular shower head is that it offers dual flow settings (2.5 and 1.85 gpm), which is a feature you will not find with many others.

The H20KINETIC water amplifying technology that this shower head uses is able to concentrate the flow of water through four individual spray nozzles, resulting in larger than usual water droplets. This innovative design will allow you to save up to 36% more water than most traditional shower heads, which is just one of the many reasons you should consider buying it.

Just like Speakman, this one is also adjustable, although it gives you freedom to make some decisions. It’s designed in a user friendly manner with a contemporary design with four large spray holes. The showerhead has a swivel metal ball which gives the head a 3600 rotation.  

Some of its features include;

  1. 85- 2.50 GPM flow rate. It’s a range because you get to decide how much water you will use/save.
  2. H2O kinetic Technology
  3. Clog-free holes.
  4. Color- Chrome
  5. Limited lifetime warranty.

Important features to note

  1. H2O kinetic technology which sculpts water into a unique wave pattern. This gives you that feeling of using so much water even when you’re using very little.
  2. It also gives you freedom to choose the flow rate you’d like to use.
  • In-built volume control lever.
  1. Has different shower modes, basic ones being Water saving mode and drench shower mode.

Speakman, Polished Chrome S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

best handheld shower head for low water pressure

  • This high pressure showerhead delivers massage with 5 water jets which can create 50 different streams.
  • It is economical as it is cheap and saves water.
  • It is easy to adjust.
  • It has self-cleaning nozzles.
  • It’s constructed from plastic, which makes it prone to destruction.
  • Its self-cleaning nozzles need occasional cleaning.

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From the Speakman family, Speakman S-2005-HB is one of the best High pressure shower heads. First of all, it comes in four different colours for you to choose from: Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Brushed Chrome. 

The shower head is a mix of plastic and chrome. The plastic is to have it as light as possible with a chrome finish. If the plastic was replaced by chrome then over time the water would leave stains on it. 

It has a 2.5 GPM flow rate. It also has self-cleaning nozzles whose spray performance is consistent and powerful even under low water pressure. 

A simple rotation of the shower head’s handle results in a different type of spray, which can be intense, massage or combination spray pattern. This high pressure shower head has 5 infinitely adjustable water jets that can produce 8 massage sprays and 50 water streams.

Although the showerhead has self-cleaning nozzles, you’ll occasionally be required to clean the shower head with warm water and mild soup to avert it from looking grungy after some time. 

Speakman S-2251 Signature Icon Anystream Adjustable High Pressure Shower Head

  • very easy to install and maintain.
  • Its construction of durable solid brass makes it last longer
  • It has a steady flow rate of 2.5GPM.
  • Even under low pressure, its spray is consistent.
  • The unit doesn’t incorporate massage and pulse settings.
  • It does not have a shower arm and flange.

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The third Speakman product in the list, Speakman S-2251 Icon Anystream high pressure adjustable shower head is an incredible unit. This unit differs from the initial speakman release in various ways.

However, its beauty is in its design. Entirely made of brass which ensures a clean and durable unit that will does not corrode or even crack under pressure. It also has different and diverse spray patterns to choose from, possible by use of its seamlessly rotating handle, thanks to the patented Anystream technology. There are different intensities to choose from;

  • Rain setting- for a soothing feel
  • Flood setting- for a drenching barrage of thick and wet water sprays on your skin.

Vida Alegria 5-Inch Spashower High Pressure Shower Head

best dual shower head for low water pressure

  • Durable construction that does not break or rust.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • It has a long, flexible hose for showering.
  • It has water-saving features that are vital for RVs and boats.
  • It has a rather dissatisfying low water pressure that has raised concerns among some clients.

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This high pressure shower head is another strong contender for the Best High Pressure Shower Head. It measures 4.7 x 4.7 x 3.7 inches and has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. It only comes in chrome-polished Nickel (with a white face). 

If you want the feel of an authentic spa in the comfort of your own bathroom, this shower head is definitely worth taking a close look at. The 5 different spray modes this shower offers will allow you to customize your shower experience each time. Whether it is a pulsating massage to decrease stress and muscle tension or a relaxing spray, you will be able to decide what kind of shower you want to take.

You will receive a detailed instruction manual with this shower head that explains how to install the unit as well as all of the different settings it comes with and how to activate each of them. This shower head is made for long lasting durability with a solid brass connector and ball joint. If you want a shower head that isn’t made of cheap plastic so you can keep it using for more than just a year or two, this one is certainly worth considering.

If you have a low water pressure system in your house or you do not get enough power from this shower head, you can always remove the flow restrictor by following the instructions that are included in the manual.

It is made of plastic, which protects it from overtime staining, unlike it would be with chrome. It has silicone jets which are easily cleaned by wiping your fingers over them. Besides, it comes with a brass connector to the water supply and a flow restrictor. The high pressure shower head comes in high-end finishes; Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil rubbed Bronze. 

Worth noting are these three features about Vida Alegria High pressure shower head;

  1. It has 5 modes for its spray- power massage, pressure drench, 2 mixes, relaxing rain and drizzle. Drizzle mode is water saving, meant for water conservation.
  2. This shower head uses a solid brass joint, not like the plastic one used by many of the high pressure shower heads on the market. This ball joint gives room for a water-tight and solid attachment of the joint to the metal shower arm. This is because you can tighten it without any fear of it cracking. This can’t be achieved with more brittle plastic ball joints.
  3. Alegria High pressure shower head has a flow restrictor which is easily removable and this helps if you have a low pressure problem.

This high pressure shower head is wall-mounted and like the other high pressure shower heads it comes with a free roll of Teflon tape to be used for installation. It also comes with a detailed information on how to install and how to remove the flow restrictor if need be. What’s more, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Waterpik ASD 833 AquaScape 8 Mode Showerhead

dual shower head with handheld

  • It is solid and reliable.
  • It comes with different spray settings
  • It’s cheap, compared to shower heads of similar quality.
  • Fully adjustable spray that has got several patterns.
  • Its design does not allow it to conserve water
  • A small bathroom/drain can easily flood
  • It’s made of metal, which can rust with time.

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One thing about Aquascape is that you can angle it towards specific body parts. It is easy to install and is budget-friendly. Besides, it’s precise, solid and robust designed for two purposes. First is to give you a decent shower head that doesn’t wear out quickly and to provide you with a way to improve and low water-pressure. If in any case your pressure gets too high, all you need to do is go to the spray settings and control the water flow to a mode of your choice. 

This high pressure shower head comes with a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Neptune Dual Shower Heads-Chrome

  • Made of durable, solid brass manifold.
  • It fits in all standard shower arms.
  • The chrome that is used goes for years without wearing out.
  • It is super-easy to install.
  • It’s difficult to rinse as it is not removable.
  • It has a very small radius, which means less coverage compared to other similar models.

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There are plenty of reasons as to why this high pressure shower head made it to this list. But mainly is its design which is luxurious and has the most advanced features you can ever find on a high pressure shower head.

What’s your priority when looking for a showerhead? If you’re looking for quality, durability plus variety then you will settle on Neptune Dual Shower Head. This will suit you pretty well. Why? Because the shower head is fully made of a shiny metal, which means it will be used for years going through multiple daily usages. Using the dual showerhead can be fun as it allows two people (couples) enjoy a shower together, each person having their preferred spray. It has various settings, from soft spray that soothe your body to full blast spray that hits your body with so much pressure. 

Waterpik Shower Head 5 Mode

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This shower head is one of the most economical models you will find on the market and it is designed with Opti Flow technology for high pressure water flow. The system in this shower head offers a wide spray that will cover your entire body and delivers an increased water force of 30% compared to that of most traditional shower heads. Even those with a low water pressure system will find this model to be a solid overall investment. If you want to increase the pressure of this shower head, you always have the option of removing the flow restrictor.

Other than the incredible water flow, this shower head also allows you to choose from 5 different modes, including full-body, slow massage, pulsating massage, misting spray, and full body + massage modes, so you can personalize your shower experience. Simply rotate the spray control ring to choose which setting you want to use at any given time.

Smart Way to Choose a Good High Pressure Shower Head

There are many reasons aside from effective showering as to why you should choose a high pressure shower head. For one, this type of shower head often comes with great spray power. Most models also provide many spray jet options to give strong and stimulating water flow.

Secondly, high pressure shower heads require easy installation. You won’t even need a professional plumber to do the work for you so you can save up a lot of money. Also, shower heads of this type helps you save money by saving a great amount of water. What’s more, because of the high pressure of the shower’s spray jets, your skin are left not with a residue on it making you feel clean, fresh, and wonderful after a shower.

Are there any disadvantages to using a high pressure shower head?

Unfortunately, if there are advantages to be had, there are also drawbacks that you should be aware of. Due to the high pressure of this type of shower heads, you might expect low performance if you don’t have enough water supply to get to.

High pressure shower heads cannot be connected directly to the main water supplier so it needs a high pressure counter. Also, the constant use of high pressure can cause your water system to have a low water volume due to backflow. And if you really want your showers to work well, you may have to install a gravity fed water system into your home.

However, between the advantages and disadvantages, the upside of having a high pressure shower head definitely wins. So if you’re ready, here are some helpful tips on how to choose a good high pressure shower head for your home.

  • Choose A Shower With Adjustable Sprays

Although there are many products to choose from, even high pressure shower heads are designed differently to offer customers varying shower experience. Instead of having a shower spray designed to spray with just one setting, choose one with an adjustable design. That way, you can alternate your shower experience whenever the mood strikes you.

  • Consider The Water Pressure In Your House

This is another important point when you’re choosing your shower head. Narrow high pressure shower heads are best if your house’s water pressure is slow. This type will only provide a small spray area but the high pressure will still be there. On the other hand, if you don’t have any problem with water pressure and you already have a gravity fed water system, then you can indulge with a large shower head.

  • Check For The Shower Head’s Flow Rate

Saving water can also help you lower down your water bills and different shower heads work with different flow rate of water. Choose a shower head that will not produce more than 2.5 gallon per minute (gpm) so that you don’t unnecessarily waste water. You should also make sure that there is no flow restrictor in your shower head. Today though, most models allow between 1.5 to 1.75 gpmso you can save more on your water consumption.

  • Always Check For Quality

Quality always trumps quantity. While you may be concerned about prices, you should always seek to buy a high quality shower rather than a cheap one. The tendency is that, quality shower heads will last you longer without having to replace it after a few years even if they cost a bit the first time you purchased it. Whereas pining for cheap and low quality ones might have your shower head breaking down on you. Worst, it might break while you are in the middle of a shower and you’re just about to rinse your body from soap.

Just take note of these four important things when you’re out looking for a good high pressure shower head and surely, you will find the best one that is just perfect for your home.

So if you’re making a choice on a high pressure shower head, there are very many options. However, you need to research to know which showerhead fits your shower room. Besides, which type of high-pressure shower head do you prefer? Here is a guide to help you make this important decision;

  1. Rain Shower-heads.

Rain shower-heads provide a wide-water dispersal pattern. This is because they come with a large head. This pattern creates the feeling of a light and soothing springtime rain.

  1. Aerating shower-heads.

Aerating High Pressure shower heads give you a more refreshing sensation by mixing air with water before it leaves the shower head. These two elements create more pressure and a great sense of water flow. Aeration also creates a fine mist that you’ll absolutely enjoy. The only undoing however is that this water can cool by at most 150 after being mixed with air.

  1. Handheld shower-heads.

Such shower-heads are attached to a flexible pipe which lets you hold the shower head. The pipes can be rubber, plastic or even metallic. Hand-held shower-heads have switches that you use to start, control and stop the flow of water. They are mostly popular in Europe.

  1. Multi-setting-setting shower heads.

Mostly we have different water pressure preferences but a shower head offers only one setting. However, some shower heads offer the option to adjust the water flow and pressure to fit what you prefer. These are good in families since different people have different preferences.

  1. Multi-position shower heads.

What if you want the high pressure shower head that has qualities of the hand-held shower head but you don’t want to hold it in your hand? That’s where multi-position high pressure shower heads come in. You can angel them to fit any position you may like without worrying yourself about holding it. Your hands are free. However, constant changing of positions will cause the joints to wear out and eventually the shower head’s life span will be short compared to other shower heads.


Q: How do you remove the water restrictor on this model?

A: Use a wine opener or tweezers.

Q: What’s the difference between 2.5 GPM and 2.0GPM?

A: GPM means Gallon per Minute. Hence 2.5 GPM passes 0.5 gallons more than 2.0 GPM.

Q: How can I get the hard materials out from the shower head jets?

A: To remove strict scale brought by hard water, take off the showerhead and soak it in any cleaning water. You can use lime scale remover as it does this perfect, then reinstall the showerhead for usage.

Q: How do I install a shower head?

A: Simple. Hold your old shower and unscrew it from the shower arm. The shower heads usually come along with Tephlon tapes. Wrap that around the threads of your shower arm that comes out of your shower wall. Take the best high pressure shower head and screw it onto the shower arm. There, you’re done!

What is a shower head?

This is a perforated nozzle that distributes water over a solid angle aimed at a given body. Without the shower head, the water from that pipe is running just like a tap, you can only use it to wash hands and not bathing.

There are different types of shower heads; Fixed shower heads, shower handsets (hand-set shower faucets), adjustable shower heads and shower panels.

And why do you need a shower head?

  1. Like we said, it helps the water from the pipe cover a large area of you when bathing.
  2. It saves water, by distributing it equally on your body consistently.
  3. It saves time. Taking a shower with the help of a shower head saves time, rather than scooping or using a bath-tub.
  4. It’s enjoyable. Some shower heads offer more than just a shower, as some give massaging sprays.

Sometimes, water in the region is coming at a very low pressure. You will in turn waste so much time in the shower room, having the shower will mean you work hard to clean your body, you will use so much water and at the end of the day electricity and water bills will be high.

A good shower should have high pressure, the water should strongly land on your body. A high water pressure helps you have a better bath, wash easily, and of course that saves water and electricity bills as it is fast.

The best high pressure shower head intensifies the water pressure of your shower. That’s its main purpose. How does it achieve this? It does it by two means- having a pressure chamber that forces the water out faster or having fewer holes for the water to come out.

So, besides high pressure, what else does the best shower head have? Which is the best shower head to begin with? We’ll take a look at five of the best high pressure shower heads. But, what should you consider when choosing the best high pressure shower head for your shower room? Consider;

  1. Size- The bigger the radius of the shower head the wider the water coverage on your body during shower time. However, you still look at the space in your shower room, does it fit?
  2. Quality- Well, we always want the best of the best. Given a choice, nobody goes for something that is second option, but something well-made.
  • Flow Rate- Most high pressure shower heads have a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.
  1. Installation in relation to your shower room. Will it fit? Some shower heads are designed to be wall-mounted while others are designed to be mounted on the ceiling. Pick one that fits your shower room plumbing.
  2. Style- High pressure shower heads are luxuriously designed, from modern to classic. There’s also a wide range of colours to choose from, giving you room to choose what will fit in well with the colour of your shower room.
  3. Price- Of course, it has to be affordable. Are you able and willing to pay the amount of money needed for the shower head?
  • Warranty- You should also look at the warranty of the shower head. Is it one year? Is it a lifetime limited warranty?

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