Child Size Shower Head Reviews: A Guide to Finding the Best Shower Head for Your Children

Best Kids Shower Head

If you want your kid to do something, make them want to do it. The same applies to showering. Showering can be really fun for kids, or outright scary, depends on how it is presented to them. How do you make kids want to shower? You do the following;

  1. Supervise them. If your kid is old enough and confident to shower by himself/herself, supervise them in the bathroom as they shower. Guide them through.
  2. Join them in the shower. Kids learn so much by observing. Take them with you (if you’re a man go with your son, a mother should go with their daughter) and as you shower, walk the kid through the whole process.
  • Use bath toys. A bath toy is a toy that is used to engage a toddler as it is being cleaned by their parent. They will enjoy playing and they can’t get bored of being washed.
  1. Encourage them. Kids want to feel proud, tell them how proud of them you are now that they are using the ‘grown up’ shower. They sure will strive to make you proud.
  2. Get a kids shower head. Kids shower heads are the best solutions to make kids shower. They are fun, kids can’t get tired with taking showers in these shower heads.

Kids have their own special shower heads. We can’t use the regular shower heads for our kids because;

  • The kids will be rebellious. They won’t see any reason to have a shower, they’ll dread shower time.
  • Kids’ skins are very sensitive. The pressure with which a regular shower heads flow with might harm their skin.
  • Regular shower heads have settings that favour the adults (temperature pressure etc).
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What is a kids shower head?

best kids showerheadThis is a shower head whose design is totally aimed at the kid, it’s both functional and fun with animal and cartoon characters. In most cases the shower heads have some additional plastic or rubber.

A kid’s shower head has the following advantages;

  • It is lower. While regular shower are highly placed because of the user’s height, a kid’s shower head is placed low. This ensures a gentler and softer water spray. Water from high heights might hurt and scare the kid away.
  • The spray is not as sharp as the regular shower head. With kids’ skins being so sensitive, these shower heads soothingly caresses their skins without hurting them.
  • It adds fun to the whole shower experience. Most kids’ shower heads are designed in the heads of animals. These make the shower interesting as kids love cartoons and all the pomp and colour therein.
  • Helps kids start using the shower. With the fun stated above, and the fact that the shower heads are their size, your kid will develop a showering culture. Showering by themselves as they grow without your supervision. It will save you time and much more.
  • Their spray is gentler and easier. This won’t hurt or scare them.

When Choosing A Shower Heads for Kids

Best Kids Shower Head

  • Know your kid’s interest. Is it colours or cartoons? If it’s colours, which one is it? Kids mostly love bright colours, pink for instance. For animals and cartoon heads you can look for the best, they are many.
  • Go for an adjustable option. Your kid is growing and you do not want to buy a new shower head after every six months.
  • Ensure it’s easy to install and remove.
  • Consider your child’s safety. In a child, the co-ordination between the hand and the mouth is so high. Ensure there is no small shower parts or buttons that your child might put inside their mouth by mistake.
  • See if it’s easy to modify. As your child grows up, is it easy for you to remove the cartoon character when it no longer interests them? Can the shower head be changed to allow use of standard adult shower cap?
  • Well, we all want something that lasts and it’s same with kids shower heads. Look for a shower head that will last long.
  • Look at the number of spray jets. It should have a range of spray jets for even dispersion of water and minimal water pressure.
  • Read reviews on what other users say about different types of kids’ shower heads. It helps you make a good choice and avoid disappointments after purchase.
  • Consider its height if it isn’t adjustable. Don’t buy something that is shorter than you baby, or maybe a shower head that will end up spraying the water into his/her eyes directly.
  • See whether it is easy to change back to the regular shower. Look out for combo hand-held showers or ones with a shut-off valve design.

Best Child Size Shower Head Reviews

If you’re wondering which the best kids shower heads are, worry no more. We’ve done it all for you, we’ll review the best 5 of them, and let you make your choice.

  1. Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Head

child size shower headDoes your kid love dolphins? Then he/she will surely love this! This is the best-selling kids shower head out there. Manufactured using quality metal, this kid’s shower head is very easy to use and durable.

You do not have to disconnect the regular shower head from the arm to connect this as Rinse Ace 3901 is detachable. It allows you to store the existing fixture between uses as it connects easily between them.

Depending on your kid’s height, you can position this head’s hose the way you like as it is long, measuring three feet. This child size shower head measures 4.5” x 5.8” x 8” and weighs 11.8 ounces.

Coming in a red color with a chrome finish, your kid is likely to love the brightness it brings with it. The soft spray is very ideal for kids, with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. It comes with a warranty of one year.

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  • The hose is long and well designed.
  • The shower head is made of good quality metal which ensures durability.
  • It is bright and the colours interesting to kids.
  • Its friendly design, the friendly dolphin character inspires a kid’s imagination hence no fear.
  • Detachability of the hose makes this product safer if at any time your kid decide to sneak and play with their new friend the dolphin in the bathroom.
  • It is easy to install, clean and store.
  • This shower head cultivates the sense of independence in your kid as they feel responsible being in possession of their own shower head.
  • It is light.
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  • All of this shower head’s fittings are plastic. Which means if you over-tighten you’ll break and ruin them.
  • There were complaints from some customers that the valve would not divert water flow from the main shower to the small ones.
  • The connection cup doesn’t work efficiently as they don’t hold the horse in place.
  • Use of the head will certainly need your supervision as an adult.

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  1. Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Combo Shower head

Best kids shower head sizeEvery kid loves Mickey Mouse and this shower dual shower head uses that advantage to make showering a funfilled experience to your kid.

Certified by water sense, Oxygenics 79368 is 2 pounds heavy and measures 10.5 x 4.5 x 14.5 inches.

To reduce slipping, Mickey Mouse Combo is equipped with a rubber grip while its hose also has a comfort lever which is used to adjust the water pressure to your preference.

Besides, it has a set of fifteen spray combination settings. You can use each shower head individually or together as it has a three-way diverter.

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  • It comes with 15 spray combinations.
  • It has Oxygenics pressure-boosting technology.
  • You can control and adjust the water pressure using its comfort control lever
  • It has a non-slip rubber grip.
  • It is light, weighs just two pounds
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  • Many clients complained that it starts leaking after a few months.
  • Its pressure reduces with time.
  1. Rubber Duckie & Friends Kids shower head unit

This adorable kids’ shower wand takes the fun to a whole new level. The most interesting bit about Rubber Duckie & Friends is it comes in 5 animated figures; Duckie the duck, Dollie the Dolphin, Froggie the frog, Hippie the Hippo and Ollie the Oger (Or Rickie the Rhino).

These shower heads are good for bathing and rinsing. Besides, they’re nice for all ages hence transitioning from baths to showers isn’t a great deal. This is the most popular shower wand.

Each shower head comes with 51 spray jets that offer a gentle 1.5 GPM sprays. They shower can attach to the existing shower arm and they have an included diverter to switch water from the main shower. Important to note is the x-long 6” hose which reaches the back of any standard tub. You can mount it anywhere using the suction cups. It weighs 1.2 pounds and measures 4” x 4” x 8.5” and each kit comes with a movable mount.

What we loved about this shower head unit;

  • It has an extra-long hose.
  • It can be handheld or wall-mounted
  • The rubber suction cups makes it so moveable.
  • It has a water flow diverter to switch the water flow from mommy and daddy’s shower head to the kid’s.
  • The hose is universal.
  • It is very clean, despite having rubber it isn’t toxic in any way.
  • It is light since the material is plastic
  • The suction cup sticks to the tub or shower wall.

What we didn’t like;

  • Too much pressure causes it to leak
  • The hose , being plastic, is rigid and can cause the shower head to turn
  • Plastic is less durable
  • It is not adjustable.
  • On purchase, the delivery doesn’t come with a tape
  1. Ginsey Industries 4210 My Own Child Shower Head

Many kids will like this clown-fish-shaped shower head, weighing 12.8 ounces and measuring 2.2 x 6.5 x 9.5” and rightfully so because it can be their perfect choice. The spray of Ginsey Industries is smaller, softer and gentler.

If your child is going through transition or even learning how to shower alone, then look no further. This shower head has an adjustable height which ensures your child’s comfort during shower time is not compromised.

You can use it together with the regular shower head. To do this you install a one-time diverter valve between it and the shower arm.

What we loved about this shower head;

  • It has a 3-foot detachable hose
  • It is adjustable
  • It has diverter valve between the shower arm and the shower head.

What we didn’t like about it;

  • It contains chemicals known to cause cancer and other birth defects.
  • Some clients complained that the suction cup doesn’t stick to the wall.
  1. Oxygenics Minnie Mouse Combo Shower Head

The world-famous Minnie Mouse also takes its effect into the bathroom. Your kid will actually be as a jolly as he/she would have been with the Mickey Mouse. The Minnie Mouse Combo Shower head is a dual shower head with each of the two heads having a total of 15 spray combinations.

Presence of Oxygenic pressure-boosting technology is a plus. Besides the technology, Oxygenic Minnie Mouse Combo has a comfort control lever with which you can adjust the pressure. This is another light shower head, weighing two pounds and measuring 10.5 x 4.5 x 14.5”. The appealingly bright pink colour will excite your kid more.

What we loved about this shower head;

  • It’s easy to install and use
  • The Minnie Mouse is exciting and makes the child want to shower more often
  • You can use the shower head individually or together with the regular shower head at the same time.

What we didn’t like about it however;

  • The handheld showerhead does not stay in its holder
  • Customers expressed dissatisfaction, saying that it leaked


As you have observed, most of these kids’ shower heads have almost similar properties. What changes is the character that is used to appeal to the kid.  That however doesn’t make it easy to make a purchase, you need to be careful. Prioritize your kid’s safety as some of these kids’ shower heads can be harmful.