Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector Reviews

Bounty hunter bhjs junior review

The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior makes treasure-seeking a much simpler and efficient process with some admirable and highly innovative features.

Equipped with a high degree of discrimination control and some great metal detection features, the detector works perfectly in unearthing some of the most precious metals such as gold coins, wedding rings silver coins, iron relics, and other lost precious household items.

The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior is a relic hunter’s dream come true allowing users to apply it in professional metal detection functions. The volume of the Bounty Detector gets louder and louder as you come closer to your object thus helping you determine the depth during your search.

The detector is even equipped with a good metal detector headphone, which allows you to search for your precious objects without bothering those in the vicinity with its beeping sounds.

It is also smaller in size and really excellent for kids who can use it to play around and locate objects early on. The ease of use combined with its relative low price makes this one of the best metal detectors out there for locating your precious coins, jewelry and other precious gold and silver items.

The fact the product is proudly MADE IN USA is an additional boost but there are additional advantages to using the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior such the very generous warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Features of the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior

It is light in weight with a beautiful ergonomic design which allows for ease of use.

• This is a child-size metal detector which can be used to detect small coin sized objects which are up to five feet away. It can also detect large objects situated up to three feet away.

• Built with discrimination control which allows you to laser focus on particular objects and you can easily eliminate objects such as the pieces of iron.

• Provides signal strength measurement capabilities through the target indicator. As you get close to your target, the volume of the signal of the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior increases.

• You can carry out very private searches without bothering anyone in your vicinity thanks to the metal detector’s headphone jacks.

• You can use this on all kinds of valuable metallic objects

• Uses alkaline batteries which are affordable.


Small and compact design. The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior is probably one of the best gifts which you can purchase for your kid and at its low price, it offers excellent value for money.

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