Best Posture Bra Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you tired of ending your day with a sore back and shoulders? Are you ready to find a solution to your back pain? Then it may be time for you to look at getting a posture support bra.

If the pain has been looked at by a doctor and has suggested that you might benefit from more support from your bras, than this is what you are looking for. Women who are plus size, full figured or for lack of a better term, just have big breasts, often experience back, neck, and shoulder pain as a result.

While some people probably feel that you are quite well ‘gifted’ in that area, only the women know the real truth. Carrying around large breasts puts a lot of extra strain on your back and can often times be a burden as well as a blessing. For these women the answer is wearing bras for posture support.

The name posture bra is often a misnomer. Although they can improve your posture by pulling your shoulders back into the proper position, they have a much more useful purpose…relieving your back pain by adding much needed support.

This is done through the design and construction of the bras and can be a breath of fresh air for those women who need them.

The best posture support bras offer the wearer a respite from the pain that normal women’s lingerie provides in terms of lift and support. If you have a larger breast and cup size, from 34 C to 50DDD these bras can be a huge relief. Wearing them on a daily basis will keep you from experiencing the types of strains you normally but your body through.

One common type that is popular with women with an active lifestyle is the posture sports bra. They have a unique need, as the additional movements you go through during sports can put even more strain on your back than you would normally undergo during a standard day.

What ever it is that you decide to do, you have an option for alleviating your back and shoulder pain that you go through on a regular basis. Take a look at the various posture bra brands that are on the market and you are sure to find a solution that will work for you.

There are a lot of women who are wearing a bra that does not fit properly. Having a properly fitted bra can cause all sorts of health problems.

Back pains, headaches, and poor posture may result from an improperly fitted bra. The good news is women can correct their postures by wearing a special posture correcting bra.

Wearing a posture correcting bra will not only help support your back but it will also lessen the back pains that you may be experiencing.

There are a number of specialized posture bras available:

Everyday Bra

An everyday bra is a posture bra that is made out of cotton that is breathable. Women who are using this type of bra are enjoying the comfort that it gives them even because they can wear them for long periods of time each day.

The bra straps are cushioned for maximum comfort.

Waist Length Bra

If you are looking for a bra that will support your back daily, then the waist length bra maybe the one for you. This type of bra is also ideal for people who wear evening gowns, which require them to nip and tuck to the waist from the shoulder.

The waist length bra can certainly be worn if you want to achieve comfort while supporting your posture. This is also known as one of the most affordable type of support bra in the market today.

Midgrade Bra

This criss cross midgrade bra is perfect for women who want to enhance their posture but don’t want to look like they are wearing a bra for improving posture.

The comfort of this bra is flattering, wherein women can wear this bra for quite a long period of time.

There are different brands of midgrade bras that have wide straps to increase comfort. If you are looking for a bra that will help you to enhance your posture while giving you comfort then choosing the midgrade bra is ideal.

Custom Fit Bra

Now if you have tried all the posture bras in the market and you didn’t find the one that you are looking for, then having a custom fit bra is essential.

But you should remember that this will probably be costly. If you are suffering from serious posture problem then this type of bra is a great investment. This will not only help you enhance your posture, but will also help your health.

These are all the types of posture bras that will surely help you with your posture problems.

Now when it comes to choosing the right bra for yourself, there are some things that you need to consider. This will help you to purchase the right bra that will perfectly fit you and the one that won’t cause you problems later with your posture.

Size of Cup

The cup size of your bra should perfectly fit your breast. A perfect cup will cover your entire breast and not let your breast to overspill.

Under Wire

Bras that have under wires are only suitable for women who have large size breasts, though anyone can wear this type of bra except for breasts that are in the process of growing.

The wires of your bra should sit comfortably under the bone of the breast, which is near the ribcage. Avoid wires that are sticking out or digging into your breast, as these types of bras will make you feel uncomfortable.

Do Posture Bras Really Work?

posture corrector braOne of the more common questions that I’ve seen is whether or not a posture bra really works. But to clearly answer that we have to define what the person asking the question really means.

What would be your definition of success?

Will it correct your posture so that you have the appearance of a runway model? Or will it help me relieve the pain in my back?

The issue lies in what many people have as a misconception of what they can truly expect as a result of wearing one.

What’s the main aim of a posture bra?

The main goal of a posture back bra is to relieve the back pain or strain of the woman wearing it. Yes it does help by giving the appearance of more correct posture; however this should be looked upon as a pleasant secondary benefit.

Most women that seek out this type of women’s undergarment are looking to alleviate the daily strain that their back and shoulders go through.

The typical market for this type of lingerie is women with large breasts and plus size women. Having large breasts does put an extra amount of stress on the muscles in the upper back and shoulder area. If her breasts are not supported properly this can lead to hunched shoulders and a lifetime of back pain. Adding posture bra support can be one way of helping to mitigate the issue.

By adding wider straps, supporting crossover bands, a durable but comfortable design, and the right material the back posture bra is able to provide the wearer with the lift and support they need without sacrificing comfort and style. However just wearing this type of lingerie or undergarment will not fix your back pain all on its own.

To truly get the benefits of products like the Glamorise posture bra, you will also need to follow a stretching and muscle conditioning program. This can take on many forms, from simple exercises you can do at home, to something more like a full fitness workout at the gym, or maybe by taking a Pilates or yoga class. The goal is to strengthen your muscles to be able to hold up the extra weight large breasts put on your chest so things like posture bras are not necessary.

If your main goal is just correcting your posture than these might work for you as well. They will help keep your back straight and pull your shoulders back into a more correct position. It will in effect condition you to remember how your shoulders should be positioned when they are properly aligned.

However it is still not a bad idea to include a strengthening program as well, because a lot of what bad posture has to do with is weak muscles and poor muscle memory.

For those women that pursue an active lifestyle or are wishing to start, products like the Glamorise Magic Lift Posture Bra are a good way to go. They offer plenty of support; however they are not quite the same as a sport bra that one would typically wear for working out.

Though you can probably find a few selections at your local store, you may wish to browse some of the online shops to take a look at the varied product lines. This maybe especially appealing if you have a little hang-up about people knowing you are looking for these kinds of bras (but you really shouldn’t).

So, does a posture bra really work? Yes they sure do. But as I mentioned to really reap the benefit you will want to combine it with exercise in order to get the most relief from your back pain.

Joseph Andersen

Joseph Andersen

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