Top 10 Best Home Security Alarm Systems

Gone are the days when home security required homeowners to invest thousands of dollars to buy the equipment and pay for professional set up. Things have changed with the creation of affordable smart home gadgets. Besides, smart home gadgets do not require expert installation, you can setup the system all by yourself. Securing your homes has become more easier than it was a decade ago.


Even though there a few home security systems on the market, it can still be a daunting task for you to choose a good one. The first thing you should know is that a solid security system should have motion trackers, smart home connectivity or security cameras. To cut the story short, I will review the 5 best home security systems and guide you on how to buy one. Hopefully, my post will help you to make your home more secure than before.


Factors to consider when choosing a home security system

Investing in the best home security is not all about the equipment, there are so many things to consider before you make a purchasing decision. I am saying this because every home is different which means you will need something that will take care of all your needs.  Below are a few need-to-knows before you pick a home security system.

Security monitoring

It is important to understand which method your home security system uses to communicate with monitoring centers. The three main methods of communication available are landline, cellular and broadband internet. I always advise people to choose the most secure methods that are not prone to interference. Cellular monitoring is just perfect because it is very secure. Besides, you do not have to stress about power outages, loss of internet connection, or cut wires. Cellular monitoring is always available in areas with cell phone coverage.

In case you are on a budget, you can choose to use landline monitoring because it affordable. Additionally, it is available in areas where there are phone lines. The only problem with landline monitoring is that it can be tampered with. This means that thieves can disconnect your home security system from the monitoring station.

Hardwired vs. wireless security systems

The manner in which the security systems communicate with the control panel matters a lot. Unless you are looking to use your security system in commercial properties, you should always opt for systems that use wireless technology to connect to the equipment.

Features & equipment offerings

If you are looking to buy the best home security system, always make sure that your choice has a couple of smart features. Mind you, we are in the modern era where you should use smart devices to secure your home. When shopping for a home security system, you should always look at things such as video monitoring capability, ease of use, and home automation offerings.

Best Home Security Systems Reviews


In case you are looking for an affordable no-contract home security system, you might consider this monitoring system from SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe is one of the best home security systems especially because of its reliability and consistent monitoring response times. Setting this system is easy and the good thing is that its scalable to small and large-sized homes. Amazingly, SimpliSafe is one of the security systems that works with Amazon Alexa which provides you with the opportunity to check and arm the system using voice commands.

Once you buy the Foundation package, you will get a Base Station, Keypad, a yard sign, one motion sensor, one entry sensor, and two window decals.

In case you would like professional monitoring, you wil have to pay $15 per month. If you opt for the $25 per month plan, you will get support for Android and iOS smartphone apps, email and push alerts. Moreover, with this plan you will get a 30-day event footage storage for all your cameras.

The base station of this home security system uses cellular and Wi-Fi connections to communicate to the central monitoring station. You do not have to connect it to a router for it to work; this gives you the freedom to place it anywhere at home. Other features I love about SimpliSafe is that it has a 24 hour battery backup, UL certification, an adjustable 95 dB siren, and blue and red lights for alerts.

Sabre Security System

Sabre is the best home security system for guys who are looking for an affordable system. You no longer have to worry about protecting your family when you have this home alarm system. It is a good option for those families who are always at their homes. This is because the family members will be in a position to control their security without spending money on third party monitoring.

I found that Sabre has systems that are scalable. How? You are allowed to choose whether you want a simple or extensive system. You will be free to enhance your security with wireless window alarms, door alarm, and motion sensors. At least you can stay in your house comfortably knowing that the Sabre Wireless home security system will alert you if an intruder tries to gain entrance.  Once you purchase the wireless home alarm system kit, you will have access to the following:

  1. motion sensor with mounting bracket
    2. Key Fob remote control
    3. 2 window/door sensors
    4. Tri-color LCD display smart sensor

Good news is that you can customize this setup by adding other accessories to the system. The LCD display has a siren that goes off if any of the sensor is triggered. The siren is loud enough to be heard from a distance of 70 feet. You will definitely love how this home security system works.

IsmartAlarm home security system plus Package

Having used the Ismartalarm Plus Package for quite some time, I can confidently say that it is one of the best home security systems today. I love this system because of its convenience and perfect size. This effective home security system will help you to monitor and manage your home without fail. The package comes with a motion sensor for large areas, contact sensor that you can count on for window and door security, and a remote tag for easy control. Setting this system up requires only a few minutes of your time as there are no technicalities involved.

You will also love the fact that all the plus package sensors are wireless. This means you will have an easy time setting them up and also moving them whenever you want. In case you are looking for a security system that will provide good coverage for dangerous locations and entry points, then The iSmartAlarm plus is the way to go. Good thing is that this security system is expandable and customizable; you can always add devices to enhance the security of your home.

You can control iSmartAlarm system via your mobile device as long as you have the iSmartAlarm app. This means that the homeowner will receive alerts and monitor the sensors in real time from any location. In case of a breakin, the app will alert the family members with a message, phone call, email or push notification.

Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit

The Skylink SC-100 is a 4-zone system that was designed for use in small to medium sized homes, apartments, businesses, condos, and offices. I have been using this home security system for quite some time and I am proud that it protects my family from intruders and theft. Once you purchase the Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit, you will get a control panel, 2 window/door contact sensors, mounting hardware, motion sensor, keychain transmitter and an AC adapter. Amazingly, you will have an easy time installing the system as it utilizes trouble-free wireless connections.

Being one of the best home security systems, the SC-100 works with up to 30 Skylink accessories. This means that you can expand and customize this system to accommodate larger spaces. The other thing, I love about the SC100 is that it’s a DIY system, which means you can install it easily as there are no technicalities involved. At least , you will use this security system without paying any monitoring fees.

You will also love the fact that this home security system utilizes the rolling-code technology. This implies that the system will offer maximum security without raising false alarms. Additionally, its control panel is designed in a way that it will only respond to radio waves that are from its remote sensors. This feature prevents high-tech thieves from tampering with your system and duplicating signals.

Abode Security System

Abode Security system was designed for those guys who are looking or a smart home security system. This system works with IFTTT, AbodeRF, Z-Wave, Nest, Google Home and Zigbee. The good thing is that this system has an app that you can use to disarm the system, control third-party devices, and access camera.

Installing the Abode system is a walk in the park but the only problem is that placement is limited because the Abode hub has to be connected to your router via an ethernet cable. Although Abode is among the best home security systems, it tends to be a bit pricier than most of our top picks. When using the Adobe system, you can choose the free plan which allows for self-monitoring. You can also opt for the Connect plan which goes for $10 per month or the Connect + which will cost you $30 per month.

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