Gold Metal Detectors

Over the years metal detectors have developed very sophisticated tuning abilities that allow them to either narrow their focus on a specific size or composition of an object.

A newer breed of metal detectors has taken this target specialization a step further and is designed to focus primarily on gold deposits.

A gold metal detector has been specifically built to look for gold deposits and is very sensitive to the particular characteristics of this metal.

Modern versions of a gold metal detectors can operate on multiple frequencies and find smaller samples of gold that are buried far deeper than ever before. This allows the average treasure hunter to recover these smaller and deeper samples easily, which would have been missed by metal detectors in years past.

These improved metal detectors also allow areas that have been searched in the past to surrender even more gold nuggets with this newer equipment.

The key with these new detectors is that even though they use some of the same metal detecting technology as a general-purpose detector, they have been fine-tuned to focus on the composition and characteristics of gold. This allows them to be much more sensitive to this particular metal and help you locate more of it in a give area than ever before.

The Best Reviews

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

This metal detector from Bounty Hunter bears a shipping weight of 4 pounds. With dimensions of 6 x 9 x 20.5 inches; 3.6 pounds this is one valuable detector which have the following technical specs:

  • Motion all-metal mode and Trash elimination control helps locate treasure discarding undesirable items.
  • Automatic tuning and ground balance combine with Power and Sensitivity Control to enhance accuracy.
  • Includes earphone with jack that makes it ideal for private searching in streets and crowded beaches.
  • 2, 9-volt alkaline batteries needed and possesses 1 yr limited warranty.

This highly sensitive detector can detect all kinds of metal right from iron relics, coins and household items to precious metals like gold and silver. So, whether your search is aimed at multi objects or you are one dimensional in your search, this option could be the answer.

Minelab Eureka Gold Metal Detector (by Philip)

This option has an item weight of 6 pounds while a shipping weight of 12 pounds. It is worth its weight in gold, and has the following technical details:

  • “Accu-Trak” Digital Ground Balance with 2 speed adjustable or fixed mode removes the guess work associated with detection and makes the process easier.
  • Exclusive Triple Frequency operation with switchable 6.4KHZ for maximum depth, 20KHZ for general detection and 60KHZ to trace out the tiniest gold nuggets.
  • Iron rejection in every frequency.
  • Variable Discrimination Control increases accuracy.
  • 10″ Double D “easysweep” elliptical coil system gives total coverage.

This variety of gold metal detector from Minelab is absolutely equipped for gold and precious metal hunting. Though a tad pricey, the features make it worth its value. If you are looking for ultimate accuracy but easier prospecting, then this model is possibly best suited for you.

Fisher gold bug-2 Metal Detector with 6 & 1/2″ Elliptical Search Coil (by Fisher)

This legendary nugget hunter is valued at less than $1000 and weighs 2.9 pounds. The shipping weight is 10 pounds and it is bestowed with some outstanding features:

  • Iron Disc mode rejects trash like iron and hot rocks.
  • Powerful 71KHZ operation provides extreme sensitivity to trace small gold nuggets.
  • Convertible to chest mount or hip mount and is thus easier to handle.
  • Dust and moisture resistance and ability to operate in highly mineralized soil.
  • Quartz-crystal locked electronics gives it an edge.
  • Dual-knob ground control to suit both fine and coarse terrain.
  • Lifetime warranty for detector and 5 yr for coil.

Extraordinary sensitivity and ultra high frequency make this detector a winner. Are you the kind of person who believes in everlasting companionship? If so, this time tested Fisher metal detector with a life time warranty could be your perfect choice.

The above offerings of Gold Metal Detectors are a display from well known brands. And we have attempted to include the maximum variety in terms of features and worth. Here’s hoping these options have probably helped you to finalize your decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gold Metal Detectors

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when selecting a gold metal detector to make sure you find one that is perfect for your needs.

  • The first thing to compare is the size of the search coil. Many of the units will use a smaller coil and finding one with a 10-inch coil or larger will allow you to search a bigger area more quickly.
  • You also need to make sure the gold metal detector you are considering has a variable discrimination control as you’ll need to be able to adjust this for a variety of soils to be effective. If you choose a less sophisticated gold metal detector, it may only offer preset discrimination settings and this makes it much less flexible.
  • Another great feature that really helps to make a gold metal detector much easier to use is a selection of pre-programmed search modes. When selecting one of these modes all of the optimal settings for that particular terrain and soil condition are automatically set on the gold metal detector.

The advanced gold l detectors specifically designed for hunting gold will have a gold setting. Having a choice of several settings also means that you can simply pick the one that is right for the area you are searching and get started. This is a great option for newer users as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of searching for targets.

The last control you need to make sure you have on any gold metal detector that you are considering is ground balance. This allows you to adjust for soils with a high mineral content and eliminates the interference this can cause when prospecting.

Gold is normally found in high mineralization terrains which means you need a gold metal detector that can deal with difficult ground conditions that cause alot of interference and false signals. Most gold metal detectors have an automatic ground balancing circuit in addition to manual fine tuning option.

Another critical feature of the great gold metal detectors is the frequency. Those metal detectors that have dual frequencies including the “higher frequencies” around 15kHz can easily pick out match head size gold nuggets deep underground.