Best Composite Toe Boot

These types of work boots are preferred for those hardcore construction jobs where your feet are at risk of damage especially your toes; hence the name composite toe shoes. They have many features that make them unique but what I believe can differentiate them from the rest is their durability status. It is kind of obvious that these shoes would in fact need to last longer if they are to make it in the harsh environment. There are so many of these shoes that I cannot possible speak about each and every one of them so I will simply speak about a few of them.

Here are Our Picks for the Top Composite Toe Shoes and Boots:

One of my most favorite composite toe shoes is the Chippewa women’s oiled Insulated logger round toe boot. I will start with what I see when I look at the Chippewa women’s oiled Insulated logger round toe boot. It has a slick full grain leather upper construction which is black in color. It unfortunately it only comes in that color and a black cherry color. There is not much room for variety when it comes to color but I assure you that the boot does not need any other color; they fit it perfectly.

The leather upper has a lot of style and character to it as it has some pleat design at the front. It has waterproofing properties which make it easier to walk and work in wet environments such as snowy lands. Enough with the leather; let me tell you about the Chippewa women’s oiled Insulated logger round toe boot’s sole. The sole is man made as per the norm with most Chippewa work boots and is specially contoured at certain places at the bottom so as to equally distribute your weight on the surface so as to increase comfort ability of the boot.

It also makes the sole much more durable since you do not put your weight just on one place. The Chippewa women’s oiled Insulated logger round toe boot also has a 400 gram 3M thinsulate ultra insulation which is used to regulate the temperature of the boot against harsh conditions of the atmosphere (if it is too cold or hot outside, the boot remains cool, and if it is too wet it keeps the work boot dry).

Another one of the work boots is the Timberland Pro Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot.

The work boot is covered by full grain leather which is very durable. It is said that it will last up to over a year before any wear and tear is noticed on the leather. It is also waterproof. You can literally dip your foot in a lake and no water will get in. It is that effective. Just to ensure that there is no water getting into the boot, Timberland has added a nylon mesh lining inside the boot to prevent water from the outside from penetrating. This mesh lining has an Agion anti-microbial lining which apart from acting as a waterproofing gear, also improves the odor of the shoe. The anti-microbial lining gives a good refreshing smell to the boot which counteracts with the sweat that is removed by the feet after long hours of working in the work boots. So you can say goodbye to those days of sweaty smells.

Apart from those features the Timberland Pro Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot also has a 6 inch shaft from the arch which offers a massive amount of stability to the user so as to prevent accidents which may involve tripping or falling down. The boot also has a rubber sole which is slip resistant and this only enhances the stability of the Timberland Pro Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot over slippery surfaces such as mud or snow.

A new feature that is installed in this boot is the rebound heel insert which is at the back of the work boot. This insert provides durable cushioning which protects the feet from any shock or extreme injury and also provides energy return so you will not get that tired quickly. For added comfort, they fitted it with a thermal insulator which regulates the temperature in the Timberland Pro Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot so as to make it much more conducive to work in.

The last pair that I will discuss is the Caterpillar Men’s Interface Hi ST Work Shoe. Like most Caterpillar work boots project, the Caterpillar Men’s Interface Hi ST Work Shoe has been fitted with a soft steel toe which protects the toe region form abrasions and knocks. I also describe it as being a rounded steel toe which means that it covers that entire region completely and this only reinforces its function of protecting your feet.

The Caterpillar Men’s Interface Hi ST Work Shoe’s sole is also a very interesting feature having a lugged rubber sole which makes it more stable. It also has a slip resistant outsole which enhances the grip on the surface of the ground. This offers protection from clumsy accidents such as slipping or sliding which in a profession such as construction work can be very fatal. The Caterpillar Men’s Interface Hi ST Work Shoe is also very water proof. You can literally put your foot in a bucket of water when wearing this work boot and not even a single drop of water will get into the boot. On the inside, the boot has a nylon mesh lining which also prevents any water from leaking into the boot. This makes this boot ideal for snowy terrains so you can say goodbye to water in your shoes after plowing snow for hours on end if you have the Caterpillar Men’s Interface Hi ST work shoe.