Best Underwater Metal Detector Reviews- Top Rated Waterproof Metal Detectors

A Waterproof metal detector also known as an, underwater metal detector is made to be submerged in water. They are used on land as well as lakes, rivers, and oceans. Many people go to the ocean or lake and unfortunately lose their jewelry or coins.

This piece of equipment is designed to find jewelry, coins, and metal objects underneath the sand. When using the machine it will communicate with you when it detects gold or metal objects. A buzzer, vibration, or a blinking red light will flash when something is detected underwater.

The best underwater metal detectors vary in shape, size, and price. Basic models are very reasonably priced, the more advanced and sophisticated the machine is the more expensive it will cost.

Someone needing an underwater metal detector such as a hobbyist can take beachcombing to a whole new level. Many hobbyist find jewelry and old coins that are worth thousands of dollars making their hobby very lucrative. The machine is not just for hobbyist. Police divers, military, and law enforcement also use this sophisticated high tech equipment when needed. It is an essential tool they use when investigating an underwater case.

People that enjoy searching and finding treasures in the sand or water would definitely want to broaden their experience with a waterproof metal detector. Companies make these machines for children as well as adults. It is a hobby the whole family can enjoy. If you are a beginner just learning how to use a metal detector it is recommended you buy a model that is not so sophisticated to start off with. Underwater metal detectors have many different features that can be very complex for a beginner to understand. Buying a basic model that has fewer features is recommended for somebody that has not yet acquired the necessary experience.

Enthusiasts that are interested in these machines need to realize there are techniques one must learn that will help you be more successful at finding objects in the water.

Knowing when to go out in the water will increase your chances of finding treasures.

There are only a couple hours out of the day that it is recommended to use your underwater metal detector due to strong water currents. Sand is constantly shifting in the water, to increase your chances of finding jewelry or other objects go into the water at low tide. Patients are also required when searching for metal objects. Carefully inch by inch dragging your machine over the sand will ensure you don’t miss anything underneath the deep sand. Operating your machine will not be difficult, although being persistent and having patients will be the key to success when finding treasures.

The benefits of using a waterproof metal detector compared to a traditional metal detector are tremendous. The underwater metal detector is an effective and versatile machine. It has been designed to handle numerous underwater activities making it the more popular choice of metal detectors. Expanding a persons experience from land to water gives them more flexibility, making this particular machine exceptionally superior for hobbyist to enjoy.

Using a metal detector to discover buried coins and jewelry is a great pastime that can provide hours of great fun and relaxation for the entire family.

While searching in parks, beaches and fields for treasure are the most common locations, there are a growing number of people that are starting to search in and around water and may require an underwater metal detector.

These locations provide an area that is rich for the potential of discovery since these locations have traditionally not been searched extensively and can provide many great finds with the right metal detectors.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Underwater Metal Detector (by Garrett)

Best waterproof metal detectorsThis option is priced at has a weight of 5.7 pounds but a shipping weight of 12 pounds. It has an adjustable length of 28″ to 52″ and has some more such useful features which are listed below:

  • All Metal Deepseeking Mode and Hip mount control box.
  • Discrimination: Full range (PI) assists to distinguish between targets accurately.
  • Salt elimination mode (PI).
  • Submersible headphones included that aid in operations till 200ft depth.
  • Discrete trash eliminator mode can find gold.
  • Microprocessor controlled; Audio threshold, adjustable.
  • 1 yr warranty provided for parts and labor.

Sensitivity and depth adjustment are other important attributes. So, this is one sophisticated detector that can locate treasure without digging a lot of trash and if this is what you are looking for, then we are probably very close to your answer.

Why get an underwater metal detector

Are you a treasure diver or intend to become one? Or just an avid beach comber or maybe a wader having interest in treasure hunting? Well, then, you are definitely on the lookout for Underwater Metal Detectors.

In a bid to quench your thirst for information, we present a collection of various underwater metal detectors from different reputed metal detector companies.

Avid treasure hunters will soon realize that the equipment they trust to help them find items on land may not be suited for these new locations in the water.

Underwater metal detectors use a specialized type of engineering for waterproof use. These detectors are specifically built to handle the wet conditions and unique search requirements that are found there.

There are two different styles of construction for an underwater metal detector that can be used in wet conditions.

  1. Water resistant or
  2. Waterproof.

The difference between these two styles of detectors determines how far into the water you can search with the detector.

Just like with standard metal detectors, an underwater metal detector can employ a variety of detection methods for finding your target. Pulse Induction (PI) style detectors are arguably the easiest to use underwater as they are not affected by the wet sand and high mineral composition found there.

A PI underwater metal detector is not very good at discrimination between different types of targets but can search very deep into the sand for items. The good news is that false targets like pop tops and foil are less abundant underwater, so you can worry less about these normal distractions when using a PI style detector.

Water resistant metal detectors

A water resistant detector is great for areas at the waterline where only the search coil and lower part of the metal detector will be submerged in the water. This type of detector allows you to search the beach or shore near the water and wade out into the water a bit to search there as well.

The advantage to being able to search these locations is that most shorelines change over time and searching out into the water a little ways may reveal interesting items from an older shoreline.

Most standard metal detectors either have, or can use a waterproof coil to allow you to search in shallow water as long as you keep the top section of the detector and electronics dry.

Waterproof metal detectors

If you want to use the metal detector in deeper water where it will be completely submerged you’ll need to find a waterproof metal detector.

This type of underwater metal detector can be used while snorkeling or scuba diving and help you find treasure on the bottom of a lake or ocean.

They are built to handle these underwater activities and have a very specific depth that they are certified for and you need to be careful no to take them deeper than this.

This type of underwater metal detector can also use a set of waterproof headphones that help to give you a better indication of when you are near a target.