Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Platinum Digital Metal Detector Set

Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Platinum Digital Metal Detector Set

The Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Platinum Digital metal detector is one of those feature-rich metal detectors that can be used by both kids and adults.

It’s generally very easy to assemble and has some considerable depth. Although it comes with a detailed instructions manual you can assemble this with relative ease without resorting to the manual.

For its myriad of assorted features, it is a relatively cheap metal detector. The Fortune Finder Platinum makes use of the state of the art digital technology and there is an updated version with more features compared to the earlier versions.

The updated technology confers you with more advantages such as the greater depth of the metal detector. If you are looking for all the basic features that a beginner would need to get started on fortune finding or detectorist work, the TC-3020 model of the metal detector has it.

The detector’s large LCD screen gives you information on the type of the metal that is buried underneath along with its depth. You can easily tell the type of the metal that is buried underneath by the distinctive alert that the metal detector issues.

For example, the detector clearly discriminates between the ferrous and the non ferrous metals. The sand-sifting scoop that it comes with allows you to sift through the sand on your path to unveil the treasure. The metal detector also comes with a durable carrying case into which you can put it.


• Has an acute Notch Discrimination capability that allows it to ignore the junk metals and focus on the actual metal types that you are looking for.

• Built with three audio tones for metal detection that include a “Low” tone that is emitted when gold rings along with nails and nickels are detected; a “Medium” tone still applies to gold although it is also emitted for the Aluminum pull tabs and even in cases where zinc or copper lie beneath the surface. Brass and silver discoveries emit the “High” tone.

• Has digital LCD display along with an adjustable discrimination setting.

• The TC-3020 model comes with a water-proof search coil that has an open-face design and a length of 8 inch. You can use this to prospect for relics in the wet or even muddy conditions.

• Comes with many other accessories in the box. These include the carrying case and headphone modules.