Top 8 Causes of Injuries at the Place of Work

As we go about our duties, we face various risks including possibility of injuries and suffering illnesses as a result of strenuous activities we undertake on the job site.

In this blog, we explore the topics of self-careown health and tips on boosting productivity in our stations of work.

Top 8 Causes of Injuries at the Place of Work:

  1. Tripping


Trips can be caused by many objects in work place. These could be misplaced building items, protruding objects and even uneven surfaces.

A trip can lead to a fall that subsequently causes bodily harm such as dislocations, breaking of body parts and so on. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings even as you about your duties. Likewise, always ensure you place items safely for your own sake and the safety of your colleagues.




Repetitive Motion


Heavy lifting


Self-care in the Place of Work

Just as is important to do great work for your employer, it’s also paramount to take care of your own body. This way, you will be able to work optimally every day and avoid illnesses and injuries. Here are self-care tips you should ascribe to in your working life:

  1. Eat healthy meals, always.
  2. Schedule medical check ups
  3. Always wear the right gear to work.
  4. Exercise
  5. Have breaks from your work
  6. Plan your finances
  7. Attend training session focused on your job

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