Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector Reviews

Part of the Teknetics new line of metal detectors that are named according to the Greek letters, the Teknetics Delta 4000 metal detector is built for professional level metal detecting and can be used by both novices and pro metal detectorists.

The Delta 4000 has a sophisticated design but many users will appreciate the ease with which they can operate the device.

It supports a wide range of applications such as coin shooting, relic hunting, gold prospecting and many others. You can comfortably apply it in areas that need a high level of discrimination such as trashy areas where you are likely to encounter many distractions.

It has a large LCD display with simple intuitive user interface. With its concise and clear identification meter, you will easily identify and know the treasure you are about to unearth before you begin digging up which makes this one of the most efficient metal detectors in the marketplace.

Other elements of the display include the 2-digit numerical target ID, and the running depth indicator.

The Delta 4000 is a sophisticated metal detector with some cool advanced features. For example, the Delta offers up to two search modes. Users can opt for the All Metal Mode or the Discrimination mode.

The Discrimination mode will see the detector accept or reject some metal types during the prospecting and is particularly suited for the detectorist work in trashy areas where you are likely to encounter a great deal of distraction from other unwanted metals thus slowing down your work.

In the All Metals Mode, you can search for virtually every kind of metal that is buried beneath the surface of the ground you are searching.

The three tone audio discrimination functionality enables you to hear different sounds that have been emitted by different kinds of metals. It comes with a preset ground balance for a more effective application in the highly mineralized soil conditions. There is also an adjustable sensitivity feature.

Features Summary

• LCD Display with a 2-digit target ID
• Tone Discrimination
• Built with a battery life indicator
• Has a preset ground balance
• Transmission frequency of 7.8 Khz
• LCD screen provides a numerical depth readout
• Built with an 8-inch concentric coil with an open-face design
• Adjustable discrimination functionality with up to 6 levels.
• Weight 3.5lbs


The Delta comes with a sophisticated design with most of the popular features that you would need in a metal detector ranging from a large LCD display to multiple modes of operation. It comes with a generous five year warranty and a comprehensive user manual. For its features and class , the detector is quite affordable.

Joseph Andersen

Joseph Andersen

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