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I believe that your residential home is one of the most important assets you have. It’s an asset that you will protect at any cost as you would not like anybody intruding or interfering with your family’s peace. Moreover, it is the place where you store most of the valuable belongings you have been gathering through your lifetime. It goes without saying that your family and belongings should be kept safe at all times.

It is for this reason you should invest in the best residential door locks as well as the best home security systems. These security items tend to be the first line of defense from people who can cause harm to your family. I understand that door locks are flooded in the market and it might be difficult for you to choose the best one. Luckily, I am quite familiar with various door locks and I know which ones are good for you.

My Top Picks

Kwikset 985 Double Cylinder Deadbolt  

Th Kwikset 985 Deadbolt is the best residential door lock for guys who are looking to keep thieves out of their homes. As you well know, Kwikset is one of the best and most popular brand when it comes to door locks. Buying their products guarantees you of maximum safety as they have so much experience when it comes locks.

Kwikset 985 is a double-cylinder lock that provide extra security especially where doors are so close to windows. Even if the thief manages to break the window, he will not be in a position to open the door because the inside knob requires a key to open. This is a great feature when it comes to security but it poses dangers in emergencies situations where you need to escape quickly.

The Kwikset 985 double cylinder deadbolt comes with a SmartKey security feature which allows you to rekey your locks. This is a great feature that helps you to protect against common types of break-ins. Rekeying your smart lock leaves unreturned and lost keys obsolete. You should definitely invest in this lock since it is affordable and has a Grade 1 ANSI.

Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

If you are looking for a heavy duty and nice looking keypad deadbolt lock, then the Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt might be a good choice for you. It is ranked as one of the best residential door locks especially because it is electronic and  the fact that you can use a key or a code to unlock it. This Keypad lock is great because it allows you to share access in a more secure manner. You do not have to hide spare keys or even keep track of copies anymore.

I also love the fact that this lock features a backlit keypad which makes it look great especially at night. Even though this is an electronic lock, it features a premium metal construction that holds up so well in terms of strength and durability. Additionally, the Schlage door lock comes with a low battery indicator that alerts you when you need to recharge.

August 2nd Generation Smart Lock

Technology has really helped to beef up the security of our homes. Just imagine that you can use your smartphone to lock and unlock your doors , keep track of people who are leaving or visiting, and also create virtual keys for your guests. This is what the August Smart Lock is all about.

Being one of the best residential door locks, you no longer have to carry keys everywhere you go as the Smart lock auto-locks immediately you leave and unlocks automatically as you approach the door. Installing the August Smart Lock is pretty easy because there is nothing to wire or connect. This lock uses a highly secure low Energy Bluetooth which connects the door lock to your android or iOS smartphone.

Medeco 11TR50319 Maxum

If you are looking for a locksmith approved door lock, you should probably go for the Medeco 11TR50319 Maxum. It is one the best residential single cylinder deadbolt locks you will ever get. Medeco produces the strongest deadbolts in the market. You can definitely tell that the Medeco Maxum is an ANSI grade 1 that provides one tough hunk of protection.

One thing I love about the Medeco residential door lock is that no one will duplicate your key unless you authorize it. I also find this single cylinder lock to be safe especially because you can open the lock from inside with a thumb turn. This means you can escape easily in case of a fire or any other emergencies. When it comes to protecting your family and belongings, The Medeco Maxum residential door lock will do a good job.

Schlage L9040

In case you would like a less common lock that provides better protection, you can opt for a Schlage L9040 mortise lock. This lock is great in terms of protection especially because it is recessed and set in the door frame. Buglers cannot break this lock with a swift kick.  If you want your residential home to have the security of a government building, then this is the lock you should buy.

The Schlage L9040 has an ANSI Grade 1 rating and has more than one million open and close cycle rating. I love the fact that this mortise lock has a reinforced strike plate that is known as the Vandlgard.  This strike plate prevents the lock from getting damaged when kicked or hammered. The only issue I found with this mortise lock is that it is more expensive than all my picks. On a positive note, this is the price you have to pay for a high quality residential lock.

Factors to consider before buying the best residential door locks

Well, you might think that buying a door lock is a walk in the park, but you will be surprised by how confusing it can become. Luckily, I will give you some insights on what you should know before purchasing a door lock.

American National Standards Institute Grading System (ANSI)

ANSI is  a grading system that measures how much security a certain lock provides. There exists three established grades that will help you to identify the quality and durability of a lock when shopping. Locks must pass a number of operational and security tests in order to know the grade. Below are the three ASNI grades that exists:

Grade 1- This is known to be the highest grade security available. Locks that are in this category can withstand up to ten hammer strikes and one million open and close cycles.

Grade 2- This one is considered to be a bit strong but cannot match Grade 1 locks. Grade 2 locks have the ability to withstand five strikes and up to 800,000 cycles.

Grade 3- They are the weakest of the three grades as they can only  withstand 2 strikes of roughly 75 pounds and 800 cycles.

How much are you willing to spend?

The amount of money you are willing to spend determines the quality of your lock. If you are willing to spend a lot of money, you will definitely get a Grade 1 deadbolt lock or a smart lock. I always recommend buyers to purchase an expensive door lock to secure the contents of their residential homes.  Remember that a cheap door lock will not hold up well and it will be easy to break.

Lock Features

Whenever I am shopping for the best residential door lock, I always consider the number of features a lock has. I understand that Conventional Deadbolts do not offer lots of features but I prefer my lock to have a DIY rekeying feature. Alternatively, you can opt for smart locks as they have a lot of features that will contribute to the convenience and security of your home.

Door Lock Types

Today, there exists two major categories of door locks- conventional deadbolts and smart locks. Below is what you need to know about these locks:

Conventional Deadbolt

This category of door locks do not come with fancy features, but they will do a good job in terms of keeping your home secure. Most of the conventional deadbolts are affordable although you will find drill-proof models that are a bit expensive. Most of these locks are single cylinder locks and the good thing is that you can rekey some models with ease. The only issue I have with conventional deadbolts is that they lack extra features as compared to smart lock models.

Smart Locks

These are the type of locks that come with modern features such as voice control, geofencing, access logs, and remote control. For you to enjoy the features of smart locks, you must have a separate WiFi hub that transmits signals from the door lock to the router. You will find some models that will convert your conventional deadbolt into a smart lock while others are meant to replace an existing deadbolt. The only thing I love about smart locks is that they are convenient especially because of the smart features. On the other hand these locks are vulnerable to digital hacks and are more expensive.

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