Ground EFX Swarm Series Digital GPS Metal Detector Reviews

Ground EFX Digital Swarm Series Metal detector

The Ground EFX Swarm Series metal detector offers excellent quality, highly innovative features and ease of use. The most distinctive feature of the detector is its built-in GPS functionality which is perfect if you are involved in geo-caching.

The GPS works really well based on the GEO X GPS technology and enables users to locate and save up to 10 locations. It is made of durable material and has a very light weight due to the poly carbonate material used in manufacturing it so you can use this over long hours without exhaustion.

Other admirable features of the metal detector include the adjustable discrimination capabilities, and detection capability for up to eight metal categories. The GPS-powered metal detector also comes with up to eight elimination modes and four audio tones.

Features of The Ground EFX Swarm Series Metal Detector

• Made of very durable material and can thus be used on very rugged conditions over a very long period of time. This also contributes to the detector’s lightweight.
• Detection of up to eight metal categories is possible
• Adjustable discrimination capabilities.
• Up to four elimination modes
• Weight: 2 lbs
• Dimensions: 23.9 x 12.8 x 6.1
• Built with a 10-inch coil that is submersible.


If you need a good metal detector that has GPS ability, then the Swarm Series Digital GPS detector offers very good value.

The detector will guide you to the right locations and you can save as many as 10 of those locations. The detector also has very good accuracy thanks to advanced detection and discrimination modes supporting the detection of up to 8 metal categories.

It works really well on coin and jewelry prospecting and you can use it on virtually any prospecting ground ranging from yards, dry send to sandy beaches.

The LCD screen also works well offering displays and indications of various aspects during your prospecting. You will also appreciate the general lightweight of the metal detector. The detector also has very good ergonomic design.


The detector does not work well on wet ground and even beneath the water surfaces and must be used far from the waterline.

The LCD screen is also not as clear if you are prospecting on the sunny days. The detector might not be as effective on highly mineralized soil conditions.

You can have this for a price of $160.18 which is good value for money considering the depth and discrimination is satisfactory and you also get GPS ability. It is very suitable for geocachers.