Ground EFX MC1 Youth Metal Detector Reviews

The Ground EFX MC1 Youth metal detector is one of the best metal detectors for kids and comes with rugged construction that can withstand the rigors of kids’ play.

You can buy this for your young ones so as to imbue in them a sense of adventure early on in life but as they grow older, you will have to update to the more sophisticated models.

Nonetheless, the metal detector still has some very admirable features. The obvious feature is the tough and durable design of the metal detector.

You can clear your path and have a laser focus on your prospecting by utilizing an eleminator control which will gets rid of any unwanted material on your path so that you can have a more efficient detectorist work.

Other great features of the Ground EFX MC1 Youth metal detector include the target indicator that is equipped with a battery OK test.

It is quite effective compared to many items in its class. For example, it offers a depth of up to 5” for coin detection and 24” for the larger metals. It makes use of a 6.5” search coil.

You can also apply when carrying out metal detection on water surfaces and the coil is in fact submersible up to a depth of 24”. This makes it a perfectly suitable option for relic hunting in the shallow waters.


• Ground EFX MC1 Youth Metal Detector ReviewsHas an adjustable unit length with a range of 26” to 36”.

• The volume of the Ground EFX MC1 Youth metal detector is variable. This volume variation is dependent on the device signal strength so it is very easy for kids to determine how close they are to unearthing treasure.

• Makes use of two 9V alkaline batteries.

• Coin detection depth of up to 5” and larger metals detection depths of up to 24”.

• Adjustable unit lengths of up between 26” and 36”.

• Rugged design means the metal detector can withstand exposure to rigorous environments and child pay and the detector thus has excellent durability.

• Built with a circular coil. This is submersible up to a depth of 24”. The circular coil that it employs is a 6.5”.

• The product weighs 3.2 pounds and has a similar shipping weight. The metal detector packaging is excellent and stress free and you can easily remove it begin your metal detective work.

• The Ground EFX MC1 Youth metal detector has the dimensions 26 x 5 x 8.8 inches.

With a list price that is pocket-friendly, the metal detector is the perfect gift for young kids. Let them learn a sense of adventure and the thrill of discovery with one of the best and osr affordable metal detectors for youngsters in the market.