Best faucet water filters: Reviews and Buying Guide

Faucet-Mounted Water Filters, or End-of-faucet Water Filters are essential in some cases especially if you move to an apartment or a coop and your lease gives you a limited option on the type of modifications you can make to the apartment structures. Then you suspect that your drinking water may be contaminated, or may not meet your desired standard.

Buying bottled water will take a big bite out of your limited budget. Perhaps, you just don’t want any elaborate installation, or any permanent plumbing fixtures, or you are limited by how much you can do with your living areas, a faucet-mounted water filter, or an end-of-faucet water filter will meet your need.

Faucet water filters come in varieties of styles. Look for the best water filter that will fit your budget and then see the potential savings you will realize when you buy a water filter compared to bottled water.

Plus, it has been documented that most bottled water is not better than tap water. Some bottled water have been shown to contain high level of harmful substances. These substances can be removed by waterfilters.

Most faucet-mounted filters come with an activated carbon filter fitted to a standard kitchen faucet. Some water faucet filters come with two valves so you can use one valve to filter only the cooking and drinking water, and the unfiltered valve for cleaning dishes.

Water filters are effective in reducing lead, giardia cysts, and at improving water taste.Other variation of water filter is the built-in faucet filter which is a faucet that comes with a water filter.

Again, read the labels.

Benefits of a faucet-mounted water filter

  • Less expensive on the long run than bottled drinking water
  • Easy installation
  • It does not require any plumbing or separate installation units
  • No separate attachment is required with a built-in filter