Benefits of Cordless Hedge Trimmers

There are three different options when it comes to hedgers: cordless hedge trimmers, electric trimmers, and gas trimmers.

When you need to be able to have great maneuverability then you can’t do much better than a trimmers that are gas powered or cordless hedge trimmers.

However unlike the gas trimmers, the best cordless hedge trimmers are actually pollution-free and quiet. They are also a free from the cord that can be so annoying.

You will also find that these trimmers can be started up with no effort at all. This is good for those of us who are mechanically challenged.

Advantages of getting a cordless hedge trimmer

Let’s talk about some of the pros to cordless hedge trimmers. One is that it provides more mobility than the corded models. There is no pollution or noise with these trimmers either. You will also find that they are relatively light in weight. Many of these trimmers weigh little more than six pounds.

The negative to these types of trimmers is that you need to recharge the batteries occasionally. This however can be solved with keeping an extra battery around.

These trimmers give you all the great benefits of have an electric trimmer with the convenience of not having a cord. The batter doesn’t drain too quickly.

The trimmers can cut wood that is around 3/8 inch thick. They start up easily. You don’t have to mix gas or tug on a cord that is hard to pull to get it started. The blades will offer good reach as well as cutting surface. This is important if you have large hedges.

It is light weight which will help to minimize any fatigue. There is a safety trigger for you to pull if needed and also a hand guard to help with little worry while trimming.

Hedgers that use gas are great for maneuverability and they don’t have to be recharged. However, they are messy, noisy, and at times difficult to start. Now the electric hedger, is quiet, starts easy, and is clean. If you have a corded model however you will be restricted.

If you get a cordless trimmer however you will get the better of the two worlds. No cord to worry with tripping over or to worry with not reaching where you need to trim. So if you are looking for a trimmer that can take care of all your needs and make trimming as simple as possible then you should check out the cordless trimmers.

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