Cleaning ceiling fan blades without messing around.

Cleaning ceiling fan blades without spreading dust around the room.

When ceiling fans run, they send waves to different direction which blow dust scattering it all over the place. Fine dust end up settling on the blades of the rotating fan blades and other places of your room. This dust contain allergens, dust mites and other bacteria which may pose health risks and sinus infections.

Cleaning dusty ceiling fan blades can be tricky coz if not careful, you can pour the dusty from the blades and it lands on your bed or sofa or on yourself messing everything around. To be on the safe side you need to follow simple steps  to wipe out this tiny fine dusty settling on the fan blades stress free.

You need a few items to get the work done.

Pillow Case cover

cleaning ceiling fan blades

To clean the fan, switch off power and wait until the fan completely stop rotating then, slide the blades one at a time into a wet pillow case cover and wipe out the dust. The excess dust with pour into the pillow case and get. Do this with every blade till all blades are cleaned.


Slide the blade into the pillowcase full length


Use your hand to wipe the blade carefully and thoroughly all places trapping the dust within the pillow.


This how sparkling clean your fan blade looks after being cleaned


Natural dust spray, Check out on DIY Homemade Dusting Spray with Lemon Recipe  or any spray of your choice.



Alternative way to clean your fan without scattering dust around.

cleaning ceiling fan blades using long handle duster

Power off the fan and wait till it stop rotating for safety reasons.

Spread cover clothes or old sheets under the fan be it on the floor, sofa or bed,  try to spread the sheets to a radius of almost double the length of the blades.

Use a spray to wet your duster, pillow case cover or any cloth in readiness to clean the blades.

Standing on a higher level where you can access the fan blades easily, slide the blades into the pillowcase and move it to and fro until the dust is wiped.

Use the extra wet piece of clothe to wipe the base of the blade and other parts of the fan including the light kit for cleaner finish as shown below.


However if the ceiling fan is placed on a high ceiling fan that you cannot reach easily, then employ the use of a long handle duster as shown on the picture, and clean the blades slowly making sure that all the fine dust settled on the blades is removed. Do this more often so that a lot of dust does not settle on the blades making cleaning tedious for you.


Dust remain trapped inside the pillow and not scattered everywhere.

After finishing cleaning the ceiling fan blades, turn the pillow case inside out pour the extra dust into the dust bin and wash your pillow normally but inside out. I use ordinary home detergent and vinegar solution to make the pillow soft.

That is it! You done cleaning your dusty fan blades.