Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Reviews

Bounty Hunter TK4

The Bounty Hunter TK4 is another highly versatile metal detector which you can apply in very extreme conditions during your metal detection work.

Like many other Bounty Hunter metal detectors, it packs up lots of highly innovative features. You can use it in rugged areas ranging from rough grounds to the highly mineralized water surfaces in your search for gold and other precious metals.

It is one of the best metal detectors in its class in terms of its sheer performance. It shares many of the features of the other Bounty Hunter metal detector models.

It’s built with a display which will show you when you are about to hit a target.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Features

Bounty Hunter TK4 trackerThe Bounty Hunter TK4 employs up to three modes for detection. These include:

  1. An All-Metal Mode which can detect all kinds of metals
  2. A two-tone audio mode
  3. And the Discrimination mode.

These modes allow you to put the Bounty Hunter TK4 through some very unique uses and also lead to optimal operation when you are carrying out the metal detection operations.

The All Meta Mode for example can detect all kinds of metals. On the other hand, the Discrimination Mode allows you to exclude some of the unwanted metals during the detection process.

Perhaps one of the great advantages of the Bounty Hunter TK4 is its versatility and ease of use in very rugged conditions due to its general rugged build.

The ground balance of the metal detector, for example, allows the Bounty Hunter TK4 to distinguish between valuable metals such as gold or iron coins and the mineral contents which are naturally occurring in the ground.

The disc or the notch control of the Tracker IV allows you to further make a distinction between good and bad finds.

Any electromagnetic interference in your environment which has an impact on your search is neutralized by the sensitivity control feature.

Unlike in some of the other Bounty Hunter metal detectors, the target indicator of the Tracker IV offers a visual cue to give you some proximity information about your metallic targets using an LCD screen.

This is an additional chic feature which you will certainly love. It has an eight inch coil design which permits you to carry very deep searches beyond the range of many of the metal detectors in its class and range.

A headphone jack ensures considerable privacy when you are carrying out search. You can apply the Tracker IV in many areas, from relic hunting to coin shooting and cache hunting. It comes with a generous warranty and very pocket friendly prices.