Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter is one of the industry workhorses and the TIMERANGER model does not disappoint. This top of the range detector is suited for the professional detectorists looking forward to a profitable prospecting venture.

The features are quite exhaustive offering a good range that allows you to use the detector in almost every prospecting work.

The Bounty Hunter’s 8-inch Bounty D-Tech search coil is fully submersible and can be used effectively in beach prospecting.

It’s built with an interchangeable search coil and a Ground Trac feature which auto-balances the metal detector to suit certain soil conditions thus increasing the degree of accuracy.

The TIMERANGER also features a massive multifunction LCD readout screen that displays various aspects including the sensitivity, depth, target ID, the iron level discrimination, battery level and a ground balance monitor.

With the use of the fully programmable touch pads, you can easily access all modes of operation of the metal detector. With Sniff mode, you can attain a high level of discrimination that enables you to focus on only a single item or eliminate a single item during your prospecting.


• Designed with a programmable notching system.
• Comes with a ground-balance monitoring system.
• Has a 3-tone audio discrimination and a 4-level iron discrimination for better targeting and discrimination capabilities.
• Touch pad control is fully programmable.
• Coils include the 8-inch Bounty D-Tech along with the 4-inch Gold Nugget coil that can be used for gold prospecting.
• Built-in speaker and headphone jack
• Sniff mode enables detection or isolation of one type of trash.
• Weight 5lbs
• Shipping dimensions: 28.5 x 10 x 6.2


The Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER metal detector offers a great degree of accuracy and with the included Gold Nugget detector, you can use this to specialize in gold detection.

It is relatively light and easy to operate on so many levels.

Detailed LCD readout enables you to cover much ground and collect as much information during the metal prospecting. The product is well packaged and shipped and you can easily assemble it and get on with your prospecting.

If you are not a professional metal detectorist, you can easily switch from the advanced to the basic mode. The TIMERANGER also comes with a detailed manual that many pro users will find quite useful.


Beginners are likely to find the manual detailed for their level.

The Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER metal detector comes with a list price of $599.95 but you can save big with Amazon discounts and purchase this for as low as $199.99 by taking advantage of Amazon discounted rates.

The detector offers incredible price for its good value. It is highly recommended for users looking to do some serious and even profitable metal detecting work.