Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector Reviews

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector Reviews

This is another great starting detector. The Bounty Hunter metal detectors are of course an industry workhorse and the top choice when it comes to the metal detectorist’s work.

The Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver metal detector is an all-purpose and quite versatile detector that is very easy to use. The instructions are pretty straightforward for the beginners learning new metal detection skills. The detector has simple controls that a beginner can muster very quickly and it is also very light in weight.

Perfect for Beginners

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector ReviewsThe Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver detector has carved itself a very unique niche amongst the starting users and is widely regarded as the ultimate premier starter detectors for detective or relic hunting work.

However, do not expect a performance comparable to that of the top of the range metal detectors in the market.

If you have used the more powerful metal detectors, you will undoubtedly find the QSI Quick Silver quite a disappointment due to its poor treasure-finding performance.

However, that is precisely why it is starter’s metal detector and it has admirable features that make it particularly suited for such functions amongst the beginners in the hobby.

The metal detector is quite comfortable in use weighing only 2.8 pounds. The relative lightness means it can be carried for several hours as you hunt for your treasure. This is perhaps why it such as a popular choice amongst many young prospectors although there are many other detectors that are lighter. But given its performance in its class and the “Bounty Hunter Quality”, the QSI Quick Silver is certainly a top choice amongst many beginners.

Bounty Hunter has also employed some ergonomic design aspects such as the soft padding on the detector’s grip and armrest. The design is also somewhat rugged and hard enough to withstand tear and wear during use.

There is not much complexity in the QSI Quick Silver’s box. It only has a few controls which can be mastered relatively fast. Notching capabilities are included for enhanced discrimination and there is also a depth selection button. This acts as a sensitivity toggle.


The metal detector’s LCD display includes a digital target ID that has four segments along with a three tone audio feedback.

• Comes in “frustration free” packaging. The product arrives in excellent shape but you can still unpack it very quickly so as to begin using it immediately.

• The ground balance of the metal detector and this helps in neutralizing the mineral content response which may interfere with your metal detective work.

• Has a progressive discrimination capability. Notching capability for sensitivity control also available.