Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector Reviews

Treasure hunting is the favorite pastime for many kids who will dig up gardens, lawns or flowerbeds looking for some ancient finds or a pirate’s haul.

It creates a sense of adventure for the kids which is likely to continue long after they are past childhood.

It therefore makes good sense to support your kids’ sense of adventure by purchasing an effective and easy to use metal detector for kids, which they can apply out there to unearth treasures and satisfy their curiosity.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Reviews

The Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector is one of the best products that you can find out there and which comes with incredible value and admirable innovative features which will you’re your treasure hunting fun.

The Lone Star is made with a waterproof coil that’s 8 inches long for detection. It also utilizes an ergonomic S-rod for similar purposes. You can use it on the ground or move it over water and it will detect the smaller coin-sized objects from a distance of up to 8 feet.

It also detects the larger items from a distance of up to 3 inches.

Lone Star employs up to three modes of operation for optimal impact during the search process. These include:

  1. The “all-metal feature” which you can use for indiscriminate prospecting purpose
  2. The “auto-notch” feature enables discrimination control which allows you to eliminate all the trash from your path so that you can laser focus on the particular items which you would like to unearth such as precious metals, wedding rings and jewelry amongst many others.
  3. Then there is the discriminate notch mode that will remove the iron and the trash from your path so that you can again hone in on the most important elements of your search.

Features of the Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal DetectorOffers up to three modes of operation for optimal performance.

• Has a three tone audio discrimination feature.

• Has an LCD touch pad selection feature.

• The 8” search coil is both interchangeable and waterproof. You can thus use this both on the ground and even in water when carrying out your search.

• A Disc or notch control helps you distinguish between various tones during the search process. The pitch of the tone corresponds to the types of metallic materials unearthed.

• The Lone Star has a rugged build and you can apply this in the most extreme of conditions.

The Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector is low priced and comes with very generous warranty. The advanced technology makes it highly suited for very diverse applications ranging from relic hunting to coin shooting. You can also apply it in general purpose metal detection operations.

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