Bounty Hunter Educational Junior Metal Detector Reviews

This metal detector is suited for the young adventurers so Bounty Hunter has made it as intuitive as possible with ergonomic design and light weight.

If summer is around, and the kids are looking forward to plenty of play time, then this is the perfect present to let your kids enjoy the outdoors and pique their interest in what lies beneath the surfaces.

The metal detector is made just for kids with numerous kid-friendly features. The kids can apply for the Bounty Hunter Junior in multiple areas such as the farms, parks, yards and beaches and engage it in very profitable prospecting thanks to its relatively powerful detection features.

It comes with simple but detailed instructions on your young Buccaneer can apply the tool to explore various areas where they can collect some treasure and coins.

There is a kids’ coin guide, a coin wallet with 12 pockets where kids can store the treasure finds, along with a coin folder that has been specifically designed US-sized coins.

Kids of all heights can use the metal detector as it has been designed with a functional size of 2.25 feet. With the discrimination control, can you eliminate as much unwanted material as possible so that you can make the kids outdoor excursion a worthwhile venture.

Other admirable features of the Bounty Hunter Junior include an LCD screen and a speaker to facilitate the prospecting process.


• Provides an LCD screen and a pinging sound that indicates when a target has been detected.
• Ergonomic design
• Weight :- 1 pound
• Uses two 9V alkaline batteries.
• 2.25 feet in length that caters to various heights for kids.
• Includes multiple accessories such as a coin bag, a coin collector, trowel, a coin guide that has been specially designed for kids.
• Dimensions:- 22 x 6.1x 4.6


It is suited for the young prospectors and comes with a bonus educational kit. The detector is ergonomically designed and has a very light weight which suited for kids.

The coin guide for kids provides an educational kit to help them quickly understand the art of coin prospecting. Kids can easily practice to use the kit for less than 30 minutes to get started on metal detecting.

The Junior detector costs very little with a retail price tag of $75. The detector is certainly recommended for kids learning to get them exploring the little world around them.

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Joseph Andersen

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