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Tower fans come in handy during extremely hot summer days. They help to circulate hot air with your room giving you the most required cooling moment in a hot summer day. Tower fans are portable so they can be moved from one place to another with easy, very quiet especially if you are using them in your bedroom during the night, so they provide the cooling effect without creating much disturbance from the huming of the fan and very efficient when it comes to energy consumption.

There are many types of tower fans in the market stores that makes it difficult when deciding which one to pick for your room. Here at, we endeavor to offer the best reviews that can quickly give you a guide line on which tower fan can best fit into your home.

Comparison; Top Rated Tower Fans Chart

Image Name Brand Rating Prize
 lasko-5307-oscillating-tower-fan  Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Fan  Lasko  4.3  $$
 holmes-ht38r-oscillating-pedestal-tower-fan  Holmes 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan  Holmes  3.7  $$
 honeywell-hy-280-quietset-whole-room-tower-fan  Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan  Honeywell  4.1  $$
 lasko-4000-air-stik-ultra-slim-oscillating-tower-fan  Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Tower Fan  Lasko  3.8  $$
 lasko-2551-wind-curve-platinum-tower-fan  Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Cooling Tower Fan  Lasko  4.2  $$
 honeywell-fresh-breeze-tower-fan  Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan  Honeywell  4.1  $$
 honeywell-hyf023w-comfort-control-tower-fan  Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control Tower Fan  Honeywell  4.1  $$
 honeywell-hy-254-quietset-tower-fan  Honeywell HY-254 QuietSet Tower Fan  Honeywell  4.1  $$
 seville-classics-ultraslimline-tower-fan  Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan  Seville  4.2  $$
 vornado-573-compact-flat-panel  Vornado 573 Compact Flat Panel Tower Fan  Vornado  4.2  $$
 lasko-4911twist-top-tower-desk-fan  Lasko 4911 Twist-Top Tower Desk Fan Lasko  3.9  $$
 ozeri-adjustable-wind-tower-fan  Ozeri Ultra Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan  Ozeri  4.0  $$
 holmes-htf3110a-btm-oscillating-tower-fan  Holmes 31inch Oscillating Tower Fan  Holmes  3.4  $$
 lasko-2554-wind-curve-tower-fan  Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan  Lasko  4.2  $$
 lasko-4443-hybrid-tower-fan  Lasko 4443 Hybrid Tower Fan  Lasko  4.3  $$
 lasko-2510-tower-fan  Lasko #2510 Tower Fan  Lasko  4.2  $$
 lasko-4930-oscillating-high-velocity-tower-fan  Lasko #4930 Oscillating High Velocity Fan  Lasko  4.4  $$
 honeywell-hce322v-digital-ceramic-tower-heater-fan  Honeywell HCE322V Digital Ceramic Tower Heater Fan  Honeywell  4.0  $$
 arctic-pro-digital-screen-oscillating-tower-fan  Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan   Arctic-Pro  4.1  $$
 lasko-4924-high-velocity-blower-fan  Lasko 4924 High Velocity Blower Fan  Lasko  4.5  $$

What is a Tower Fan?

A Tower fan is an electronic fan device for the home that is compact tall in height, upright, regular fan with sleek design and rectangular shape that stirs up a lot of cool air within your room when powered. They normally oscillate circulating air in certain angle 90 degree or 180 degree depending on design to create a cooling effect.

They make a popular choice because they take up very minimal space due to their vertical design and can fit into tight corners of your room. They are tall with adjustable base attachment making them stable and taller for extended air circulation.

Many of the latest tower fan in the market come with special extra features like, oscillation, sleep timers, speed control options and remote control to make operating them easy and very comfortable without much movement within the room.

What to Consider when buying a Tower Fan.

  • Power

How much air flow or circulation is a given tower fan can produce or distribute within a specific place in any given time. This will tell if your choice of tower fan can serve the purpose you intended it for.

  • Range

Range here we consider how widespread or area coverage the tower fan is able to cover in distributing cold air comfortable without overworking it.

  • Noise

While serving its purpose of distributing cool air around the room, tower fans keep humming. The amount of noise produced at a given time matters a lot. Noise can disturb your sleep, reading, making phone calls or listening to Tv or Music. So when choosing your best tower fan, consider how much it produces when running.

  • Size

Depending with your room, choose a tower fan that can fit to tight corners and complement your room.

  • Weight

Pick a fan that is portable but weighs enough to stand on your desk top.

  • Style and Material

A good fan should be made out of durable stylish material so that it can last long and match most of your house décor and give a complementing finish.

Extra important features to check on your best tower fan

  • Remote Control

Remote controlled tower fans offer hustle free operation. You can turn on/off or adjust your fan from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

  • Oscillation & Speed options

This allows the fan to reach widespread and even air distribution and at the same time offer targeted air flow and cooling.

  • Filtration and Ionization

This makes it possible for allergens and harmful particles like dust and pollen removed the air leaving your room fresh and health risk free.

Also consider safety of family members especially if you have small kids. Makes sure the grates are sturdy and not enough to allow fingers entering into the blade areas of the fan. If wide then the blades should be soft enough not to cut or hurt the child’s fingers. The Tower fan should also be environment friendly and consume less energy.

Best Tower Fans Reviews for your Home at Trendy Cool Fans

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan


This remote controlled tower fan has 10 precise speed options to choose. Consumes energy very efficiently but blows powerfully enough cool air to make your room cool with timer that can be programmed to automatically turn it on/off. With latest technology it projects air at very high velocity but produces very minimal noise


Lasko AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan


Comes fully assembled with remote control and easy to control on body buttons lightweight tower fan. Moves around maximum air with a quiet performance than most traditional tower fans. Ionizer tower fan with permanent washable filters for clean air output.


Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Tower Fan


The bladeless Tower fan uses latest air multiplier technology to draw in air through annular apertures and send out cold air at very high velocity for maximum cooling. Its remote controlled with 10 speed options to choose from with efficient energy use and a quiet performance. The best in the market so far.


Rowenta Turbo Silence Oscillating 16-Inch Stand Tower Fan


The sleek bronze stylish finish tower fan has adjustable height and extra stable base attachment for firm standing. Best for medium to big rooms as its 5 blades propel extended targeted air for maximum cooling. Its remote controlled and performs on a very quiet motor on 4-speed options and oscillation design.


Vornado 184 Tower Air Circulator Tower Fan


Performs on a very powerful but quiet motor that generates higher volumes of air and circulates it over 100 feet. 4 speed energy saving tower fan with timer for auto on/off switch at intervals. The V-flow technology allow for complete vertical air flow replacing the need of an oscillating base attachment.


Ozeri 3x Tower Fan


With 3 independently controllable fans on 3 speed options, and  3 programmed air flow patters, this tower fan offer the best customized airflow and cooling effect. With sensitive LED control panel and extended length remote control features makes the tower fan easy to control and operation from the comfort of your sofa or bed.


Vornado Tower Circulator with Versa-Flow Tower Fan


Vornado come with the latest V flow technology that allow complete air flow circulation without oscillation. The Versa flow creates widespread air circulation and targeted cooling effect. Easy to clean air inlet grills and a powerful quiet motor that generate large volumes of cold air.


Mighty Max Tower Fan


Like its name, the Mighty Tower Fan’s blades are designed to generate superior airflow in any given space. The sleek utra slim requires minimal space and oscillates at 90 degrees for wide spread cooling. Offers whisper quiet performance on a 3 speed options and adjustable timer for auto on/off switching.


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