Best Carpal Tunnel Motorcycle Gloves

Best Carpal Tunnel Motorcycle Gloves
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The best motorcycle gloves are critical for you as a rider!  You fall, and you will most likely use your hands to reduce the impact of your collision with the ground.

Hard, cold concrete awaits any member of your body that happens to embrace it when your bike goes down.  Having a proper motorcycle glove is CRITICAL.  Without a good pair of gloves, the skin of your hands will literally rip off your bones and the abrasive sandpaper like concrete will eat through your flesh like it was styrophoam.

Whether you’re riding off-road motorcycles, sport motorcycles or cruiser motorcycles the answer stays the same, gloves are really important!

Gloves protect your knuckles in case of a fall and also keep your hands warm. Long rides in cold nights can really do damage to your hands and knuckles, without the right gloves your hands can become numb and in some cases cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Along with the freeze is vibration, some riders do not have the right padding to prevent that annoying vibration from the throttle and handlebars.

A great way to fix these problems is to have the right gloves. Many riders purchase a non-padded standard glove that can be bought at any retail store, what they don’t know is that paying a little extra for the right glove can reduce the cause of Carpul Tunnel Syndrome. Most motorcycle gloves that have a padding system isolate the Median nerve that causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) begins with numbness and tingling in the hand and may involve aching in the hand, forearm or shoulder. It is a very common condition that is caused by a pinched nerve in the palm of the hand. The symptoms may occur intermittently during the daytime and sometimes occur at night and awaken one from sleep. It is not uncommon for the sufferer to think that the hands have “poor circulation” and shake the hands in an attempt to “restore circulation”.

How can I prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is treated by immobilizing the wrist in a splint to minimize or prevent pressure to the nerves. The best advice for motorcycle riders is to wear the right gloves!

Some of the most popular namebrands are Joe Rocket Motorcycle Gloves, Alpine Star Motorcycle Gloves, Gericke Motorcycle Gloves, Firstgear Motorcycle Gloves, Ikon Motorcycle Gloves, MSR Motorcycle Gloves, Answer Motorcycle Gloves, Fox Racing Motorcycle Gloves, Oneal Motorcycle Gloves, Shift Motorcycle Gloves and much more!

The Best Motorcycle Gloves for Carpal Tunnel

The best motorcycle gloves are supposed to fit your hand like a soft second skin. If they are too tight, your fingers end up cramping or numbing, thereby, hindering your riding.

What happens if you have long fingers?

None of the regular gloves will fit. If your fingers fit, then the wrist would be too big, and if your wrist fits, the glove fingers are a bit short. You need a specifically designed motorcycle gloves for long fingers.

This is not an uncommon problem and here, we have a few things that just might help you out. We have listed a number of tips and even a DIY trick to help all you riders with long fingers to find the perfect motorcycle gloves for yourself.

Let’s start with identifying the brands that are known to design gloves for long fingers.

Top Specialized Motorcycle Glove Brands

  • Held Gloves
  • Tourmaster Gloves
  • Icon Gloves
  • Rev’it Gloves
  • Helimot Gloves (Customization)

Held Gloves

There are certain brands which specialize in making gloves especially for motorcyclist who have fingers shorter or longer than the average size. Best known among them is Held. They are known for their sizes “rather than alpha”.

Whether you have longer fingers than usual or if you have shorter fingers than usual, Held Gloves are the ones for you.

Tourmaster Gloves

Tourmaster Gloves are also known for making gloves that have long fingers. A lot of people with long fingers have recommended these gloves, specifically the Intake Air Mesh design.

Icon Gloves

The Icon Compound Mesh Long gloves are known for its fingers being longer than usual. It has a goat leather palm and fingers that wrap around yours like skin, the only drawback of it being the lack of air flow in the gloves.

This Icon gloves are usually regarded as mainly a summer glove but they are still considered as a good investment, if that’s what you are seeking.

Rev’it Gloves

Other brands like Rev’it and Cortech also have certain designs which come with long fingers, but the best solution in this case is to go down to the store and personally trying out those babies for yourself, instead of relying on measuring charts.

Helimot Gloves (Customization)

There is also the option of having it custom made. Helimot, CA, is very well known for adjusting the length of the fingers after you have broken the gloves in. Made using Deer-skin or kangaroo leather, their Buffalo series and the H20 design, are very comfortable and amazingly easy to break in to. A little over $200, but they will be worth the investment.

DIY Tricks to Solve the Problem

There are also various methods that are known, to stretch gloves, especially if they are made of leather. Usually, your gloves will have to be broken down before you can attempt to do anything to it.

The first and possibly the most simplest is to wear them. The more you wear, the more it gets adjusted to your hands, fingers and heat to expand accordingly, giving you the perfect fitting glove.

But if that does not work or you can’t wait that long for it to expand naturally, below are 3 tricks that you can try out.

DIY Trick #1

Water can also be used to expand the gloves as you see fit. The only issue being, that water also makes leather mouldy. So, prepare a mixture of three parts of water and one part of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol helps the water evaporate quicker.

Pour the mixture into a spraying bottle and spray the inside and outside of the gloves. Put in a tube or crushed newspaper into the fingers that you want to be longer and leave the gloves to dry. The gloves will slowly expand. Repeat the process, if necessary.

DIY Trick #2

Another method of expanding the gloves is to expose it to steam to introduce some moisture into its pores and then to try it out in the size you want them. After you have steamed them, pull on the finger that you want to be bigger. You have to be careful not to pull on the seams. Repeat the exercise until it has stretched to the size that you need.

DIY Trick #3

Another method is to soak the gloves in some water, along with a few newspapers. Once they are soaked for about twenty minutes, stuff the glove fingers with newspapers to expand them.

Use a thin rope or twine to line the inside of the glove to make it easier to remove the newspaper after it dries. Allow the glove to dry and pull the rope/twine. Try the gloves on to check the fit, repeat if necessary.

Remember, these are not foolproof methods so it just might or might not work. The best way is still to get a pair of gloves that are designed specifically for the type of fingers that you have.

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