Best Burglar Deterrent Gadgets: Top 7 Security Gadgets for Home

Safety of your home is based on the best home security gadgets used at your place.

According to security experts, it is said that having no security measure exposes one to be five times more likely to be burgled.

On the same, it said that even a simple security measure could save a situation in the best way. Burglary activities are still on the rise globally, and that calls for vigilance for everyone.

Therefore, the only way to reduce your chances of getting burgled is to put up some security measures at home. The best way to be safe is by installing one or more of the best home security gadgets.

The best home security gadgets that are popular include

  1. alarm system
  2. smart doorbell system
  3. CCTV cameras.

1. Best Home Security Gadgets (Alarm System)

The home security alarm system can serve one of the following depending on the type of the alarm or the user’s preference. Some alarm system causes a reaction while some only scare away the thugs. Most of the scare-away alarm systems have a bell that can make a sharp and loud noise to scare away the thieves.

However, the scare-away system is ideal only if you have a vigilant neighborhood or a nearby police post.

The alarm system can be effective in the event that there are people who can react urgently.

Best home security gadgets

Otherwise, there are other options for the alarm system which is the monitoring alarms type. They exist in various forms and one can select the one he prefers most. They are as follows:

Speech dialler â€“ Speech dialer is a system that is incorporated into the alarm system to send notifications in case the alarm system is triggered.

When the alarm system gets activated through an attempt by the thugs to break in, the system sends notifications via text or phone call to the specified phone number or numbers.

The system is ideal and should be configured to notify the security authorities near your home.

Key holder monitoring

With this system, there is a specific security company which is in-charge of monitoring the security of your home.

The alarm systems is linked to the company’s system which responds to the alarm whenever there is a need to, or notify a contact person like a family who has been selected to be the keyholder. The keyholders must live near your home so as to be able to respond quickly whenever asked to.

Police monitoring

Police monitoring service can be incorporated in both the speech dialler and key holder alarm system. Including your local police post in the monitoring team would ensure additional strength in securing your home.

With the police monitoring system, mostly it is configured such that if two indicators have been triggered; the sensor and the door contact, then the police would know that something is not right and they would rush to your home.

The Choice of the Burglar Alarm

When deciding on the best alarm system to install, there are two main categories to select from. These are the wired and the wireless burglar alarm systems.


The best thing with the wireless alarm systems is that they are easier to install besides the ease of removing and transferring from place to place.

However, they tend to be more costly than the wired systems. Therefore, if the system looks affordable to you regarding price, it is the most ideal for your home.


The main demerit of the wired alarm system is that they are not easy to install; hence, you will need to hire a professional to do it for you at a fee.

The installation process is also tricky since the wires need to be hidden and made inaccessible since thugs can cut the line to deactivate the system if they see the connection cables.

Because of this, the labor charge for installation is always higher. However, the initial cost of buying the system is cheaper compared to the cost of buying the wireless system.

What is the cost of setting an alarm system at home?

Many factors determine the final cost of setting an alarm system in your home. The final cost is determined by the following:

  • The price of the alarm system
  • The cost of Installation
  • Monitoring Fee
  • Maintenance Costs

Therefore, the prices will depend on the type of the system, the fees charged by the monitoring companies, and your locality. The core purpose of developing the system has to be based on choices of available  best home security gadgets.

Who provides alarm monitoring service?

Many small-sized, medium-sized, and large enterprises offer alarm systems and monitoring services to people. Therefore, what will determine the type of surveillance company to opt for are your pocket size and the value of your home.

For instance, if you just need a basic monitoring then you can go for the small companies that charge some few amounts either monthly or yearly. However, if you require and advanced monitoring then you would go for a bigger company that can even deploy some security personnel to reside at your premises.

security camera system

Also, if you intend to include police force in monitoring the alarm system, you must ensure that you contract a registered alarm system company.

This is because the police would only accept installation of the remote signaling alarms by a registered company that has attained all the requirements of National Security Inspectorate.

The Best Alarm System for your Home

– Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package

Best home security gadgets

SimpliSafe is a wireless alarm system that provides you the security you deserve. It comprises of 8 piece package that together forms the complete alarm system to scare and monitor the movements of burglars in your home. What most customers like about this system is that it is fully customizable.

Besides, it features pre-programmed powerful motion sensors that start working the moment you finish installing the system. Over 10,000 customers who gave the SimpliSafe wireless alarm system a rating of 5/5 cannot cheat; it is simply the best.

Besides, you can easily add the following components to the SimpliSafe alarm system for the best performance:

  • Keychain remotes.
  • Freeze sensors.
  • Glassbreak sensors.
  • Panic buttons.
  • Smoke and CO2 detectors.
  • Water Sensors.
  • 105db sirens.

2. Smart doorbells surveillance system

For those who are technology compliant, there is something more hi-tech than a normal alarm system. A smart or video doorbell system is the latest invention in the home security field.

This is the perfect security system for those who need something more livelily and an up-to-date system.

Best home security gadgets

The smart doorbells are Wi-Fi enabled and are connected remotely to an app on your smartphone. The app allows you get an alert when someone rings the doorbell.

Furthermore, you can also get a real-time video showing the person at the door or the gate and see clearly who he is and what he is doing.

However, for the real-time video, you need to install a hidden HD camera together with the doorbell system to relay the video to your phone directly.The trickiest part of this system is that the burglars never ring the bell.

What next when I want to install the system purposely for monitoring attempted burglary?

The fact remains that being a security system; the smart doorbell system can be enhanced to incorporate proper surveillance.

It is recommended to install the doorbell together with motion sensors that is also connects to the HD camera synchronized with your phone. With the motion sensors, you will get both the alert and video even if the person by the door does not necessarily ring the bell.

Additionally, this system is the perfect one given that you can access the videos and the alerts whether you are at home or far from home.

Furthermore, some of the smart doorbell systems have the security lights line connection with the phone app that allows you to switch on the lights from the phone. This means that you can trick the potential burglars that you are at home and have seen them by switching on the lights.

What more can they door after realizing that they have been noticed?

They will simply use the readily available exit to run away from your home.

The Best Smart Doorbell system

– SkyBell WiFi Doorbell

SkyBell is one of the best types of smart doorbell systems that one can consider installing. It has a direct Wi-Fi connection that synchronizes with your smartphone to give you the details concerning the person by the door. It does not only notify you about the presence of a visitor but also permits you to communicate one on one with the visitor. The system of doorbell camera has since overtaken the door lens that requires manual peeping that had the risk of being heard.

Best Features

  • Wide angle lens to see your whole doorstep
  • Night vision enabled
  • Has a Motion Sensor
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • From a trusted American company
  • Has On-Demand Access
  • Ring Video Doorbell (formerly Doorbot)

3. Security cameras

External CCTV is another perfect deterrent for burglars since they cannot be at peace if they detect that each of their moves is being recorded. The best thing is to install both visible cameras and hidden cameras for added security.

The visible cameras would scare away the burglars of which if they vandalize them and proceed with their mission, then the hidden cameras can continue recording their moves. Apart from the CCTV cameras, you can also consider installing other additional cameras such as webcams for added surveillance.

security camera systemWhat to consider in Best Security Cameras

Cameras are one of the main tool when consumers are shopping for the best home security gadgets…Obtaining the best home security gadgets depend on specific criteria.

What qualifies a security camera depends on an individual’s preferences?

However, the standard wired security cameras almost have standard universal specs and set up. They have DVR cameras that record the footage and the unit’s power supply. The wired system, therefore, must be placed near a power source where it can be plugged in.

They are also bigger in size compared to the wireless types. The best thing with the wired camera systems is that they are not easy to hack and are not prone to signal dips like their wireless counterparts.

On the same note, you can go for the wireless model in case you are not for the many cables running in your home in the name of security systems. With the wireless system, you are at liberty to transfer your system from one point to the other at will since it is portable.

Even though they are portable, you will need a strong Wi-Fi connection in order to reap the best results from the system or else you can get inconvenienced by the failure of the system.

Concerning affordability, the wireless system can be said to be fairly affordable in terms of the price and set up costs. Another good thing about this model is the quality of video and output which seems to be clearer and better.

More so, an Internet protocol (IP) cameras are other options for the most tech-savvy homeowners who are quality and class-oriented.

With this type of system, you can easily view the real-time video footage provided you can access the internet. Furthermore, the system does not entail cables that can be costly and a nuisance to your home when they run everywhere.

Furthermore, some IP cameras come ready with video recording option that records and saves on a secure cloud server, therefore, you might not need a DVR for reviewing the footage. The product is recommended to any consumer looking for the best home security gadgets…..

The Best Security Camera

– Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Camera

security camera system

Even though there are many good security cameras in the shops, Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P is just a special one. With its stunning full HD 1080 P video, this camera gives the best record and playback option that will impress you.

It also has a storage option for microSD card which is both affordable and easy to install.

The system utilizes the Amcrest cloud video recording that enables remote viewing whether you are home or away. These properties make it one of the best home security gadgets!!

Features of this super-great security camera

  • Stunning Full HD 1080P Video at 30fps
  • Quick WiFi Setup via Android Smartphone or iPhone
  • Efficient Field of View of 90 degrees Viewing Angle
  • Stay in Touch with Two-Way Talk
  • Has Intelligent Motion Alerts


Having the best home security gadgets is paramount to having a secure home. Even though there exist other good security gadgets for home, the three are the most popular based on the performance.

Therefore, to ensure that your home is secure enough, you ought to consider installing an alarm system or smart doorbell system, or security cameras.

However, a combination of two or all of the named gadgets is ideal for consideration.

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