Gutter brush reviews- The best gutter cleaning tools in the market

There’s no question about it. One of the worst parts of home maintenance is cleaning out the rain gutter. I am yet to meet anyone who says that gutter cleaning is adorable

Not only is it physically exhausting by having to climb up and down the ladder all around the house, but digging out wet leaves and other debris that have accumulated over the months just plain… stinks.

I can remember one time last year I made the mistake of using my bare hands to grab all the gunk out of the gutters on our home. The next thing I knew my hands smelled like rotten sewage for the next 2 days!

Sure, you can call out the gutter cleaning companies to do it for you, but at what cost?

Fortunately, there is an easier solution that will put a stop to having to constantly clean gutters.

Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

When it comes to gutter cleaning tools, the last several years has seen more of these gadgets than ever before. Some are pretty good designs and work as advertised, while others don’t fair so well.

In this article we’ll take a look at a few of the best gutter cleaning tools to help make the task of buying one a little easier on you.

#1 Gutter Brush Review

The Gutter Brush not only reduces the time spent on gutter cleaning, but it saves you money and is so simple and easy to install and maintain.

gutter brush reviewsOut of the many types of gutter protection systems available today, the gutter brush is hard to beat. The ease of installation, which requires no tools or skills, makes it possible for anyone to set up.

The costs are low when compared to other systems, and the brushes will fit any size and type of rain gutter.

Gutter brush reviews on Amazon have been very positive. The brush carries a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, and users have commented on how well the brush works, as well as how durable it is and how good the performance is.

Built to Last
One of the biggest advantages of the gutter brush over other types of gutter protection or gutter guards is in how flexible it is to use.

Similar to the old fashioned pipe cleaners, the material bends to fit all types of gutter channels and around corners. The polypropylene material of the brush is built into a galvanized steel wire and also UV coated.

It’s designed to last for many years to come. You won’t find yourself having to replace it 5 years from now. That’s nice peace of mind for sure.

Fits all sizes of rain gutters
The gutter brush is also designed to fit every type and size of gutter used on homes today.

They have a standard size that fits 5″ channels and can be used in vinyl, aluminum, copper, PVC, galvanized or stainless steel gutters. If you have the larger 6″ gutters, that’s no problem as well, because they make gutter brushes to fit those also.

Fits all length of rain gutters
The length of your rain gutters is not an issue as well. Gutter brushes come in multiple lengths to fit all sizes, regardless of whether you have need for just 30 feet or 3,000 feet and more.

You simply order enough to fit the total combined length of your gutters.

The GutterBrush comes in various sizes of 30 feet, 45 feet, 60 feet, 120 or 135 feet. So it’s very easy to simply order the lengths you specifically need.

Quick and Easy Installation
The single biggest issue with most all gutter covers or gutter protection systems is installing them.

Many have to be installed by drilling holes or inserting screws. Others have to have precision cuts to fit perfectly. You’ll need all kinds of tools and expertise in order to install them properly. Well, there’s something to be said for “simple”. And that is what the gutter brush installation is.

You do not need any tools, nor do you need to have carpentry experience or be roofer in order to install it.

You do not have to modify the roof or mess with the gutters at all.

Finally, you do not need to spend an entire weekend getting it put in place. In fact, for the average sized home, it will only take only an hour or two at most. This is not like trying to install the gutter helmet, gutter guard or other type of gutter screen that requires an enormous amount of time and installation skills

Easy Maintenance
Maintaining gutter brushes is quick and easy.

You simply lift them out of the gutter channel and shake off any leaves, twigs or other debris. Set them back down when finished and that’s it.

What you will most likely find in many cases is that the sun, wind and other weather elements will actually blow the leaves away, or they will naturally decompose, to where you do not even need to clean them at all.

Cost effective
It’s hard to argue the cost effectiveness of this type of system. When you sit down to look at it and compare it with the various options you have in gutter leaf protection systems, you’ll see the value in a gutter brush.

There’s no more having to pay for gutter cleaning or shelling out thousands of dollars for a gutter leaf guard system, not to mention the added costs for installation.

GutterBrush Q&A

Q. What is the GutterBrush and what is it made out of?

A. The Gutter Brush reminds me of a sort of oversized pipe cleaner so to speak. It has stiff bristles made of polypropylene that are attached to flexible a 12 gauge galvanized steel core. The bristles feature double UV protection and are designed to provide many years of affordable and effective use in preventing clogged gutters.

Q. How does this type of gutter guard system work?

A. Each 3 foot section of Gutter Brush has stiff bristles that provide you with 24/7 year round protection by keeping leaves, twigs, animals and debris out of the gutter channels, and allowing rain water to flow freely through your downspouts.

Q. Will it fit all sizes of rain gutters?

A. Yes, the standard size fits all 12" gutters and you can also get the Gutter Brush for oversized 15" gutters as well.

It works for aluminum gutters, vinyl, steel, galvanized, copper, PVC and any other types. Gutter Brush

Q. How easy is it to install?

A. One of the nicer aspects of using this type of gutter protection is in how easy the installation is. Keeping clean rain gutters has literally never been easier.

You simply place each 3 foot section down inside your gutter or eaves. Continue to place them along the entire gutter path.

There are NO special tools required and NO skills needed to complete the installation. When you get to the end of the gutter and have extra length of Gutter Brush you only need to fold over the excess brush into itself to get the perfect fit.

It easily bends to go around corners or angles.

Q. Can I order the length I need for my home?

A. Yes, you can measure the lengths of your gutters that you want to protect and order the Gutter Brush in amounts of 30 ft. - 45 ft. - 60 ft. - and 120 feet increments.

Be sure to order an extra 5-10 feet more than your dimensions so that you have enough on hand for bends and curves, as well as any other issues that may come up.

Q. Why should I use the Gutter Brush?

A. This is a common question that many people have. The dangers of gutter cleaning and using the many different gutter cleaning tools can not be overstated.

Slipping or falling off the ladder is one of the leading causes of home accidents, injuries and even deaths.

In addition, hiring a relative or someone else to clean your gutters opens yourself up to liability issues in the event they have an accident, not to mention the added costs of having them cleaned out twice a year.

Left unchecked, clogged gutters can cause roof problems with rotting fascia, soffits, siding, as well as damaging your landscape, foundation and basement.

With the GutterBrush there's NO cutting necessary. There's NO screws or holes to have to drill. NO drilling or cutting into the roof. There's no extra weight placed onto your gutters to have to be concerned with support. Not to mention... there's no maintenance as well.

Finally, the Gutter Brush is much more affordable and easy to use than other leaf guards, gutter helmets, screens, filters and other systems.

Q. What happens with all the leaves and debris that gets caught in the bristles?

A. Don't be surprised to see leaves or other debris on top of the Gutter Brush, but the wind will blow most all of it away.

The leaves and other debris that might be caught in the gutter guard bristles will eventually either blow away due to the airflow of the bristles, or the sun, wind and rain causes it to self-compost and wash away down the downspout.

The important thing is that the gutters will not become clogged.

Q. I get a lot of pine needles and maple seeds where I live. Won't they create a problem later on?

A. If you live in an area that sees a lot of pine needles, seeds or even acorns, they will not clog your home's gutter system with the Gutter Brush. The bristles hold them in place where the wind either blows them away, or the sun and rain cause them to decompose.

Rain water will continue to flow through your gutter channel or eaves troughs as usual. Again, they simply will not clog.

Q. What about costs?

Prices on other rain gutter protection systems such as the Gutter Helmet, Leaf Guard and other gutter guards can cost thousands of dollars and are simply unaffordable.

That's another big advantage to the Gutter Brush, not only does it work well in keeping your gutters flowing freely, but it is very affordable as well. You can find the prices on the various lengths by clicking here:

Q. Will the Gutter Brush be seen from the ground? I don't want anything to detract from the looks of my home?

A. Unlike gutter covers that hang over the gutter and are often unsightly, gutter brushes are designed to fit inside the gutter channel.

For a very low level home, you may see just the tips of the bristles. But in homes with gutters that are 10-12 feet above the ground, you should not see them at all. It's designed to be a very low profile system, which is something I like.

Q. Will installing the GutterBrush mean I'll never have to clean rain gutters again?

A. Your gutters will remain clear and free flowing after installing the Gutter Brush, but in the unlikely event you get a piece of debris stuck in the bristles, all you need to do is remove the section and shake it out with your hand.

It's very quick and simple to do.

Q. How do I know what size of Gutter Brush I need?

A. If you do not know the size of rain gutters are on your home you can quickly find out by taking a tape measure and measuring from the back of the gutter to the front lip of the gutter.

In most cases it will be 5-15 inches, but you may have longer inch gutters.

Once you know your size you can easily order what you need. Q. Where can I get the Gutter Brush? A. You can order it directly from Amazon and have it shipped right to your door. There's no having to go to the home improvement center or trying to load it into your car. It's completely "hassle free".

Our Verdict~ Highly Recommended

Cleaning rain gutters will be one less headache with the GutterBrush. It's easy to install and more importantly, it does what it says it will do.

We highly recommend it as a way to reduce gutter cleaning costs and increase the overall performance and efficiency of your gutter system.

#2 Gutter Scoop

You can find this available in various brand names and models, but they all work pretty much the same. It’s made of plastic and features a handle attached to a scoop.

The scoop itself is as wide as your rain gutter channel and you simply work your way down the length of the gutter and scoop out all of the debris clogging up your gutter.

This type of gutter cleaning tool is actually pretty good. It eliminates getting your hands all wet and filthy by having to scoop everything out by hand, and it holds up pretty well to many uses.

#3 Gutter Getter

This is another unique gutter cleaning tool that features a long handle with a pointed blade to pull the leaves and other debris towards you.

The handle adjusts outward to around 8 feet.

The big advantage here is that you can clean out large areas of your gutters at one time without having to go up and down the ladder as often to move it down the side of your house.

#4 Gutter Sense

This is yet another handy gadget that attaches to any kind of pole. For example, a broom handle or leaf rake handle. The Gutter Sense is used from standing on the ground, which is much safer, and placing the “tongs” on the handle. Then, you lower it into the gutter and grasp the debris.

I’ve not used this device, but it does look interesting. I plan on giving it a try this fall and I’ll update this page to let you know how well it worked.

Other types of gutter cleaning tools can range from something as simple as a garden spade to scoop up debris, to using a leaf blower while standing on your roof. I don’t recommend that due to the increased safety risk, but many homeowners do this.