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Best Ceiling Fans Reviewes

Many households rely solely on style and price when buying best ceiling fan; however, the most important qualities forming a best ceiling fan are not visible. Yes these are very important factors when choosing the best ceiling fan for your room, other factors also need to be considered. Trendy Cool Fans uses industry knowledge and first-hand experience from our experts to identify the most important factors for selecting a good fan. Best ceiling fans are rated based on motor, Oscillation, blades, airflow, design and efficiency. The grade or performance of each factor determines the overall rating with five stars being the best ceiling fan rating available in the market.

Deciding about the best ceiling fan for your needs is very challenging. Although the rating system will make it easier for you to determine which fan is right for you, one requires expert information not to mess by picking the wrong fan. Gathering these correct information to make an educated and informed purchase has been made easy by Trendy Cool Fans for you. Gauges have been used to represent the energy information eg product airflow, electricity usage, and airflow efficiency.

 What do our reviews say  about Best Ceiling Fans?

Minka Aire  Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

minka-aire best ceiling fan






Minka Aire F518  Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan come out as the best modern ceiling fan with inbuilt lights and remote control that makes it appear  gorgeous. The 3 blade ceiling fan has a very powerful & quiet motor that provide air flow even in large rooms keeping the room fresh and very comfortable.

With wide blades , the three concave silver designed blades are configured at 14-degrees for efficient air flow. Apart from the lights, the Minka fan has an airflow CFM of 4600 using 40 watts of electricity. The 153 x 15 mm quiet spinner motor completes 184/86 rpm on high/low speeds thus making it the best ceiling fan in the market one cant ignore.

This Minka-Aire ceiling fan comes with a Remote Control system, which features a three-speed fan control in both forward and reverse and this  makes it suitable for a year-round use. The reverse switch, in the winter one is able to move heat from your ceiling and distribute it throughout your room area. During summer you will recirculation air from the outside into your room saving energy in steady of using central air conditioning, saving on energy costs. Furthermore  the remote features on/off switching and a full range light dimmer with an independent up/down light control and is operable at  extended distances giving you the comfort of not leaving your sofa to operate it.


Westinghouse Harmony Two-Light Ceiling Fan

westinghouse-7214100-main-sm best ceiling fan





Westinghouse Harmony Two-Light Two-Blade Ceiling Fan has a refined, contemporary stylish look that balances well with almost all room décor. Comes with brushed nickel finish, integrated opal  and frosted glass light design, two paddle-shaped all weathered maple plywood blades, which will add symmetry and harmony to your room interior design. Ideal for large rooms and features a powerful durable silicon steel motor with triple capacitor. Four fan speeds (high/medium/medium-low/low) with reversible switch help keeping you comfortable and fresh.

During summer, you can run the fan reverse so as to evenly distribute air to stay cool. In winter, run it clockwise to move warm air from the ceiling to other parts of the room, removing cold spots and drafts. This fan provides powerful airflow of up to 4,881 cfm. Rated to operate at low energy of 53 watts at high speed (without the lights),  giving it an airflow efficiency rating of approximately 92 cfm per watt thus making it the best ceiling fan. The Harmony  ceiling fan is remote control adaptable for convenience operation.

It utilizes a 153-by-20-mm quiet silicon steel motor with triple capacitor design for powerful, quiet air circulation. The Harmony fan lighting comes from two candelabra-base, globe-style, 40-watt bulbs. The wide plywood blades have an all weathered maple finish and a 13-degree pitch making it very decent and fashionable.


Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-Blade

hunter-53091 best ceiling fan

This Traditional Hunter combines 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century design and technology to present the best ceiling fan of unequalled quality, style and whisper-quiet performance fan. Using finest materials to present stylish design. Hunter ceiling fans mostly work beautifully in today’s homes and  save up to 47% on cooling costs due to its energy efficiency. The Builder Deluxe is no different, delivering 5, 110 cubic feet  air circulation at high speed. Its casual clean styling, sleek and New Bronze finish equally match with laid-back lux and industrial furnishing. If you love style then you can match your fan to your furniture finishes or molding with reversible Brazilian Stained Oak Blades . Enjoy urbane  inbuilt lighting in your home sanctuary with frosted cased glass bowl light. Builder Deluxe is/will be mounted without the light if desired.

With a three-speed Whisper  quiet motor gives you all the desired cooling power , without the unnecessary noise you don’t. Can be used in large rooms where its unequalled performance and mainstream styling stand out. Its three-position mounting system design lets you install it flush, on standard straight downrod or  angled ceiling. Easy to use, simple and safe to install for even the most inexperienced Dyer.  Comes with one three inch downrod mount and two Candelabra incandescent bulbs. The best ceiling fan in the market for your money today.


Emerson CF788ORB Carrera Grande Eco

emerson best ceiling fan






Carrera Grande Eco outdoor ceiling fan  Oil Rubbed Bronze housing has an extremely stylish, sleek look. This Energy Star rated DC best ceiling fans, use only low energy of 33 watts of electricity on high speed which is more efficient than typical similar ceiling fan motors. A  down rod  mount is included and handful of 50+ blade options present for this best ceiling fan. Damp Location rating, thus making it suitable and versatile enough to cool down covered outdoor spaces in your home.

Comes with a 6-speed LED wall control and receiver, making it easier  to enjoy customized speed and light options. Over 50 hand carved  hardwood, all weather-resistant plywood blade options are available, for customized  best ceiling fan in the market for your money.

Carrera Grande fits any design of room décor you can present making it possible to fit into may finishing and room designs for any home. Has extra features like light adaptability allowing it to be customer tailored to fit your home setting.



Panasonic FV-08VQ5 WhisperCeiling Fan

panasonic-fv08 best ceiling fan






Panasonic WhisperCeiling Best Ceiling Mounted Fan is a less quiet ventilating fan that is rated for continuous run.  Comes with Permanently lubricated plug in motor with four enclosed condenser. Best for large to medium rooms and can operate for extended hours.

Built in backdraft damper housing, and comes with an expandable extension bracket. Has extra features like double hanger bar system which allows for ideal positioning. Panasonic ventilating best ceiling fan can be operated with no less than 80 CFM and  produces no more than 0.3 sone as prescribed standard requirement. This Panasonic best ventilating fan has  user-friendly installation and is  extremely quiet you may not even know it is on. It is designed to provide continuous, trouble-free  guaranteed operation for many years due to its high-quality components and permanently lubricated durable motors which wear at a slower pace. Also has a lower  designed operating temperature to  immensely improve the life of the motor and bearings. Panasonic best ceiling fan possesses  built-in damper to prevent backdraft,  and this helps to block outside air from coming through the fan and spoil its inner components.


Panasonic FV-20VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ceiling Mounted Fan

panasonic-fv20 best ceiling fan





This best ceiling ventilation fan produces low noise of only 1.3 sones while delivering 190 cubic feet extended air flow per minute . It fits a 6-inch duct pipe and has a built-in back draft damper. The grill is attached directly to the housing of the fan with torsion springs which  measures around 15 inches square.

The Panasonic FV-20VQ3 WhisperCeiling fan features  totally an enclosed condenser motor and double-tapered, kind of dolphin shaped bladed blower wheel to conveniently and quietly distribute air within specific area. Comes with a small wheel which turns very fast an in return create more noise than large wheel turning more slowly within a given airflow. Panasonic fans family use a wide blower wheel that is designed to move a large volume of air at reduced RPMs, making them quiet enough that you may not even notice they’re on. With very quiet performance motor but high air flow output, this fan is designed to produce continuous, trouble-free operation for along time due to its high-quality  material components and permanently lubricated motors thus wearing very slowly.

The electrical and wiring configuration of this model’s condenser motor is designed to operate at lower temperatures, this increases not only the life of the motor but bearings too. Its housing is made of durable heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel which is painted to protect it from rust and extreme bad weather conditions. Like other Panasonic family fans, it has a built-in damper to stop back draft, which in return helps to prevent and stop outside unwanted air  from coming through the fan.



Solatron Wall Solar Powered Vent/Fan

saltron best ceiling fan





For those who love portable fans especially to places not covered by electricity, this solar wall ventilator portable best ceiling fan is specifically designed to increase ventilation in many outdoor spaces including boats, camping, greenhouses, vans, homes, and any other outdoor area where air circulation need to be enhanced. By using one or more vents depending on the space you want covered, you can reduce or completely remove the damaging effects of mold, mildew, bad odor, unwanted moisture, and excessive heat build-up with that given area.

The vents are designed to be used for both in summer as well winter to help extract damp air from given areas. It is completely automatic and purely powered by solar energy. It extract approximately 2100 cubic feet per hour of dumb air. Comes with exhaust blade as well as an intake blade which is used to draw dumb air into an area rather than extracting it.

Panasonic FV-08VF2 WhisperFit 80 CFM Low Profile Ceiling Mounted Fan

panasonic-m2 best ceiling fan





Panasonic’s WhisperFit series is designed to fit medium joists or large, the low-profile best ceiling fan does not in any way compromise performance for size. An optional added 3-Inch duct adaptor is included for those areas that may require a smaller duct. The Panasonic Whisper Fit 80 CFM performance best ceiling fan has a tightly enclosed condenser motor and a big, double suction blower wheelso as  to quietly circulate air. Its blower wheel is configured to suck air in from both sides letting more area space for the air to enter the wheel.

With a low 0.8 sone level and high rated 80 cmf, the fan is configured to provide continuous, trouble-free long hours operation for a lot of years because of its high-quality  durable components and permanently oiled motors which wear at a very slower rate. The electrical configuration of  this model’s condenser motor  is designed in a way to allow it operate under lower temperatures and these increases the lifespan of the motor and its bearings. The fan housing is also made of heavy-gauge galvanized  steel and coated to protect it from early rust. This Energy Star rated fan comes with a built-in damper to remove back draft, which helps to block air from outside from coming through the fan to damage it.


Emerson Ceiling Fans Monterey II Indoor Ceiling Fan

emersion-light-kit best ceiling fan





The 52-inch Monterey indoor best ceiling fan which comes with Satin White housing and Satin Maple dual finish blades brings forth the Emerson quality and performance everyone loves with modern design concepts, creating timeless addition and style to your home décor. Emerson best ceiling fan is light designed adaptable and comes with upgrade option your features by purchasing  separately remote or wall controls. Has a 4-1/2-inch downrod which is included to make installing your best ceiling fan very simple quick and easy.

  • Grab this offer and enjoy these services of this skillfully designed sleek transitional  best  ceiling fans, created with the comfort  of the end user in mind.
  • Upgrade with light fixture to the adaptable best ceiling fan to provide a warm glow to your favorite spaces for your room.
  • If you want additional versatility features, add the SR400 remote control sold separately or SW405 wall control to create custom speed settings.


Emerson CF712ORB Pro Series Ceiling Fans 


The Emerson pro series  best Ceiling Fan with Antique Brass features designed with five reversible Medium Oak blades and an internal integrated Opal Matte glass light component. If one wishes, the detachable light fixture can be removed or replaced with the extra switch cover. Easy to install features are provide, such as an easy-install and interpret mounting bracket, snap-on glass, Precision-Lock durable blade arms and others are incorporated with this fan to make installing and mounting this best ceiling fan a breeze. The 50” Emerson Pro Series is designed with a dual mounting option depending with the space and height of your room- close-to-the-ceiling option or downrod installation.

Notable extra Features include Five reversible blades which are sold separately, integrated internal light fixture , down rod. Optional Accessories for upgrade if one wishes ie SW46 wall control, Remote control, Airflow: 5224 CFM. Its  Fan speed is set via a 3-speed pull chain for desired speed.


Hunter Fan Company 53200 Italian Countryside 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

hunter-53091 best ceiling fan

This Hunter Italian Countryside cocoa best ceiling fan is designed to perfectly suit for large indoor spaces. They are Powered by a high extended performance. The Whisper Wind Motor delivers ultra-powerful air flow with extremely whisper-quiet performance so it gives  the cooling power you want, with very minimal noise. It features 5 reversible durable blades with beautiful aged barn wood combined with cherry walnut finishes which lets one to choose an alternate desired finish for display. A glass like bowl-style light  and inbuilt 40-watt bulbs are provided with this fan to give convenient lighting.

  • Has the option to be installed with or without the 120 watt bowl light component fixture
  • Exclusive and customized Hunter motor latest technology and hanging system to ensure the best ceiling fan remains Quiet for a long time and wobble-free operation.
  • Comes with 3 fan speeds (high, medium, low) and designed reversible airflow functionality to give customized comfort all year long.


Delta Breez VFB25ADH Signature 110 CFM Exhaust Fan


This Fan is designed for small spaces like bathroom spaces, the best ceiling-mount Breeze  fan can  deliver an air flow rate of 110 CFM or more for enhanced indoor air quality–which in turn supports enhanced clean air and comfort for a health family living in the home. One of the innovations that make this exhaust best ceiling fan so efficient is the alternate switching power supply which converts home’s  normal standard AC 110~220- volt power supply source to DC power, which in turn allow this best ceiling fan utilize its efficient DC motor. The patent-pending series is said to mark a revolution of the mid-range modern ventilation fans. The technology gives professionals its flexibility to handle new and improved construction or  installations from one end of hard-working products  with full range of different and enhanced operating points. These Innovations include foldable mounting ears components and  enhanced new damper and improved housing technology that allow building air tightness like it has never been experienced  before. Possesses  new grill designs that complement and fit into any home décor.


Broan Invent Energy Star Qualified Single-Speed Ventilation Fan.


This Delta Electronics VFB25ADH Breeze and Humidity Sensor  Exhaust  ceiling Fan work in either of two mode options provided ie humidity sensor mode or full speed. Active mode is indicated by the pair of blue or amber LED lights. During humidity-sensor mode, its unit’s motor automatically tunes fan speed based on humidity levels sensed removing the hustle of manually turning it on or of before or after shower. This auto on/off keeps towels and curtains from keeping damp, eliminating damaging mold keeping your room fresh comfortable.

This Innovative Technology design gives your fan long life, lower the noise and lower power consumption costs. Delta Breez Signature fan has an a medium air flow of 110 CFM and noise rating of 1.0 sone. Low Power consumption of 14.2 Watts and an efficiency ratings of 7.7 CFM per Watt.

  • 110 CFM minimizes humidity concentration to quickly remove fogged mirrors and adjust moisture level in bathrooms of large design, this way your vision will always be clear with your surroundings very comfortable
  • With the tight seal damper technology, invent best ceiling fans eliminate air leakages by half compared to competitive models of the same class, producing better home performance results through blower door tests and this eliminates cold and warm air back drafts from the room.
  • UL listed for home use over wall tubs and showers  heads with a GFCI circuit; so you can trap the steam  when showering before it spreads throughout the  entire room by placing your Fan exactly where the dampness and moisture originate from most.


Hunter  Pro’s Best  5-Blade Single Light Five Minute Ceiling Fan.


Hunter’s Five Minute  best ceiling Fan brings instantaneous comfort and freshness in five minutes or less, without compromising quality  of air and craftsmanship Hunter fan customers have trusted many generations. This is due to the fact that the Fan comes 90% pre-assembled for you right out of the box. One is left only to choose which style goes best with your home design décor. It is Classic with a contemporary modern twist, the easy and modern style of the Bronze finish almost fits well with French classic neoclassical style and with casual salvaged finds of the room. Has Reversible Dark Medium Oak durable blades which allows you to customize your blade finish to match with furniture or wood molding of your home. The Easy Lock blades provided slide and lock into place automatically for quick assembly and installation, no screws or other tools required. You can Install it without the provided light kit if you so wish. If correctly  used the fan can help to reduce the summer cooling costs by  half earning the Energy Star label which identify it as highly convenient and efficient with superior energy saving performance. Designed to occupy large areas, with an output of 5203 cmf at high speed. The 3-position option mounting system lets you to install it  either flush, straight drop or on an angled ceilings. Comes with 3”-inch downrod uses one provided 26W pin-base bulb.

Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Two-Light Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan.


If you love decorations and art then take your interior design and taste to another level with the Westinghouse Comet Five-Blade Best Ceiling Fan. Designed with a beautiful matte black finish and integrated frosted glass like light fixture, and reversible matte black durable plywood blades, the Comet boasts modern, cutting-edge latest style. Suitable for large rooms of up to 360 square feet, it features a 153-millimeter and 15-millimeter cold-rolled strong steel motor combined with triple capacitor and comes with a three-speed option. The reversible switch enables you to remain cool during the  hot summer days and Keep you warm during the cold winter. During warm weather, the fan is run counterclockwise to remain cool and during cold weather, the fan is run clockwise to redistribute warm air from the ceiling area and in the process eliminating cold spots as well as drafts. The fan offers extended airflow of up to 5,199 cfm. This fan is rated to operate averagely at 61 watts, which in turn gives it an air circulation efficiency rating of average 85 cfm per watt.

  • The Westinghouse Comet indoor best ceiling fan with fan & light  designed with pull chain control brings Contemporary style and excellent finish to your house. The fan comes with Five Reversible Marble  Blades and a hanging height of 14.25″. The Westinghouse down light uses 2 bulbs for maximum lighting.
  • Hunter’s Five Minute Fan like its name offers instantaneous comfort and warmth in five minutes or less, without compromising the quality of air and craftsmanship its customers have trusted for many generations.




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